World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 75
Shen Xiang looks like, although a little appearance, but puts on is simple, the body has not had to appear the rich decorations, therefore looks like very poor. How many do you know the Extreme Martial Sect's expense? One year made you be repulsed.” Zhu Rong curls the lip saying that but his actually suddenly hears kā chā the sound, is nipping the fruit like some people. Zhu Rong is delicious person, he turns head to look immediately that sees only in Shen Xiang to take a purple fruit, is nipping eating one after another, moreover some skins spitting. Zhu Rong was shocked instantaneously, then yelled: Idiot, Purple Spirit Fruit such uses? Hurries to give me to stop talking! Your mother, these Pi was valuable, you also spit unexpectedly......” Purple Spirit Fruit refines True Qi Dan main herbs, brings, when the fruit eats simply is the careless and wasteful use of nature's products, after Zhu Rong sees, wishes one could to give the Shen Xiang two palms of the hand, in his opinion, eats Purple Spirit Fruit directly is to blaspheming of Purple Spirit Fruit! A Shen Xiang face does not care: This Purple Spirit Fruit flavor is very good, will eat up the later within the body also to present many True Qi sweetly.” Zhu Rong that fatty is mad red, although Purple Spirit Fruit is not his, but he watches actually grievedly. Do not eat, I buy.” Zhu Rong hastily shouted, the words just said that Shen Xiang 2-3 have swallowed, Zhu Rong wishes one could to rush the Shen Xiang's chin wipes out! How many enters Extreme Martial Sect one year of expense is?” Shen Xiang smiles to ask. Zhu Rong stamped the feet, indignant snort|hum said: Your this fellow can never enter Extreme Martial Sect.” Although he does not know that Shen Xiang is any status, but he actually affirmed that Shen Xiang is rich flows the oil, will otherwise not eat Purple Spirit Fruit casually. That considers as finished, I asked.” Shen Xiang was saying, has put out Purple Spirit Fruit, the preparation opens eats. Outer Disciple one year is three thousand middle-grade crystal stones.” Zhu Rong hurriedly said, has then pulled out the blue gravel of several grains of thumb sizes, gives Shen Xiang: Ten middle-grade crystal stones buy your Purple Spirit Fruit.” crystal stones, is the same with spirit coins, contains Spirit Qi one ore, pure Spirit Qi that but in crystal stones compresses are more, therefore is better than spirit coins. Shen Xiang learned from Su Meiyao there that here world mainly takes the transaction currency with middle-grade crystal stones, grain of middle-grade crystal stones is equal to 1000 Ling, ten grains of words, is ten thousand large spirit coins.

Ten thousand large spirit coins want to buy Purple Spirit Fruit, this fatty clarifies thinks black Shen Xiang. Zhu brother, you thinks that I am the pig? This refines True Qi Dan main material, on value this point? I might as well eat.” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. 30!” Zhu Rong said coolly. Shen Xiang shakes the head, is walking to the front, Zhu Rong hastily with coming up, shouted: 50!” Shen Xiang has not managed him. 60!” 100!” 150!” „......” 200!” Shen Xiang has turned around, said with a smile: You also think a moment ago ten crystal stones buy, now were more than a moment ago many times, you are really a profiteer.” Shen Xiang hands over Purple Spirit Fruit, received that pile of crystal stones. You do not know that our Zhu family is the Extreme Martial Province famous doing business family, we hit slightly fall in the square hole in the center, did not have the means.” Zhu Rong looks at that Purple Spirit Fruit, said honestly: „The Purple Spirit Fruit price equivalent height, was raised by these merchants.” Shen Xiang suddenly thought one have possibly owed, but two hundred thousand large spirit coins are also his bottom line.

