World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 73
In the Shen Xiang heart was whispering: I make you happy, wait for me certainly to make you unable to smile.” He has rested the moment, then continues to refine, this time he has not used Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, but gives his inferior black pill furnace with his father. Oh? can let your time-saving with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, otherwise your day is unable to refine a furnace.” Su Meiyao said. Does not need to pay attention to my feeling, my No problem.” Bai Youyou said that she thinks Shen Xiang was being worried she does not adapt to that flame dragon exposed special aura. Shen Xiang has not paid attention to these two beautiful women again, wholly absorbed start alchemy...... Night, the beautiful gentle moonlight and star light by special formation, penetrate the thick rock, shines in medicine garden to mountain side, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou lies on a bed, two beautiful women embrace mutually, is breathing evenly, in the dreamland, can in this case sleep, to them is very rare, but they felt relieved to Shen Xiang extremely, therefore rests very soundly. Shen Xiang in alchemy, once for a while peeps two beautiful woman that beautiful attractive resting postures, almost looks at his mind to ripple, lets his explode pill furnace. If I can rest among them, that this good!” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking secretly, if this idea knows by that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou that he will certainly be despised is very long. A day a night passed by, afterward Shen Xiang is in the congealing pill stage, but failed finally! In the failure during, Shen Xiang has learned repeatedly calm, he has massive herbs in any case, moreover Purple Spirit Fruit of thousand year can refine ten furnace True Qi Dan, his more than 100, he has not believed will be defeated completely. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, only then takes a bath changes clothes the time enters in that ring, Shen Xiang discovered that these two beautiful women like changing the clothes very much, a day trades several times, they never wear the same clothes, moreover liking makes him look very much.

Shen Xiang sees them to change the clothes to come out each time, thinks on the fine words of several praises, moreover each sentence is different, this superficial horses, always let Su Meiyao and in the Bai Youyou heart are liking. Shen Xiang knows that they lived over a thousand years of old spirit, but they after all are the women, the woman nothing but is likes wearing the pretty clothes, all day shakes before the man blindly, what the man likes looking is they do not put on the appearance of clothes. Sister Youyou, Sister Meiyao, I go also to continue to give you to these Martial Dao sect to buy more pretty clothes, I think that these places should have more styles.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Your this brat is also very tactful, knows that flatters us with any way.” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly. Thanked.” Bai Youyou whispered, sound, although is icy, but this in the Shen Xiang hear, appeared says the endless gentleness. Relax, I will try hard to promote the strength, soon will help you restore the strength, helping you eradicate the personal enemy, making the clothes that you can put on me to buy walk in the world freely!” Shen Xiang face earnest saying, lets Su Meiyao and in the Bai Youyou heart is actually moved. They were seriously injured now, let alone their personal enemy to, is some slightly fierce expert, can easily defeat them, but Shen Xiang is actually their only hopes. Shen Xiang in their eyes looks like a clever sensible younger brother, making them be pleased, although will sometimes visit them with a badly bad look...... Also is one day passes, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are supporting sleeping soundly tightly, the time that the Dangyang illumination shoots, they open beautiful eyes, actually sees Shen Xiang both eyes to shut tightly, is serious, being sweating profusely alchemy, this was to the key. This was Shen Xiang 12 th time refines True Qi Dan, can have this progress, let Su Meiyao is very the accident! The moment passes by, Shen Xiang long was imploring the air/Qi, opened the eye, the whole face liked, he looked to sitting that two beautiful women on bed, happily said with a smile: Two elder sisters, if wanted taste the fresh breakfast that I just made!”

Saying, Shen Xiang was turning on that black alchemic furnace cover, inside has five grains of purple glow glittering True Qi Dan, this may let Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou shock, in their beautiful facial features completely did not believe that ran swiftly hastily, looks in that alchemic furnace earlier! Also has Shen Xiang, can treat as these True Qi Dan casually earlier. Sister Meiyao, I was only defeated 12 times, moreover refines with inferior pill furnace, it seems like refines pills to have very big interesting part with the pill furnace study of minimum scale...... Sister Meiyao, the little brother is ashamed, cannot achieve you to be defeated 72 altitudes.” Shen Xiang grins to say with a smile, this makes Su Meiyao wish one could his platoon white tooth to wipe out. Exasperating little rascal, others were defeated in the past 72 times, at that time by Master was also commended I am the talent, but you......” Su Meiyao honk small mouth, on face, although full is the hidden bitterness, but in the heart is actually very happy. Continues to try hard, now uses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace! This can let you in the short time to build up.” Bai Youyou pinches True Qi Dan with jade finger, puts in that beautiful small mouth, is chewing gently, the appearance is really attractive. Su Meiyao is acting like a spoiled brat, Bai Youyou in eating the thing, these two beautiful women shows oneself most charming side, looks at Shen Xiang one to be in a daze, in the heart wishes one could to hug them in the bosom, well loves tenderly. Requires day of much time with inferior pill furnace, but Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace actually will be half double-hour two furnaces, Shen Xiang just started to refine with Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace will be defeated, but after being familiar, has not been defeated. White Heaven Refining pill, cultivates in the evening, Shen Xiang obtains the True Qi speed to be fast incomparable. What refinement is Spirit Level low-grade True Qi Dan, he can refine ten furnaces every day, is 50 grains, to evening's clothing/taking, has then practiced, compresses massive True Qi that True Qi Dan brings unceasingly...... The time passed fast, passed by suddenly for three months, although Shen Xiang every day was the redundant same matter, but two peerless beautiful woman companions, he did not think bored.

Now Shen Xiang condense has become four True Qi shapes, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise these four beast in his dantian fuzzy presents, although he has not seen this four directions divine beast, but defers to that two divine art to practice, can actually mysterious condense leave these divine beast shapes, making him express admiration secretly. Shen Xiang 17 years old, he has been attacking Mortal Martial Realm 9th level now, only misses the condense last True Qi shape, he can step into a brand-new stage successfully! If not the Shen Xiang's practice way is special, he already can enter into Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, what he cultivates is others' several times! Among that Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram in Shen Xiang dantian, has one group of rich earth attribute True Qi, now is absorbing massive pure True Qi, is expanding fast, moreover simultaneously by the remaining compressions, gradually was appeared the shape, this is an elephant, is suppressing the center of Yin-Yang universe! All around of this mountain valley, Spirit Qi emerges crazily, was being absorbed by Shen Xiang crazily, the shape of that elephant also slowly had the embryonic form, now Shen Xiang is using his huge Divine Sense, establishes the relation these five beast pictures, forms a whole. Became!” Shen Xiang loudly shouted, the body sends out a invisible air wave immediately, this is Universe True Qi, this time he, can have one's wish merges into one organic whole five elements of True Qi, releases the strength of universe. Shen Xiang concentrates the embryonic form condition five beast pictures, compressed massive True Qi, then becomes invisible True Qi condense Universe True Qi, the bang broken Mortal Martial Realm 9th level front door! 17-year-old Shen Xiang, entered Mortal Martial Realm 9th level.