World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 8
The flame pours into alchemic furnace, inside spirit herb was baked immediately very dry, Spirit Qi has not sent out to wither with enough time, from the beginning failed, but Shen Xiang has not actually been discouraged, at this time he knows that his flame is very formidable, needs to control slightly. Under Shen Xiang picks these spirit herb, this time he controls his flame, the roasting of cautious and solemn pill furnace inside spirit herb, but failed. After he failed three times, he grasped certain experience, he knew because of the ancient times of crucial moment. The fourth time time, Shen Xiang obtained many successes, can be in the alchemy latter stage. alchemic furnace specially-made, pours into spiritual power to see inside, at this time Shen Xiang can see these spirit herb to send out various color different Spirit Qi, but he also controls these Spirit Qi to past in inside, congealing will become the vortex, but these spirit herb became dry, will be turning into the ash slowly. At this time, herbal powder that” Shen Xiang controlled these spirit herb to send out Spirit Qi and these spirit herb that fires to mix together with spiritual power...... Shen Xiang is Mortal Martial Realm 5th level, spiritual power is good, but he thought that at this time must reach the limit, because he must herbal Spirit Qi be divided into five eddy currents that group, herbal powder fuses together with these, this can one time bring forth five grains. Five eddy currents form, Shen Xiang frowns, full sweat, at this time he not only need consume the True Qi release flame, meanwhile must actually control the flame with massive spiritual power and concentrates pill. Must become!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, five herbal Spirit Qi vortex is revolving rapidly and five groups even herbal powder fuses together, now only needs to drip into the right amount of water, lets herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi concentrates pill pellet to succeed. Shen Xiang added into after True Qi nurturing water, in alchemic furnace presented five grains of pill pellet, but was moist, moreover was winding around rich Spirit Qi. pill success!” In the Shen Xiang heart shouted, sees only in alchemic furnace five grains of spirit dan to be wrapped immediately by one group of white clouds, this dries the steam that in pills the moisture content braves. Shen Xiang is sweating profusely, looks is very exhausted, but after all he continual release flame and spiritual power, almost consume his True Qi. Finally has become, unexpectedly used all day time, alchemy really really to require the time!” Shen Xiang sighed one slightly. Shen Xiang opens alchemic furnace, looks that five grains of Body Quenching Pill above Qi mist diverged, has revealed five grains of snow white Body Quenching Pill, he cannot help but grinned to smile, before he had also eaten Body Quenching Pill, but he thought that these did not have good that he refined.

If these old alchemy masters know that his day refines Body Quenching Pill on the success, certainly will feel inferior dead, must know that many person have not been practices pills for several years very much difficultly successfully, even if most talent also needs one year or so, moreover is tries one time to refine one grain. But the Shen Xiang first success refines five grains, this must make these old alchemy masters know that certainly will scare to death a big piece. Let alone these old alchemy masters, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were frightened a big strip by Shen Xiang this alchemy talent, they look at pill pellet on own delicate hands, unbelievable of face. Hehe, Sister Meiyao, you added that before I want one year or so, but my day built up, you must reward me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile proud. Su Meiyao also is very happy, sweet and delicate voice asked: How that does Young Master Shen want our two girls to reward?” Shen Xiang both hands hold the chest, said with an evil smile: Kisses my cheek.” in your dreams!” Bai Youyou coldly said, then returned to that ring. But the Su Meiyao surface contains the charming smile, has depended, the tender and delicate cherry lips have collected in the Shen Xiang's cheeks, said tenderly with a smile: My good younger brother, you to continue to try hard, should not be proud.” Shen Xiang was cracking a joke, but has not thought that this tender dī dī beauty unexpectedly kissed really his cheek, Su Meiyao saw the Shen Xiang stupid appearance, covered the mouth charming smile, afterward returned to that ring. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, is smelling that gladdening the heart remaining fragrance, the comfort in the heart not being able saying that his murmured: Really is the spirit, my unexpectedly became energetic!” He touches in the hand the ring of that stealth, probably is caressing the cheek of sweetheart, to let in that ring two Fairy beautiful women will soon restore the strength, he is competitive. Grain of Body Quenching Pill is 700 Ling, at this time the Shen Xiang five grains, can sell 3500 Ling, he gained in a big way, let alone the material has not built up, if successful, that was 3500 Ling. Before Shen Xiang, reads, in book said that a material furnace can bring forth five grains of Body Quenching Pill, therefore he refines by five grains of goals from the beginning, what he does not know, a furnace five grains of that is the situation that in the material uses the limit, only then the perception extremely high alchemy master can grasp to congeal pill that instantaneous, that opportunity is most important.

