World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 67
Shen Xiang set on fire to burn Song Nanming these corpses, making him feel what was surprised, after fire, all turned into the ashes, but was actually surviving a two feet golden band of light. What is this?” The Shen Xiang doubts said that then told Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao. Sees only Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou wears the black clothed, wears the black cover, runs from storage ring, they for do not make others see their appearances. Is Martial Spirit?” In Bai Youyou that ice-cold sound is bringing surprised. Su Meiyao bent down, with handling gently is caressing, definitely said: Right, is Martial Spirit!” What is Martial Spirit?” Shen Xiang has always heard this type of thing. Is one type the thing that has the unique nature, concrete we do not talk clearly! In brief breeds from True Qi, there is a world to breed the formation. If ices Martial Spirit, you fuse after the arm, your Fire True Qi after ice Martial Spirit of arm, can turn ices True Qi coldly.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang one startled, said: If cannot release the True Qi Fire person, the arm integrates fire Martial Spirit, he can very good release True Qi Flames.” Bai Youyou said: Good, therefore Martial Spirit this type of thing is precious, does not know that this Martial Spirit is any attribute.” Shen Xiang first time heard that this type of mysterious thing, this explained is rare, but why Song will Nanming have? Significance of Martial Spirit regarding you are not big, because you have been able to release five elements of True Qi at will, you remain are taking away to sell, could trade many good things.” Su Meiyao has put out a small jade bottle, transports Tai Chi Divine Art, has the suction, has attracted that Martial Spirit.

This probably is fire attribute Martial Spirit, should be year to year cultivates the Fire True Qi person to breed in the contingency, this is no one can practice, it seems like that this Song Nanming should be the accident obtains integrates own within the body, but actually does not know how to utilize.” Su Meiyao said that now she can induce to that Martial Spirit quantity of heat. Shen Xiang dashes toward chaotic Fengshan, massacred that Song Nanming to obtain extinguishes dragon divine art also to obtain Martial Spirit, this harvest can say that was big. Shen Xiang asked ring inside Su Meiyao with Divine Sense: „Can Sister Meiyao, say the Martial Spirit matter with me? Can't I use really?” Su Meiyao said: Naturally is not, the type in Martial Spirit, besides element Martial Spirit, beast Martial Spirit that other Demon Beast condense come out, this is also very unusual. But to your useful should be soul of the fire! Can change the flame nature, making flame have all kinds of characteristics, this is useful to the alchemy master.” „The soul of fire is few, I still only know that my Master has, other people have never seen, but also listens to have several expert to have.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang is shocking secretly, he knew from the Su Meiyao mouth that has the people of soul of this fire is strong side! Chaotic Fengshan, this is one is not high, but very big rocky mountain, is actually constructing many houses in the roof, on the summit also has a grand palace architecure, Shen Xiang has not thought that will be gathering scale that big dark forces in this place unexpectedly. Shen Xiang is admiring his father secretly, the Mortal Martial Realm 8th level strength, dares to originally create such huge dark forces, but also has killed many important characters. At the foot of the hill, many people are going on patrol, because of the reason of Shen Tianhu previous intrusion, this chaotic Fengshan becomes more stern, but does not have anything regarding Shen Xiang, his father cut to kill many high levels before, he now will be only more relaxed. Shen Xiang in knows that the Jiudu Gang fierce place, uses that type concealed or hidden weapon that has acute poison, so long as can complete the protection, this Jiudu Gang simply does not have what to be good to fear.

Before Shen Xiang from was attacked by tens of thousands of concealed or hidden weapons in all directions, did not have a wee bit matters, these concealed or hidden weapons were useless to his use. A Jiudu Gang person sees Shen Xiang suddenly to walk from mountain forest, immediately draws out the broadsword of waist, to remaining shouted: What person?” Shen Xiang!” Jiudu Gang that group of people see during this handsome youngster speeches to erupt one to absorb person murderous aura, cannot help but is panic-stricken, they do not doubt, at present this youngster is Shen Xiang in hearsay! Shen Xiang contains murderous aura in the item, is taking a fast look around them, suddenly, person wielding both hands of these Jiudu Gang fast, see only the innumerable every large or small steel needles to fly to shoot from their hands, under the illumination of sunlight, glittering intermittent cold glow. With is the same, the Jiudu Gang person majority that Shen Xiang thinks will use this type of concealed or hidden weapon, if ordinary martial artist, is hard to guard radically, can be killed by these people very much with ease. However to Shen Xiang, this point hazardous nature does not have, to see only his eyebrow to select, a scalding hot Gang is mad to well up from his body, forms protective shield to wrap his body, these steel needles were also framed. Shen Xiang looks at these incisive steel needles, coldly smiled, emits formidable Divine Sense, is controlling this innumerable steel needles, making these steel needles fall to turn the head, to approaching these Jiudu Gang the people. You build these things people should not be easy, gives back to you!” Shen Xiang sneered, the innumerable steel needles are similar to the rainstorm are common, flies to shoot toward these Jiudu Gang people. These Jiudu Gang people have not responded that the innumerable every large or small steel needles pricked in their bodies, making them turn into the hedgehog to be the same.

Then, Shen Xiang saw to let one that the persons head skin tingled with numbness, after 40-50 people of his not far away these steel needles stabbed, whole body suddenly becomes dark, these people sent out extremely tragic neighing, afterward their bodies melted slowly, finally turned into the black bloody water. Full is the acute poison bloody water, not only their clothes melting, their stones and these steel needles slowly is vanishing, obviously this type of toxin is how fearful. This Jiudu Gang cannot remain!” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that emits big group flame, includes the acute poison bloody water to burn down these, then dashes toward the summit on. When a moment ago, Shen Xiang and Jiudu Gang person fight, on the summit transmitted intermittent bell sound, Shen Xiang knows one were discovered that but he actually still rushed toward the summit. Arrives at the summit, here unexpectedly nobody left, when he walks into that grand palace, actually sees in the broad luxurious great hall full is black-robed man, but behind also suddenly presents a troop in him, surrounds him, population over a thousand! Your father died!” White hair short ugly old man walks, asked with a very coarse sound. No, but also lives well!” Shen Xiang replied lightly, this let that short ugly old man eye fierce opened the eyes, Shen Xiang determined that this old man should be the Jiudu Gang master. Snort, such being the case, why do you also bring death?” Jiudu Gang Lord gloomy and cold saying that he looks at the Shen Xiang's look, probably gives up on the person to be the same. I am not bring death, I am take you to assign.” Shen Xiang said seriously that a face is earnest.