World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 82
Zhu Rong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said: Relax, this True Qi Dan is little rascal Yun leaves, when the time comes I sold to his, Ha Ha......” Dead pig, you were said that Big Brother Shen will certainly lose inadequately?” Yun Xiaodao with despising the look looks at Zhu Rong. Since is the gambling stake, perhaps, perhaps, if wins, I am willing to purchase True Qi Dan that you cannot use up.” Zhu Rong said with a smile. „The words that fart, wins, feed the dog not to you.” Yun Xiaodao scolded lowly. Shen Xiang and Zhang De can only be speechless, moreover in process that they in eating meal to drink, is listening to Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong bickers, what making Shen Xiang admire, they can eat unexpectedly while scold, does not dislike tired...... Returns to Martial Courtyard, Shen Xiang to ask: Strange, why can't I see female disciple?” Extreme Martial Sect does not receive the woman, possibly is Extreme Martial Old Ancestor is not interested in the woman, establishes this damn custom, this was harms to be miserable we, making most disciples come Extreme Martial Sect, brings the woman, otherwise can only rely on one's own effort to revive......” Yun Xiaodao said with an evil smile: Big Brother Shen, you are not every night will pass the night in Martial Courtyard really?” Naturally.” Shen Xiang one wants to understand that now he knows Tianmen City so will be why lively, actually these wealthy family juniors take the family. Really is an honest and good-natured person, I also think that has Old man Zhang this old fellow to be able honest staying in Martial Courtyard.” Yun Xiaodao hey smiles one, then left. The weather is dim, Shen Xiang returns to the room, he in refining True Qi Dan, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not dare to come out from the ring, because they worried that will be induced in this experts as common as the clouds place. Sister Meiyao, Extreme Martial Sect does not receive female disciple, you also make Youlan come unexpectedly, is really.” Shen Xiang thinks can take care of Leng Youlan in Extreme Martial Sect. Snort, others are far away from here very much long time ago, where will remember these minor matters?” Su Meiyao low snort|hum said that Shen Xiang exits today, gives her and Bai Youyou brings the pretty women's clothing of many different designs, with some attractive jewelry.

Short during several day, Shen Xiang integrated in Extreme Martial Sect, in Senior Brother relationship with Martial Courtyard is very good, he rejoiced that can arrive at harmonious Martial Courtyard, he does not want all day with some plans very heavy person together. Has huge plaza in Extreme Martial Sect, here can hold counts the hundred thousand person, every month will have the Elder Courtyard elder to come here course, most disciples will gather here to come, but today enters the inspection of Inner Sect once a year, is every year climax, so long as is Outer Disciple, has the qualifications to enter. Shen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De they arrange at one team, prepares to accept the first inspection, in this team is No. 330 Martial Courtyard disciple, other Martial Courtyard people saw that must make way a road, no one dares to provoke. Big Brother Shen, did you hear? That Fang Liang was hit to discard by you, wanting one year or so can fully restore, Hehe, Fang and you to.” Yun Xiaodao happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang can only , but sighed, he started is light, otherwise he true discarded Fang Liang, because he knows that the difference of here family and secular world, here family had the True Martial Realm master to assume personal command! The first inspection tests strength, will unable to go through a strategic pass is eliminated. Tests strength is formation knocks out the fist to is standing erect, that formation arrangement on the stone wall, is similar to a Xiaotan pastes together in the water of wall, after the fist hits, will demonstrate the corresponding value representative strength, only then arrives at certain value, can go through a strategic pass. „The first simplicity, we can each time.” Zhang De said. Second quite had the difficulty with third, I was eliminated in second before, Old man Zhang was also same, not through the second inspection!” Yun Xiaodao said that on the face full is helpless. What second is?” Shen Xiang does not know second and third. Said here, in the Yun Xiaodao look flashed through wipes the color of fear: Second is Elder Dan tests personally, mainly tests the endurance, third is the line-up test, every year is different, but equally is difficult.”

Elder Dan is Extreme Martial Sect second expert, is the Extreme Martial Sect only female, hearsay her rank is higher than current Extreme Martial Dean, manages Extreme Pill Courtyard, nobody knows that her name, everybody called her Elder Dan. To me, did not know me to be able once more broken record.” Yun Xiaodao is curling the sleeve, a face anticipated that said. Shen Xiang placed Yun Xiaodao behind, he also wants to have a look at Yun Xiaodao strongest strength, be only the value surpasses 1000 to go through a strategic pass, many Outer Disciple in ** about hundred, 700 also some, but are not many, could see that the Extreme Martial Sect Outer Disciple strength is even. Yun Xiaodao is making a fist to stone wall on that beach water bang, the arm submerges directly, when he pulls out the hand, that beach level calms down, presents a value. 2300!” Sees this digit, all people hold breath cold air, because before , the highest record is only 1800! Big Brother Shen, to you!” Yun Xiaodao is very satisfied, he has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Shen Xiang is also known in Outer Sect, from secular world, moreover is one move makes into the severely wounded person Fang Liang, is good with Zhu Rong relationship, is the alchemy master. Exhausts fully, only then shows your strength to be respected! So long as not exposed Yin and Yang Divine Veins!” The Bai Youyou sound said resoundingly. Shen Xiang nodded, fuses together dantian inside five elements of True Qi, concentrates Universe True Qi, then took a deep breath, the fierce bang hits, in that instantaneous, has not released any True Qi, this makes all people very much have doubts, because does not use the True Qi words, strength greatly will sell at a discount! Shen Xiang this time uses to try, he can affirm, if a mountain top is such hit by him, certainly will vanish, when he infiltrates this stone wall above formation, actually idles very tranquilly.

He exclaimed in surprise secretly these mysterious formation strength, this is the person in secular world is hard to arrange. Shen Xiang takes the fist, sees only on that beach water to present a value! 4800!” Sees this value, in noisy plaza a peace, on each face full is panic-stricken, their first idea suspected that formation has had problems, but thinks to think impossible, because this has not had matter. 4800, this is the value that Inner Disciple cannot make, moreover were more than more than one time the Yun Xiaodao value! old man that is responsible for supervising is also startled, he is the True Martial Realm person, when Shen Xiang knocks out the fist he saw some clue, can induce to the great strength of that invisible True Qi, but actually does not know that is any True Qi. Shen Xiang, 4800, go through a strategic pass!” That old man also calculates to see the world, immediately shouted. Hears these words, in plaza exploding of suddenly bang boils, Outer Disciple, has made unexpectedly strength value that only then minority Inner Disciple can make, this simply is inconceivable, incredible!