The spiritual power control, the crucial moment control, must make the subtle change with the pill furnace internal change, will otherwise fall short. Body Quenching Pill, to quenching the body has very big help, but only limits under Mortal Martial Realm 3rd level, Shen Xiang now is Mortal Martial Realm 5th level, this Body Quenching Pill to he not big help, but can actually make him rapidly restore True Qi. Shen Xiang has eaten up one grain, True Qi in within the body restored most probably, then to wrap securely that four grains immediately, he must take away to Shen Tianhu tastes. Flavor is good, but I one time have actually eaten seven hundred large spirit coins!” Some Shen Xiang meat pains, then go into his father's study room. At this time already night, but Shen Tianhu has not actually rested, still in the study room pondered that the things in some martial arts aspects, this is his custom. „Did Xiang'er, what matter such late have?” Shen Tianhu smells Shen Xiang whole body sweat, immediately frowned. Shen Xiang grins to say with a smile: I had said brings forth pills, first gives the father to taste!” Anything!” Shen Tianhu fierce standing up, the eye opens the eyes in a big way, a face does not believe. He thinks Shen Xiang at least needs ten years eight years to refine, but has not thought that was only has used for one day! Shen Xiang takes that four grains of snow white Body Quenching Pill, gives Shen Tianhu. Shen Tianhu is growing up the mouth, a face does not believe looks at that four grains of snow white pill pellet. Hot!” Shen Tianhu was shocked to result in a mind blank, because he is hard to believe that his son unexpectedly day comprehended knocking on a door of alchemy, this is the talent that the millenniums meet. Although this unrivalled rare talent is the goods in great demand of many influences, but also is many objects of influence envy, some people want to win over, some people want to assassinate. Shen Tianhu took a deep breath, under the draw the excitement in heart, said: Quality Spirit Pill Pavilion is much better, at least to sell eight hundred large spirit coins one grains! These four grains of Body Quenching Pill I accept first, take away to change into spirit coins! Then helps you purchase some spirit herb seedlings.” From Shen Xiang can accelerate ripening spirit herb, refine spirit dan this is only for several days, but Shen Tianhu actually knows that his son must be able to become Alchemy Grandmaster in the future.

You cannot act with undue haste now, first through refining Mortal Level low-grade pills, when you thought similar time, upward builds up.” Shen Xiang nodded, he returns to rest, after waiting to restore spiritual power, he builds up final herbs. Next day, Shen Xiang early gets up, thinks that can refine Body Quenching Pill to come, he somewhat is excited, after having a successful experience, he at this time the light vehicle route is ripe, reached the final congealing pill stage very much with ease. In pill furnace has formed five groups of herbal powder and Spirit Qi fuses together Qi ball, Shen Xiang is relaxed at this time, like the previous time did not feel that spiritual power and True Qi must consume. Became!” Shen Xiang relaxed, turned on the pill furnace cover, lingers Spirit Qi Body Quenching Pill to take inside that. This furnace has only used two double-hour! In the following time, Shen Xiang in accelerate ripening spirit herb, then refines spirit dan, at this time he not only refines Body Quenching Pill, but also refines in the Mortal Level Low-Grade Dan medicine quite practical Restore Qi Pill, Golden Healing Medicine, Detoxification Dan, Congealing Qi Pill. Although starts to build up each time will be defeated, but after he has been familiar with these spirit herb natures, can control to trig the crucial moment, tries to find out some know-how. alchemy technique of Su Meiyao's this mysterious female is wise, if before is, Shen Xiang has not believed that this tender dī dī outstanding person unexpectedly understands alchemy, but in his impression, the alchemy masters is the hair white Hua Hua old men. Such day also makes Shen Xiang have substantially, this has not affected him to practice, he generally is the evening cultivates the time while convenient displays Dragon Saliva Art condense to leave these to be able the accelerate ripening spirit herb azure dewdrop. Also passed for one month, Shen Xiang has been able to refine Mortal Level Low-Grade Dan skilled.