World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 7
This...... Stops in a big hurry, don't my Spirit Pill Pavilion fever!” An old man does not know where braves, hastily shouted. The flame in Shen Xiang hand vanishes, the people in Spirit Pill Pavilion restore from the shock, they in can feel Shen Xiang's anger from that group of flame a moment ago. Shen Zhenhua, did the flame of your my this waste fear? What then you are? Was the waste inferior?” Shen Xiang is sneering. The Shen Zhenhua complexion is ugly, so long as brain has not gotten sick, no one will try this type of flame, that City Lord daughter is also growing up the small mouth, surprised looks at Shen Xiang, she can also look regarding strength of that type of flame, at this time she dangles slightly, because she looked down upon Shen Xiang a moment ago, who knows that the Shen Xiang actually deep conceal does not reveal. Pavilion Master...... this brat.” A middle-aged guy walks, was saying to Shen Xiang behind diminutive white clothing old man. That old man stares at Shen Xiang to look, unbelievable of face, in the vision full is shocking and wild with joy. This old man is Spirit Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master, is a famous alchemy master, but with Grandpa Shen Xiang's some enmity. This little brother, can you be my apprentice?” old man asked that this made an entire Spirit Pill Pavilion person whole body tremble. Pavilion Master unexpectedly start to talk accepted the disciple! Spirit Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master unexpectedly start to talk makes others be his apprentice personally, must know the aristocratic family juniors who wants to be the Spirit Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master apprentice, can arrange to city gate. All people have tarried, they in shocking the Shen Xiang's potential, although does not have Spiritual Vein, but can actually release True Qi Flames, this in alchemy Master Yan truly is a good seedling. Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head, indifferently said: I, although thinks, but you and my grandfather are enemies, I cannot acknowledge you as the teacher!” Then, Shen Xiang turns around to depart natural, on the face does not have the facial expression that a point is a pity. But the people cannot believe that Shen Xiang unexpectedly rejects that simply! They suspected one misunderstood, but after they hear the sigh of that Pavilion Master, has to believe that some people refuse to be the Pavilion Master apprentice.

The people think that Shen Xiang is a fool, let go a golden opportunity for grandfather's personal grievances. In the Shen Zhenhua heart is the envy, although Shen Xiang had shamed his a moment ago maliciously, but the people actually place on the line of sight Shen Xiang, completely disregarded him. But now, many people throw the contemptuous look to him, in these person of eyes, a alchemy master is fiercer than any talent. Can refine pills, even if no Spiritual Vein also to become fierce martial artist! Naturally, Shen Xiang not only has Divine Veins, he must become a alchemy master! He had at this time has planted herbs, releases good True Qi Fire these two conditions, but needs certain alchemy experience and extremely high perception, can succeed to refine spirit dan. Shen Xiang already knows that Pavilion Master is his grandfather's sworn enemy, but his grandfather also is usually very good to him, once for a while to his some pills, can let him cultivates Mortal Martial Realm 3rd level without Spiritual Vein. Returns to Shen family, Shen Xiang hastily to look for Shen Tianhu, said the Spirit Pill Pavilion matter. Does well, Spirit Pill Pavilion that old fellow is lacks Heart Eye, sold to our Shen family pills is very expensive, since you have True Qi Fire, must become the alchemy master is not difficult! I will support fully your.” In the Shen Tianhu heart is really excited. Because his son can release True Qi Fire, this it can be said that has boundless prospects, is better than these anything High-Grade Spiritual Vein martial artist. Shen Xiang returns to own small courtyard, plants these spirit herb seedlings, to the evening, he has sat cross-legged to sit on the bed, is feeling rich world Spirit Qi, revolution Tai Chi Divine Art and Dragon Saliva Art, is absorbing fast. After revolution Dragon Saliva Art, will leave the special liquid in tongue condense, so long as waters on these liquids spirit herb, can accelerate ripening spirit herb. In the morning, Shen Xiang stretches out the tongue, sees only on his tongue to have grain of azure dewdrop. This is dragon saliva! Shen Xiang sees this great happiness, he is first displaying, has not thought that has succeeded, his hastily puts in this azure dewdrop one bucket of water purifications, sees only the water purification to turn into azure immediately, but also overflow faint trace azure light glow. Shen Xiang is raising this bucket of water, is watering these seedlings carefully.

