World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 77
What? Shen Xiang must with earning a great reputation now the Fang Liang competition, this makes many people be startled, but Yao Haisheng and Fang Liang also so. Looks at this that helped Shen Xiang's Hao Dongqing be also interested a moment ago, Zhu Rong secretly is despising Shen Xiang, because he also just knows that Shen Xiang was the alchemy master, but before Shen Xiang actually installed the low key before him. Walks quickly, do you want injured inadequately? In the process of martial arts contest, is very difficult to control good strength, the severely wounded anything's words, your this whole life had been finished, you practice for several years to come again.” Yao Haisheng waves saying that regarding the Yao family eliminated further information he is not very clear, he only knows that Shen Xiang is the cause of event, is Shen Xiang has the person to eliminate Yao family, he guessed that the Shen Xiang's strength is equal to Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, but in his opinion, secular world Mortal Martial Realm 9th level and Extreme Martial Sect's Mortal Martial Realm 9th level has the difference of heaven and earth. Since others must hit, why you don't help others?” Hao Dongqing said that he looked at Shen Xiang one, to Shen Xiang lightly smiled. That hits, this fellow, my casual move can abandon him.” Fang Liang is also a face impatient walks. Before Shen Xiang, has not thought person who unexpectedly has Yao family in Extreme Martial Sect, moreover True Martial Realm, luckily some stipulations, the person of here world cannot go to that side secular world to disturb. The person who carries on the inspection disperses immediately, although this fight delayed them to test, but this was the good play, can see Fang Liang fight, was many people anticipated that they want to experience the disciple who Extreme Martial Sect Outer Sect was listed 30 th are any strengths. Beforehand explained that if has been injured, cannot blame the opposite party, can only blame too waste.” Fang Liang loud voice said. The Shen Xiang nod said: If were seriously injured, is own matter, cannot blame others.”

Right, rubbish, starts!” A Fang Liang face is agitated, treads one step, only hears Yao Haisheng shouted: Starts!” Fang Liang gets rid first, sees only him to run when the time comes, the step is exploding the intermittent startling thunderclap heavily, is similar to treadons lightning to be ordinary, the speed rapidness, his double fist also covers entirely white lightning, this unexpectedly is pure lightning True Qi. Shen Xiang's Lightning True Qi is in wood attribute, is different from pure lightning. Profound Level excellent Treading Lightning Steps, can in the process of running, have the huge impulse! fist technique is also Profound Level excellent Shocking Lightning Fist, it is said a fist can chop a hill, the might is infinite.” Experienced martial artist said. Shen Xiang is the lightning expert, moreover he just started to practice wood attribute True Qi time, directs thunder Quenching Body at times, that is wild lightning that the nature forms, but he can actually withstand, this time lightning minacity does not have for him, let alone his fleshly body is great strength like that. When the people think that the Shen Xiang's chest that Shocking Lightning Fist bang makes a blood hole, everyone immediately makes a movement of keeping off, with the aim of resisting wild Lightning True Qi that explodes, what is dismayful, they expected that the matter has not occurred. Fang Liang leaps, to rely on under foot that explosive force forms a more intrepid momentum, meanwhile rumbles makes one fiercely Shocking Lightning Fist, he also hit the Shen Xiang's chest, just when his fist heavily contacted the Shen Xiang's chest, was actually similar to likes a stone dropped into the sea general, a response did not have. Because in that instantaneous, Shen Xiang revolved Tai Chi Divine Art, at that time, his body truly looked like a big vortex, any strength hit, by that vortex devour, Shen Xiang, when directed thunder Quenching Body, frequently such did, therefore his Lightning True Qi practiced very well. Extreme Martial Sect, I sat in meditation!” Shen Xiang laughs, Fang Liang in astonished is still rumbling to that a fist, huge portion flame is similar to the volcanic eruption generally gushes out from his fist, the flame wells up crazily, submerges Fang Liang instantaneously, Fang Liang was also hit simultaneously to fly by that impulse, the whole person was being burnt down by the raging fire, calls out in the ground tumbling.

Fang Liang!” Yao Haisheng is startled to shout one, hastily swoops, sees only him, as soon as wields the sleeve, these flame diverge immediately, but Fang Liang was burnt from top to bottom burned black, like a black coal, the flesh wound is serious, the meridians in within the body completely were also burnt. All around temperature is very burning hot, but the people actually look at the whole body to break into sweat! A fist gives to defeat the person who Extreme Martial Sect Outer Sect is listed 30 th, the people think that beforehand Fang Liang also looks down upon Shen Xiang, in the heart cannot help but funny. I have won, can I enter Extreme Martial Sect now? Moreover does not want crystal stones!” Shen Xiang grins to smile. Yao Haisheng resented, just wants to say anything, saw only Hao Dongqing to say with a smile: Yao Haisheng, your this treasure disciple had said before, in the process of competition, was injured is own matter, no wonder others! Do you want to help to destroy the promise of your apprentice? Also, you had said Shen Xiang can enter Extreme Martial Sect, moreover does not need to pay other fees, this crystal stones wants you to leave, because is you give his commitment.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Senior Brother Yao, actually is you pays crystal stones to me, is really deeply grateful.” The Yao Haisheng air/Qi results in the corners of the mouth and corner of the eye violently twitches, Shen Xiang in his eyes is only ants, his palm can pat dead Shen Xiang, but he, if such does, his auspicious day also to the end, because the Extreme Martial Sect's sect rule is very stern. You remember to me!” Yao Haisheng holds black coal general Fang Liang, breaks in Extreme Martial Sect, at this time changed a person to be responsible for testing. Junior Brother Shen, welcome to join Extreme Martial Sect, comes with me, I lead you to go through the formalities.” Zhu Rong this Little fatty shouted, he looks at the Shen Xiang's look from afar, probably sees big pile of crystal stones. Shen Xiang with a laugh walks: Many thanks Hao Senior Brother help, otherwise I was already driven away by him.”

I casually said several, anything busy has not added on, but saw this fellow to dig several fiery pits and own apprentice jumps actually to oneself, but also really laughed at me! Naturally, is you fiery pit that they push down them to dig.” Hao Dongqing laughs, turns around to leave. Little fatty, who Hao is Senior Brother you? Your Master?” Shen Xiang with whom in Zhu Rong, asked in a low voice, can do obeisance True Martial Realm martial artist for the master, that was also the quite good matter. He is my uncle! Right, your this brat actually understands alchemy, unexpectedly also wastes Purple Spirit Fruit, you are really the idiot who likes showing off.” Zhu Rong remembers Shen Xiang to eat Purple Spirit Fruit, heart cannot help but slightly feels pain. Shen Xiang ridicules saying: Your this treacherous fatty, just started also to plan unexpectedly ten crystal stones buy my Purple Spirit Fruit, I asked a moment ago, others sell three hundred crystal stones, you sold to me 200, you were black I.” Zhu Rong curls the lip, said: That is you are voluntary, I have not compelled you!”