World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 78
With friend who the computer reads, throws a fresh flower, thanks!!! Was right, do you have elder sister younger sister? Introduced that does give me, they like you fierce?” Zhu Rong at present one bright, hastily asked. Goes to your younger sister, I will have will not introduce to your!” Shen Xiang despises was saying that he comes Extreme Martial Sect, wants to seek for Leng Youlan's, Leng Youlan is his sworn sister, he is the elder brother must take care of her. Zhu Rong low coldly snorted: Do not look at my this, the person who surrenders the woman and entrance these that test to me to be equally many, but father Zhu family Young Master, Extreme Martial Sect's Inner Disciple!” Zhu Rong is Inner Disciple, Shen Xiang somewhat is unexpectedly surprised, he heard, only then the Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer person can enter Inner Sect! „Does Old Zhu, your months, have to hear that a white hair female does come the Extreme Martial Sect test?” Shen Xiang asked. Remembers that I will never forget!” Zhu Rong said immediately that the facial expression becomes serious: This woman is extraordinary, unexpectedly is Fire and Ice Dual Veins, moreover probably is Heaven Veins, she must enter Extreme Martial Sect's, but actually carried off by other sect's person.” What?” Shen Xiang is very surprised, he has not thought that Leng Youlan is Heaven Veins, moreover had been robbed by other sect, if devil path sects, that very terrible? Relax, is the Icewind Valley's person carries off, that place is quite appropriate she! Should she not be the person who you unrequited love? Depending on your this brick, pulls on shoes to her does not match.” Zhu Rong despises looks at Shen Xiang, he knows that Leng Youlan came from secular world, thinks. Shen Xiang sighed: She is my younger sister, swears brotherhood sworn sister.” Cracks a joke, can your this fellow swear brotherhood with this Fairy character? If she your younger sister, that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Xue Xianxian is also my younger sister.” Zhu Rong loud voice exclaimed, he is unable to accept such fact. Shen Xiang has not thought that Xue Xianxian so is unexpectedly famous, he is a sigh: Xue Xianxian is my fiancee.”

Fart, your this bastard randomly do not crack a joke, was careful that you were unrequited loved the Xue Xianxian's person to beat up by these, do not blame me not to remind you! Young generation of strongest woman who Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan recognize, is Fairy in our mind, you affront them again, I punch you!” Zhu Rong said indignantly. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs, the heart said: Xianxian is really my fiancee, Youlan is really my sworn sister!” Zhu Rong brought Shen Xiang to arrive at a very big courtyard, inside was having many people to compare notes mutually, they have not used True Qi, with physical strength, but their attacks exceptionally were formidable. This is No. 330 Martial Courtyard, is in Extreme Martial Sect, altogether 3000 Martial Courtyard, the digit is smaller, means is stronger, these No. 330 Martial Courtyard, is strongest Outer Sect's Martial Courtyard, you defeat Fang Liang that fellow, coming to here to be most appropriate!” Zhu Rong said. The person in this Martial Courtyard is peaceful immediately, because they hear the Fang Liang been defeated news! Outer Disciple that Fang Liang is listed 30 th, unexpectedly by a newly arrived person frustrating, this Outer Sect, but explosive news. All people carefully are sizing up Shen Xiang, here person each is capable youngest about 20 years old, big words also 50-60 years old, population altogether 50, but here is actually strongest Outer Sect's Martial Courtyard, in other words, strongest Outer Disciple in this! Old man Zhang, this brat gave you.” Zhu Rong said to old man. Zhu Rong is Inner Disciple, although seems like the fatty of meat meat, but this strongest Outer Sect's Martial Courtyard disciple looked that he is a face is respectful. Junior Brother Shen, diligently, soon since Martial Courtyard, do not die well outside Martial Courtyard.” Zhu Rong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, swaggers away. This Martial Courtyard disciple sees Shen Xiang and Zhu Rong relationship is so good, cannot help but has doubts, guessed that the juniors of which family Shen Xiang certainly is. Junior Brother Shen Xiang is right, you I also heard the matter that Fang Liang defeated, please come with me.” That Old man Zhang said.

Shen Xiang follows in him behind, leaves in Martial Courtyard the lines of sight of these Outer Disciple, at this time these disciple also much discussion...... That Old man Zhang named Zhang De, 70 years old, is Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, but actually cannot enter Inner Sect, because he is long in the Extreme Martial Sect time, therefore mixes Dean to come ding-dong, in other words, he is this ranks No. 330 Martial Courtyard most expert. The Zhang De person is very good, always a face temperate smiling face, sympathizes to the person, making Shen Xiang have the favorable impression to him greatly. „Is Senior Brother Zhang, very really difficult since Martial Courtyard?” Shen Xiang asked. Difficult, difficult such as to ascend to heaven! I entered Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer already 15 years, has participated in 15 inspections, but has not passed, yeah......” Zhang De long sighed that he has given Shen Xiang storage pouch: This is the Extreme Martial Sect's clothing, the status sign command, as well as introduced the books of Extreme Martial Sect and this world.” Enters Inner Sect to through the inspection, like Shen Xiang did not say hears, so long as has Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer to enter Inner Sect, it seems like that this Extreme Martial Sect is strict. Shen Xiang grew arrived at own house, this was a small house, a person lived, Shen Xiang was very satisfied. Junior Brother Shen, this is strongest Outer Sect's Martial Courtyard, the population, only then 50, will therefore have this treatment, therefore you must keep this position well, I have been busy, you are familiar with the environment first.” After Zhang De departs, Shen Xiang then opens these books, understands Extreme Martial Sect. Eight big righteous sect separately are, Extreme Martial Sect, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Danxiang Taoyuan, Icewind Valley, Beast Martial Sect, Proud Sword Sect, True Martial Sect and Lotus Island!” Five Great Devil Sects is, Devil Yang Clan, Myriad Snake Valley, Blood Refining Clan, 100 Poison Sect and Transforming Bone Clan.”

„An each righteous sect commander state...... But Five Great Devil Sects gathers at a continent, calls Chenwu Nine Province......” Shen Xiang looks introduced related, although Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had said that but above does not have to write that in detail. After looking, the Shen Xiang feeling said: This is only Chenwu Mainland, so is vast, but the overseas have other lands.” Also continues! What we are is only mortal world, is most low level world, generally calls Mortal Martial World, has thousands! Each Mortal Martial World has innumerable continent!” Bai Youyou disdainfully said. On Mortal Martial World is Heaven Martial World, probably also dozens, that world inside martial artist quite exists in Immortal, their strength are more intrepid.” Su Meiyao then said. Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, his suddenly thought that he looks like grain of dust in this Great World! He shook the head, in does not want to get down. Extreme Martial Sect altogether three thousand Martial Courtyard, 330 to No. 3000 Martial Courtyard are outside Martial Courtyard! No. 16 Martial Courtyard to 329 th is in Martial Courtyard, one to No. 15 Martial Courtyard is True Disciple's Martial Courtyard, is Extreme Martial Sect most formidable strength. Above three thousand Martial Courtyard also zero number Martial Courtyard, that is Elder Courtyard, one crowd lived tens of thousands of year of old undying. Extreme Martial Dean is zero number Martial Courtyard Dean!” Shen Xiang continues to look at the Extreme Martial Sect's introduction.