World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 68
This listens in that Jiudu Gang Lord, is actually the huge joke, he has laughed, but all around black-robed man also laughs, their laughter are coarse, appalling. Your father quietly comes to make us lose seriously, if we early have the protection, he already died, but currently you have the situation of protection to get down in us, you must die without doubt.” Jiudu Gang main said with a smile cloudy. You can come here, should not run into Song Nanming, your luck is good, but you come here are also same die! Naturally, I will not make you die too with ease, I with poisonous will kill you slowly, I even must threaten Shen family with you......” Shen Xiang breaks him, said: I ran into Song Nanming, moreover asked for advice the method that your Jiudu Gang has been proud, but probably was not very fierce.” The Shen Xiang's words, making that vast haughty Jiudu Gang main complexion coagulate immediately, a face believe did not say: brat, I know that you are very fierce, but you return undying under surrounding of our Jiudu Gang several hundred groups of audiences, are you Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer?” I acknowledged that your embroidery needles play well, but also very danger(ous), but in my eyes is actually the acrobatics of child!” Shen Xiang is be with smile on the face, but smiling face actually suddenly vanishes, turns into one fully is the face of murderous aura: I am not Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, but I can actually kill Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer!” The words just said that a Shen Xiang's arm gushes out invisible Qi Aura suddenly, this is Universe True Qi condense, if the Divine Sense not strong person, is unable to detect this terrifying True Qi. When the Jiudu Gang person just detected Shen Xiang wants fight, the Shen Xiang's fist fierce bang hits, sprint past time, because the speed is too fast, the boundless strength hit on the air, sends out deafeningly crack, because the entire ground is also unable to withstand this formidable strength, but was shaken by the air wave crushes, the entire palace also sends out violent swaying. This is Shen Xiang leaves the flash of fist to erupt, but the fist also accurate bang hits above the chest of that old man, but makes Shen Xiang unexpected is, that Jiudu Gang main has not flown unexpectedly, in that instantaneous, that Jiudu Gang Lord releases Qi Aura, resists Shen Xiang that strong ferocious strength. You......” the Jiudu Gang idea cannot think that Shen Xiang's gets rid that suddenly, strength is that terrifying, in his opinion, the foot compares favorably with Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, in his mouth spout a big blood, the Shen Xiang's heavy blows has made him be seriously injured. fight, massacres him.”

The voice just fell, sees only Shen Xiang's fist suddenly to turn into the golden color, blue vein inside is flowing golden True Qi, the place that he treadons is disrupts one piece, incomparably powerful True Qi wells up from him crazily, a Shen Xiang's heavy blows bang hits once more. Dragon Aura Fist!” This is extinguishes dragon divine art, might can be imagined, let alone transforms through Universe True Qi. Stop, I was 100 Poison Sect......” words have not said that the Shen Xiang's fist has been hitting to that Jiudu Gang main head bang, was similar to one group of fierce [gold/metal] flies to hit to be the same. This type includes strong destroys strength True Qi to stroke on that head, sees only that head to be exploded completely squashed to be broken together with the upper body instantaneously, at the same time, the innumerable flying needles shoot toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang was not first time deals with these concealed or hidden weapons, he knows that these concealed or hidden weapons through pouring into True Qi, the stimulation of movement sent, so long as some skills, can put accurately. Copes with the means of these concealed or hidden weapons, will be directly shaking will open with powerful True Qi, or will be controls. Shen Xiang has formidable Divine Sense, as soon as he releases, all around the steel needle that flies has many him to know clearly, but these steel needles in his eyes also become slower. This time, Shen Xiang has not resisted these steel needles with True Qi, but with his Divine Sense, controls Poison Needle that this these fly directly, will stop, completely float in the air. Snort, you only then this pattern?” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, body suddenly emits threatening heat, all around is used along with heat, burns the raging flame, burns down these steel needles instantaneously. These Jiudu Gang people are shocked all, they think very fierce concealed or hidden weapon, unexpectedly such by person following, when they prepare to attempt to launch the second wave, Shen Xiang actually vanishes in sea of fire.

When they raise head looks upwards, the giant flame palm spout the scalding hot air wave, is similar to big mountain-like presses! hōng hōng hōng...... The giant stoker depresses, has the intermittent fierce explosion, after several hundred groups of audiences in great hall by pressure, completely changes the completely squashed cake, afterward then by flame incinerator. Shen Xiang completely releases again own Vermilion Bird True Qi, turns into continuously the giant palm, inside Jiudu Gang audiences complete bang this entire great hall kills! The average people in the Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer martial artist eye, are similar to the ants, this has not exaggerated Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer strength, 8th level was fierce. Although Shen Xiang now is Mortal Martial Realm 8th level, but strength actually forcing Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, even can Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer Completion martial artist hit does not know one's place. Shen Xiang runs out of this palace, arrives at outside, can open mountain-like strength with his once more, destroys the mountain top of this chaotic Fengshan! Gets down from chaotic Fengshan, Shen Xiang immediately revolution Tai Chi Divine Art, his hot tempered murderous aura restraining, otherwise just killed him of one group of people, seems kills the Human Devil god like one. Shen Xiang just descended the mountain, enters in mountain forest, a thin middle-aged man appears before him, this middle-aged man wears the clean white clothing, the look is average, is having some beards in the place of chin, seems this is a very ordinary middle-aged person. But Shen Xiang sees this middle-aged man time, in heart cannot help but one cold, this middle age is quietly to appear around him, moreover Shen Xiang could not have seen his strength, the Shen Xiang's intuition told him, this middle age was very danger(ous) character. Has not thought that will present this rare talent in this secular world unexpectedly, not only can have True Qi wings class martial arts, the astonishing alchemy talent, own strength is shocking, if you can enter into True Martial Realm, decides however can be in history the most promising young people.” Saying that middle age unemotionally, sound does not have any sentiment.

Who are you?” A Shen Xiang face alert asked. That middle age has shown very stiff smiling face: My named Jiu Duzhi, that is just I established by Jiudu Gang that you destroyed, you said that who I was?” In the Shen Xiang heart is one startled, whose he knew this Jiu Duzhi certainly with him for a long time, but did not have fight, even looks Jiudu Gang that helplessly one established was destroyed. The Jiu Duzhi goal one wants to understand that he consumed True Qi for and other Shen Xiang, like this he can tackled Shen Xiang easily, for this reason, he rather however his Jiudu Gang ruin, could see that he regards as important to Shen Xiang. Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer!” Shen Xiang seriously said. Eyesight is good.” Jiu Duzhi coldly smiled, looks on the mountain top that burnt down palace, contemptuously said: To me this Realm, will not have paid attention to any Jiudu Gang, that is only the pastime toy that I establish.” Your present True Qi has consumed! Relax, I will not massacre your, I will bring back to 100 Poison Sect you, treats as on you a gift the elder in supplies gate, they very much will certainly like your, but before then, I must make you hand over something, otherwise I will make you live to might as well die.” Said finally, a Jiu Duzhi face was mean.