Blue Spirit Grass, Blood Element Flower, Profound Bright Flower and Spirit Leaf Grass, these four spirit herb, although is Mortal Level low-grade, but must from the seedling to the maturity stage, at least need three years! But uses „the dragon saliva water after Shen Xiang's accelerate ripening, was only one month on maturity! „The azure grass, braves Spirit Qi, this is Blue Spirit Grass. What red such as blood picture fist is the same is Blood Element Flower. White Ruxue, to the evening what will send out Mingguang is Profound Bright Flower, this full is a grass of piece by piece small leaf is Spirit Leaf Grass.” Shen Tianhu looks at these spirit herb in small garden, exclaimed in surprise saying that his eyeball must stare, he remembered for one month ago these were some small seedlings. This...... Other son your this type of ability to divulge to an outsider! Your I knew that's alright, wealth did not appear externally!” The Shen Tianhu complexion is very serious, he had not asked how Shen Xiang will have this ability. Shen Xiang nodded, the place that he is the Shen Tianhu domain, nobody dares to come and go out at will, therefore Shen Xiang was not worried that some people will discover. alchemy is not simple matter, although you had have made the condition of alchemy master, but was self-taught that is very difficult, you were trying to find out building up first, if the incorrect words I found the way to help you look for a alchemy master again.” Shen Tianhu was saying, put out from storage pouch has been similar to alchemic furnace of bucket size. Shen Tianhu said: This alchemic furnace, although missed, but is actually I at present can only be able to afford, when I have worked as Patriarch, bought for you again well.” In the alchemy process, alchemic furnace is also essential, Shen Xiang thought that this black alchemic furnace is satisfied, he nodded, says with a smile: Many thanks the father, refines pills, I first take away to you taste.” Shen Tianhu laughs, then in a hurry departs. Shen Xiang this month except for looking after these spirit herb, obtains Su Meiyao to teach the alchemy main point, this seductive female gives him to explain some difficulties very much carefully, making Shen Xiang enjoy. Although Shen Xiang knows how to go to alchemy, but has many lets his headache, for example the control crucial moment, pours into the True Qi quantity, is concentrates pill's instance, this need very accurate spiritual power.

Sister Meiyao, I prepared to want alchemy, you said when I can build up pills probably to come?” Shen Xiang with spiritual power and ring inside Su Meiyao exchange, while picks the maturity medicinal herbs, then turns into herbs, so that alchemy. The process of processing really needs certain time, but to Shen Xiang is actually not anything, because Su Meiyao already instilled into these to him. Su Meiyao tender sound track: At least also one year or so!” What? My also one month competed with on and that Yao family talent.” Shen Xiang hurries to say. Bai Youyou coldly snorted: Really is an idiot, can you compete with alchemy with him? Butchered that's alright that fellow with your strength directly.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching slightly, butchers the Yao family talent, then Shen family can make war with Yao family surely, when the time comes his father perhaps is Patriarch, that will be very troublesome. After he these spirit flower spirit grass(es) process, then in investment stove, but the following each step is essential. The alchemy basic step pours into True Qi Fire toward alchemic furnace first, bakes pill furnace inside spirit herb, lets unique Spirit Qi that these spirit herb send out to have, then controls these many characteristics with spiritual power Spirit Qi and dried spirit herb condense together, concentrates pill pellet. Shen Xiang both hands place two to pour into the flame specially the place, simultaneously is peeping at the alchemic furnace internal situation with spiritual power.