World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 83
Shen Xiang was also given to have a scare by own value, but he thinks not to think anything, he cultivates five elements of True Qi, after five elements of True Qi fusion, turns into Universe True Qi, the might promotion multiple. Big Brother Shen, you were really scary, you were insincere, previous and I compared notes, unexpectedly has not exhausted fully!” Yun Xiaodao exclaims. The Zhu Rong complexion somewhat is also strange, before he thinks that Shen Xiang enters Inner Sect not to hope, but the present hope is very big, at least Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer he, cannot let make this value. Hehe, that squint goods then lost!” Yun Xiaodao laughs was saying that he is that gambling stake deep bearing in mind. The person who participates in the inspection are many, completely tests to the night from the morning, morning time, entire plaza has been filled with the person, but now actually remaining more than 300, Shen Xiang present must enter Inner Sect is how difficult, is the first inspection eliminates that many people merely! That Martial Courtyard person who the first test conclusion, Shen Xiang was at can pass, but they facing the second time not big self-confidence, many of them once when the second inspection was eliminated, moreover repeatedly, gradually, in their hearts had the shadow. „The present was the night, but can also carry on the second inspection?” The Shen Xiang doubts asked that through the person of first inspection, cannot leave. That is natural, three inspections are conducted continuously, sometimes will continue for several days, the midway cannot rest.” Yun Xiaodao said. The people stand in plaza, was waiting for that Elder Dan comes to test them. Late at night , the silver moonlight is illuminating plaza once for a while, the cool breeze has blown, comfortable comfortable. suddenly, the people felt that very sultry, probably must rain hard to be the same, but they take the lead to have a liking for the sky time, actually can still see point stars in sky. When the people look to the sky, person suddenly appears in their front, this makes them have a big shock!

Has seen Elder Dan!” The person who more than 300 people are responsible for conducting the test with these salutes to say hastily. Elder Dan is a woman, she wears the white long skirt, a beautiful pitch-black beautiful hair shawl, what disappointing Shen Xiang is, on her face unexpectedly brings a black mask, on the mask only to reveal two eyes, but that two eyes actually brave the fiery red ray, does not see any on her face. Does not use overly courteous!” Elder Dan lifts the hand, said. Her sound sounds somewhat lazy, but is actually very ice-cold, fills a looking disdainfully world the imposing manner, making Shen Xiang think that she and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's that Empress somewhat resembles. Shen Xiang suddenly thought that at present this brings Elder Dan of mask to have a familiar feeling, but he could also not say likely anyone. Absolutely is not Xianxian's Master, her Master sound is not cold, not like.” In the Shen Xiang heart is shaking the head. Elder Dan received several papers, looks at the above record fast the inspection content, after she looks, coldly said: This year is good, value is very high! unexpectedly also has one 4800.” Although her sound very ice-cold, does not have any sentiment, but actually hears her also to feel surprised. Shen Xiang thought that her icy intonation very non- nature, strange, like is that installs, because he and Bai Youyou dull together was long, knows that true cold beauty is what kind, is cold like the Bai Youyou's sound naturally. Shen Xiang comes out!” Elder Dan shouted, that chilly sound is similar to the person ear bank crack, making everyone whole body tremble, ear jar cry. Shen Xiang has stood, said neither arrogant nor servile: Disciple Shen Xiang!”

Snort, do not think own a little ability can show off one's military strength, I be possible to hear you, as soon as comes to have an accident on the lane, moreover is not very law-abiding in secular world. The person like you, best is many whets one to enter Inner Sect in Outer Sect again, so as to avoid you make a bigger matter in inside! You determined that you can carry on the second inspection?” The Elder Dan's words make the people secret, whose could see that this Elder Dan is aiming at Shen Xiang probably intentionally! Elder Dan what character? Under Extreme Martial Dean the strongest person, is the alchemy master! Aimed by such person, explained after Shen Xiang, will certainly suffer many hardships in Extreme Martial Sect! I must carry on the second inspection!” A Shen Xiang brow gently wrinkle, unemotionally said: I at the matter that secular world and here handles, is I think to the matters.” Snort!” Elder Dan coldly snorted: You to another head of plaza, I spoke, you start!” Elder Dan drops out these words, the diving posture, flutters plaza another end, the speed must make in the person heart call out in alarm quickly. Shen Xiang in knows how a moment ago the test the content was, under a pressure, arrived at another end from plaza one, can walk through the second inspection. Huge plaza 300 ten feets in width, must walk is really too simple, if uses movement technique, that is quicker! Three hundred Outer Disciple set up in an array, stands on a line, waits to issue order in opposite Elder Dan. Shen Xiang remains same place, he must test alone!” Elder Dan these words, making Shen Xiang have not the good premonition, he regrets to obey the Bai Youyou's words secretly, comes out strength exposed. At this time Shen Xiang determined that this Elder Dan aims at him intentionally, he knows, had the suffering to eat in Extreme Martial Sect, he suspected that Elder Dan was the Yao family person has relationship, unexpectedly was small to this looks after specially. Big Brother Shen, takes care! I in Inner Sect and other.” Yun Xiaodao said distressfully that the sound full is helpless, because he knew Shen Xiang not to be able to enter Inner Sect for these years.

Starts!” Elder Dan shouted, although is separated by several thousand feet (333 m), but her sound can actually clear conveying. Also at this time, Shen Xiang induced to a invisible pressure arrives, making people cannot help but curved under the knee, probably on the shoulder carried the great mountain to be ordinary. Person who cannot insist, so long as shouted gives up, I immediately sent out plaza him.” That Elder Dan coldly said. In the Shen Xiang heart secret was scolding lowly, because he is also bearing this pressure now, but he was actually other conducts the test, obviously this Elder Dan really to him very looking after! Just started shortly , many people pours in the ground, the mouth spits the blood, gave up directly, they were emigrated plaza by strength. This is Shen Xiang first time sees strength so formidable person fight, the casualness can emit this strength to come, let alone the average person, said that their these Mortal Martial Realm 9th level 10-layer martial artist, in that Elder Dan's eye, simply are the ants. Shen Xiang does not doubt, so long as that Elder Dan wants, a look can kill him! This stands in Mortal Martial World peak the strength of martial artist!