Although Zhu Rong is a young profiteer, but Shen Xiang and he chatted very congenially, to here world also some clearer understanding, the place that now he is Extreme Martial Province, big lands of Extreme Martial Sect jurisdiction, were vast, all influences on this must make an offering to Extreme Martial Sect, but Extreme Martial Sect also maintained this lands the security. Junior Brother Shen, later do not make the matter that eats Purple Spirit Fruit this idiot, if were seen by that group of alchemy masters, you will certainly be ganged up to surround and beaten up.” The Zhu Rong urging said that thinks Shen Xiang swallowed one a moment ago, in his heart secretly is painful. Shen Xiang does not matter, he has Dragon Saliva Art, if Purple Spirit Fruit used up, he can also expedite childbirth fast. Old Zhu, you said that I do enter Extreme Martial Sect to be possible now?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Zhu Rong said with a smile deceitfully: Sells my ten Purple Spirit Fruit to be possible again, but you must be able to enter through the Extreme Martial Sect's inspection truly, this is each sect has.” Shen Xiang followed Zhu Rong to arrive at a city, named Tianmen City, here was away from Extreme Martial Sect to be recent, was many wants to enter the Extreme Martial Sect's person frequently stay the place. Arrives here, Zhu Rong said goodbye with Shen Xiang, said that he must return to sect, other idle mixed people cannot arbitrarily enter Extreme Martial Sect's. Fontanel, is here the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance?” Shen Xiang stands under the city gate, looks at the above that mature and powerful typing. So long as across this city, can see a straight main road, the end of main road is similar to the urban huge luxurious architectural complex, that is Extreme Martial Sect! little brother, this is 6th Stage ordinary tool, discount price, only sells 990 nine crystal stones!” A guy stands in shop entrance beckons shouted to Shen Xiang, enters a city like Shen Xiang this type on the person of looking around, country bumpkin that majority just entered a city, should better deceive. Some weapons and defense appliances, may be divided into ordinary tool, spirit tool and treasure tool, each rank has 9th Stage, ordinary tool is most low status, needed materials appropriate forging, is the most common craft, but 6th Stage ordinary tool was also good, close highest 9th Stage. „Does little brother, buy pills? Mortal Level High-Grade Dayuan pill, 55 crystal stones can take away, two grains only sell 100.” Old man shouted of another pills shop. Shen Xiang sees in this Extreme Martial Province, the pills shop finds at everywhere, cannot help but surprised, he walked, asked: Has Purple Spirit Fruit to sell?”

Naturally has, three hundred crystal stones!” That old man said. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth twitch slightly, he was been really black by that fatty, but that fatty just started unexpectedly only to ten crystal stones, at this time Shen Xiang also knows that here world, pills sells expensively, wants on expensive many compared with his Southern Martial Empire. This for him is the good deed, because he is a alchemy master! He has been able to see white shining crystal stones now, at this time he found that a grain of True Qi Dan price is five hundred crystal stones, moreover limits purchases. Shen Xiang strolled in this Tianmen City, sold out several grains of True Qi Dan, quick sufficiently collected three thousand crystal stones, this enters the Extreme Martial Sect's school expense, although he had Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's inheritance, but after entering sect, can learn more things in inside, learned many martial arts, moreover can as sect disciple, attend various competition, won can also obtain the sect's reward. Shen Xiang walks toward distant place that leaf of front door, the front door opens wide, many people pass and out, these days was the Extreme Martial Sect big quarrying a mountain gate recruits the time of disciple, therefore came many people, but overwhelming majorities were try one's luck. Shen Xiang across that leaf of front door, walks on a straight and spacious stone brick main road, in the distant place is gathers round Extreme Martial Sect of more than 20 zhang (3.33 m) tall wall, before Shen Xiang, thinks that Extreme Martial Sect establishes on some mountains. Shen Xiang stands in front of that giant entrance, looks at Extreme Martial Sect these three large characters with overpowering momentum, in the heart cannot help but a heroic spirit upwells, the front door is closing, but the leaf of door is actually opening. In front of the door is patting rows of long teams, they are testing Spiritual Vein, only then Spiritual Vein is qualified, can enter Outer Sect, naturally, if no enough crystal stones is also incorrect. Tests the Spiritual Vein means to stand on together the disc, disc above has formation, can survey Spiritual Vein in human body, then shines the different rays, will also have the value of correspondence to appear.