World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 71
What thing in Inheritance Bead has?” Su Meiyao sees Shen Xiang to be so delighted, asked hastily. Hehe, is Refiners Scroll, some refiner attainments!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Refining Master wanted more than the alchemy master, low level Refining Master was everywhere, but Refiner Grandmaster were extremely few, can refine the person of fierce appliance also and alchemy master is ordinary. But after Shen Xiang sees that Refiners Scroll, suddenly has the confidence becomes fierce Refining Master by oneself, naturally, he must focus in alchemy. Su Meiyao received that Inheritance Bead to look, on the face also reappears the smiling face that is full to charm: Really is the good thing, unexpectedly to refine the treasure tool course, moreover many design proposals, you must grasp well are good.” That is natural.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: What on that beast skin is drawing?” Is a map.” Su Meiyao said that simultaneously gives Bai Youyou that Inheritance Bead, makes Bai Youyou have a look. What map?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. „A medicine garden map, but must open that medicine garden, needs a key, this has refinement method that Inheritance Bead of key.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang turned fast was emerging mind inside thing a moment ago, quick had found the refinement method of that key, material anything was easy unable to find, the difficulty carved complex spirit pattern on that key. Key here, turns on map the time falls.” Bai Youyou spreads out that fair palm, only sees the member finger size the black small key, above full is the golden chart mark, that can produce unusual strength spirit pattern, is innumerable Refining Master after the innumerable year of research, founds. spirit pattern is on the appliance must have, otherwise is ordinary ordinary tool, that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that Shen Xiang obtains, inside and outside some complex spirit pattern, that is also makes Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace have strange strength is. The spirit pattern majority can inherit, so long as in refiner can the accurate carving on the appliance, be able to succeed, the difficulty is not too big, therefore Refining Master are many. These things looked like some years, if that medicine garden, perhaps inside will still have many maturity spirit herb.” Su Meiyao said with a smile.

Shen Xiang nods, asks: That medicine garden where?” On the Extreme Martial Sect's road, it seems like you now ahead of time goes to Extreme Martial Sect, if medicine garden inside massive spirit herb, you should be able to enter Mortal Martial Realm 9th level there.” Su Meiyao said. Finally must go to Extreme Martial Sect! In the Shen Xiang heart is slightly excited: I go back to tidy up now, they said goodbye with the father.” Returns to Shen family, Shen Tianhu first to look for Shen Xiang, he sees Shen Xiang safe and sound coming back, loose a big tone. Can come back to be good!” The Shen Tianhu affection said wear a look. Father your facial expression good many, this is pill of disintoxicating, you eat up to let a bit faster restore.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, threw to under Shen Tianhu one bottle, this was obtains from Jiu Duzhi there, can solve a major part toxin. Shen Tianhu had not asked that Shen Xiang is what kind of that Jiudu Gang, he knows that Shen Xiang can take carry back the antidote, knows Jiudu Gang not to exist, he fully realizes the Shen Xiang's style. Father, I almost should.” Shen Xiang said that although be with smile on the face, but in the heart actually very does not abandon. Shen Tianhu sighed slightly, says with a smile: Yes, your time should go to that to make you show the skill the place, you contribution to Shen family are many, helping Shen family base in King City.” Father, I walked!” Shen Xiang stands up, walks and Shen Tianhu hugs. Um, you have grown up, I felt relieved to you very much! All take care!” Shen Tianhu does not abandon completely, is patting the Shen Xiang's back, he knows that Shen Xiang goes to these Martial Dao sect, possibly needs many years to come back.

Shen Xiang has given some Shen Tianhu Mortal Level High-Grade pills, then leaves Shen family, directly soars the Dan King pavilion, after he and Uncle Meng Shen Luzong said goodbye, then stepped goes to the Extreme Martial Sect's road. Leaves although makes Shen Xiang feel disconsolate, but later to meet together time makes him anticipate very that he believes when the time comes him, his father, entire Shen family will have the earth-shaking change! Shen Xiang looks at King City from afar, looks in this secular world one of the expert most cities, in the heart has endless emotion, although inside expert are many, but compared with these Martial Dao sect, actually anything is not! Xianxian, I came!” The Shen Xiang fist grasps, looks that distant place that extends ten thousand li (0.5km) hills, fierce dashes. Must go to Extreme Martial Sect, must result in across mountain forest that big piece of Demon Beast appears and disappears frequently, is far away, danger(ous) heavily, so long as can go to that side of mountain safely, can go a Spirit Qi abundant place, that is the Martial Dao sect's site. secular world and place of Martial Dao expert accumulation, is away from big mountain scene, therefore the strength not strong person enters in that mountain scene to have at death's door one. Sister Meiyao, that does Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Skill study what kind of? What fierce place has?” Shen Xiang asked that he wants to study to be many now some fierce martial arts. Relax, when I and Senior Sister study thoroughly this book, how told you to study above Dragon Martial Technique again, no rush.” Su Meiyao should say. Can have these two mysterious beautiful woman companions, Shen Xiang was very happy that they are equal to his Master, can always instruct him patiently, helping him overcome the misery on practice. Goes to that medicine garden route to be memorized by Shen Xiang, as soon as he steps into that piece such as the forest common mountain, had found very much route the place of start with ease, that is one seems like similar to the mountain of bottle gourd, that is the marking point of route. In order to pick up the speed seeks for that medicine garden, Shen Xiang has used Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, spreads the wings to hover in the upper air, his fire attribute Vermilion Bird True Qi condense has become the shape, after the compression, True Qi is vigorous, he does not need to worry that True Qi will consume all of a sudden up. For does not make the person discover that his in the air flies, Shen Xiang drills into the cloud layer, hides itself.

The speed rapidness of flight, entered the deep place of this mountain scene forest all of a sudden, such comes also to avoid some Demon Beast, although he does not fear Demon Beast. Place that medicine garden is in very dangerous and secret hills, situated in a small mountain valley, Shen Xiang has marched on three days of road, sees that mountain valley, but in the mountain valley does not have the thing. Shen Xiang dives from the upper air, descends in the mountain valley, this inside scenery is very beautiful, to actually scatters outside the mountain valley is including the acute poison miasma, poisonous herb that as well as various types of belts puncture. In the mountain valley has a cave, this is on the map is indicating, Shen Xiang sought, then had discovered that cave was leapt covering by the grass, he puts out the long blade, cuts these weeds, then cautious and solemn entry cave, with produce fire illumination. Hides in this damned place, does not have the words of map, must find is very difficult.” Shen Xiang murmured, he thinks why does not understand that medicine garden in the cave. Enters the cave deep place, Shen Xiang is given to block by a leaf of iron gate, he has attempted, no matter how makes an effort, is unable to shake this leaf of iron gate, regardless of he uses big strength bang to hit on the iron gate, a cave actually point shivers does not have, if the bang hits the ordinary mountain, already came by Beng Kai a bulk. This sliding door should absorb your strength, honest opens with the key.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang seeks for one to insert the place of key on the front door quickly, he inserts the key, twists the key, hearing kā chā, the iron gate to open slowly, the dazzling ray shines from inside. The iron gate opens completely, after Shen Xiang sees iron gate inside picture, was shocked completely!