World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 72
In the iron gate unexpectedly is not pitch-dark mountain side, but is various full spirit herb spirit tree, fills the bright beautiful mountain valley! Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou hastily comes out, after they see, looks surprisedly. Is millennium above spirit herb!” Su Meiyao said. Thousand Year Ginseng, millennium spirit mushroom, millennium Profound Spirit Ginseng, millennium Earth Spirit Grass...... some spirit herb, although majority are to assist spirit herb, but this may be the millenniums above, now like big radish many, the Shen Xiang range estimate also has several hundred! Metal Spirit Fruit, Thousand Vein Fruit has almost 20, Purple Spirit Fruit over a hundred...... His mother, the father is having a dream!” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm, the heart is beating violently, excited. Although Purple Spirit Fruit is less precious than Metal Spirit Fruit, but also is sells in the market condition very much expensively, is used to refine spirit dan main herbs. Snort, this thing on your Le to become this, is really country bumpkin!” Bai Youyou coldly said. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: I know that two elder sister origins are uncommon, these things look in your eyes certainly do not glance, but my to the present, is actually the treasure.” Hurries to help me pick completely these spirit herb, enough I refined many Spirit Level Dans.” Shen Xiang excitedly said, he had not understood that now refines Spirit Level pills, he also knows that certainly the failure will be when the time comes many, but in this medicine garden most assists spirit herb, can make him save many expenses. Let under two peerless beautiful women work, only then Shen Xiang this fellow will be able to do, this lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou is despising secretly. Really is not a man, the beautiful women are used to hurt, is not used to do lives painstakingly.” Although on the Su Meiyao mouth said that but actually starts to pick these above millennium spirit herb.

Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Two elder sisters both do not make me hurt, therefore I can only......” Snort, should not be loquacious.” Bai Youyou coldly snorted, making Shen Xiang hastily shut up, he does not dare to offend this iced cold beautiful woman. Has used the small half-day time, this medicine garden inside majority millennium above spirit herb were picked, preserves in Su Meiyao and that storage ring of Bai Youyou housing. Purple Spirit Fruit has 120, Metal Spirit Fruit and Thousand Vein Fruit more than 20, sufficed me to refine many Building Foundation Dan!” Shen Xiang grins to laugh, Building Foundation Dan is not only to entering into True Martial Realm the person is helpful, even if enters the True Martial Realm person to eat up, can promote cultivation base, is Profound Level Dan of unusual use! High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan was very precious, let alone is Profound Level Dan above Spirit Level? Naturally, can refine is an issue, Shen Xiang now is not anxious, let alone refines Profound Level Dan, High-Grade Spirit Level Dan sufficed him to study very long a period of time. In medicine garden also has other spirit herb in adolescence, is assistance kind of spirit herb of several hundred years, Shen Xiang not anxiously picking, spirit herb of thousand years he has now several hundred . Moreover the physique is very big. In this medicine garden has many powerful formations, not only can make the sunlight shine by the thick rock, but can also condense massive Spirit Qi breed these spirit herb, it seems like that this person left certainly the Mortal Martial World person.” Su Meiyao looks at this beautiful mountain side, said. Leaves Mortal Martial World, means that has shatter void strength! Shen Xiang is yearning secretly, he must arrive at that Realm, has not known that wants anything lord knows. Shen Xiang, you relieved practice here, enter Mortal Martial Realm 9th level to go to Extreme Martial Sect again.” Bai Youyou said that at this time she wears one set of shining long skirt, under that gentle sunlight illumination, performs is obviously noble and elegantly beautiful, as if keeps aloof the Empress emperor.

This clothes are Shen Xiang buy her, moreover she also very likes putting on, now she and Su Meiyao can wear the pretty clothes, bathes under the sunlight, this very happy matter to them, if not as a last resort, they do not want to stay in that ring. Shen Xiang is to need massive True Qi now can the True Qi condense forming of another three attribute, must know his Devour Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer person, concentrates two attribute True Qi the shape, one wants to know that needs many True Qi another three attribute True Qi Shapeshift. This medicine garden Spirit Qi is rich, Shen Xiang has Yin and Yang Divine Veins, closes one's eyes thought one place oneself in the Spirit Qi sea, but absorbs the Spirit Qi words on him like this, is needs to enter into Mortal Martial Realm 9th level for a long time. Now Shen Xiang knows why the person in that secular world has entered into Mortal Martial Realm 9th level to the old age, because lacks massive Spirit Qi! Now starts to study refinement True Qi Dan! White Heaven Refining, eats up in the evening, digests the efficacy, while absorbs Spirit Qi.” Su Meiyao said that then starts to refine the experience of True Qi Dan to teach her to Shen Xiang. Dayuan pill is Mortal Level High-Grade Dan, can produce massive True Qi, improves the practice speed! But True Qi Dan is better than Dayuan pill time, is Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan, is in Martial Dao sect most popular pills. True Elemental Dan is High-Grade Spirit Level, similarly can also produce True Qi, but be more expensive than True Qi Dan, the average person cannot afford. True Qi Dan main herbs is same, that is Purple Spirit Fruit! Shen Xiang currently has more than 120, assisting spirit herb here to have, only needs 500 years that's alright, if with 1000 year refined, needs little that's alright, was very cost-effective. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, digests Su Meiyao to teach to his alchemy experience, then starts to sort herbs, is divided one after another, he knows that from the beginning will be defeated several times. Shen Xiang puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, Bai Youyou rushes to the distant place immediately, chats with Su Meiyao low voice, their apprentice sisters sentiment is very good, although Bai Youyou is icy, but she is very good to Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao, if other people, she will manage will not manage, let alone will speak with you.

Shen Xiang just started shortly after to be defeated, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace emits a purple smoke. The second time, he failed...... Until the tenth time, he is in the alchemy inter-stage, completely cremates herbal powder herbs, start lets herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fusion, but reaches this stage time, he failed! His paternal grandmother, this Purple Spirit Fruit looks like the mouse excrement, has gone bad pot gruel, I am always defeated, is this Purple Spirit Fruit evil.” Shen Xiang was complaining scolded. Su Meiyao chuckle of distant place said: main material and auxiliary herbs of high level pill medicine conflict that are the inevitable time, pills is high level, the conflict is more obvious, more is difficult to solve, this need you tried to find out that is good.” The Su Meiyao ownself suffer alchemy talent extremely has been high, but after Shen Xiang this freak appears, making her be subject to the attack, now sees Shen Xiang to experience the expression of failure, she smiles very happily. Shen Xiang has cast aside casting aside, looked at Su Meiyao that blissful sweet and pretty facial features, in the heart secret was scolding lowly. Sister Meiyao, how many times were you initially failed?” Shen Xiang asked. „Are you testing my memory? I remember very clearly, is 72 times!” Su Meiyao said that although failed that many times, but she is satisfied to this digit, must know that is other alchemy masters, has not been defeated over a hundred times, embarrassed said one study has refined True Qi Dan.