World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 79
Outer Disciple, but actually reduced to Inner Sect, were less to True Disciple, True Disciple has 15 Martial Courtyard! True Disciple is martial artist above that True Martial Realm! Wants you to be competent, you not only can enter Elder Courtyard, but can also sit zero number institute Dean position! The premise is you can overthrow Dean!” Sees these words, Shen Xiang has the idea of indulging in fantasy, is messes with Dean of zero number institute to come ding-dong, naturally that is only the idea, must know that may be some old monsters. „The Dean comparison of zero number institute has the difficulty, Extreme Pill Courtyard Dean should be good.” Su Meiyao said with a smile lightly. Extreme Pill Courtyard is Extreme Martial Sect inside one specifically is responsible for the pills organization, although only then, but is actually divided into eight yards, in inside is the alchemy masters. „Only the 2nd Stage alchemy master can enter Extreme Pill Courtyard, I have a look at me am many...... Shen Xiang compare a form now, the 1st Stage alchemy teacher's request is to refine three Mortal Level Middle-Grade Dan. The 2nd Stage alchemy master needs to refine three Mortal Level High-Grade Dan and Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan, the request of 3rd Stage was high, unexpectedly must be able to refine three Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan. Shen Xiang now is also only the 2nd Stage alchemy master, has 8th Stage high, again above is Dan Ancestor and Dan King! Shen Xiang remembers that Su Meiyao had said are only Dan Ancestor, that is can refine Heaven Level pills! Finally Shen Xiang looked at the refiner aspect, Extreme Martial Sect's Refining Master is few, almost does not have, but Chenwu Mainland refiner most developed is that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, alchemy strongest is Danxiang Taoyuan, Extreme Martial Sect is mainly powerful. But Leng Youlan Icewind Valley, is one cultivates Extreme Yin Extreme Yang sect, the population are least, but the strength is not weak, moreover True Qi is that type is very violent, the overall strength is very strong.

Although in eight big righteous sect, what recognition is strongest is Extreme Martial Sect, but if other Extreme Martial Sect and sect hit, even if won has also met the gain does not equal the loss. Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, or I find the way to make here Alchemy Grandmaster help you refine pills, such came you to restore the injury quickly.” Shen Xiang at present one bright. „Can they refine Saint pill?” Bai Youyou asked. Saint pill! Shen Xiang has not listened including Legend, let alone has seen. „Can here nobody refine?” Shen Xiang said. Temporarily does not have, at least I have not heard, let alone was Saint pill, Heaven Dan miserable.” Su Meiyao sighed: But you actually, because you have Dragon Saliva Art, so long as cultivates you, collected good herbs that's alright.” Shen Xiang has not thought he must refine unexpectedly is Saint pill, is that what kind of existence? First entered Inner Sect to say again, only then entered Inner Sect, can learn satisfied martial arts!” Shen Xiang said that because Outer Disciple can only study Profound Level Low-Grade martial arts at most, but Profound Level excellent with Earth Level martial arts, only then enters Inner Sect to be entitled. Every year in October, was the inspection of Outer Sect liter Inner Sect, quick must come, Shen Xiang has not thought that so will be so skillful. Shen Xiang climbs up the roof, looks at all around innumerable constructions, the innermost, the deepest place, is the inner courtyard that these expert converge! The Extreme Martial Sect's disciples are very free, provide massive martial arts the disciple to study to the hanger-on, moreover arranges some experienced old martial artist teaching, many some auxiliary equipment of training in each Martial Courtyard, ratio martial stage that compares notes fairly.

Sometimes, Extreme Martial Sect will also arrange some duties the disciple to complete to the hanger-on, that protects the Extreme Martial Province danger(ous) duty. Shen Xiang exchanged Extreme Martial Sect's to take care, that was ash-gray skintight clothes, the material quality is very good, can resist the ordinary flame incinerator, the ordinary sword can also to prick, moreover was sticking to the body, making the person feeling very comfortable, has the warm in winter and cool in summer effect. Shen Xiang arrives at the Martial Courtyard middle, the middle is small plaza, around plaza is some houses, house inside has the equipment of many supplemental training. Newly arrived, heard that you come from that secular world, very fierce, can give the second Fang Liang.” youngster walks, a face admires said. From these books, Shen Xiang understood that Chenwu Mainland is a three corniformis land, but that secular world in a corner, that corner was away from by big mountain scene, with eight Dazhou isolation, moreover Spirit Qi is thin, causes there expert not to be many. Shen Xiang lightly smiled, said: „The fellow has had a low opinion of the enemy, therefore he loses is also miserable.” youngster said while loudly laughing: Pours is also, after Fang Liang this fellow since has done obeisance Master, is supercilious, I already want to teach him.” This youngster skin dark colored, is shorter than a head Shen Xiang, although seems like not very strong, but thinks him to be terse and forceful to the feeling of person, eyes sub- glittering glossy, the smiling face is amiable, but on his face actually several scar, to person a valiant feeling. Yun Xiaodao, do you want to bully newly arrived?” A distant place middle age guy said with a smile: Shen Xiang, stands in front of you that small dwarf, but this institute first expert, but he does not think, when Dean, has not challenged Old man Zhang.” Yun Xiaodao has rubbed the nose, despised looked at that guy one eyes, said: I want to compare notes with him, martial artist must compare notes frequently.” In plaza many people, on these faces were having the temperate smiling face, making Shen Xiang feel that this Martial Courtyard is very harmonious, moreover knew from their mouth that they are repugnant that Fang Liang.

Shen Xiang just arrived, therefore this Martial Courtyard inside person has not started practice, but is Shen Xiang chats, told him here matters. Shen Xiang knows at this time that Yun Xiaodao is three years comes, hits from No. 3000 Martial Courtyard, the strength is very strong, is Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer martial artist, the family background is prominent, is the Extreme Martial Province four big aristocratic families, Yun Jia's person. Yun Xiaodao uses a frantic look to look at Shen Xiang at this time, said: Big Brother Shen, except for Old man Zhang, other people have fought with me here, you must fight with me, no matter the victory and loss, I give you five True Qi Dan, what kind of?” Old man Zhang is Zhang De, this Martial Courtyard Dean, here martial artist such called his. Shen Xiang knows that Yun Xiaodao is militant, moreover this institute first expert, that means that he is Outer Sect first! Xiaodao, you are Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, I Mortal Martial Realm 9th level, the difference was too far!” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say with a smile, what making him be startled, this Yun Xiaodao unexpectedly is only 16 years old! In this Chenwu Mainland's martial arts world, is really the talent pours forth, young and formidable martial artist is everywhere. But you compared with my greatly am one year old, therefore you have occupied convenient, relax, I will certainly show mercy, no matter your victory and loss, I give you five grains of True Qi Dan!” Yun Xiaodao pesters is not putting.