World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 84
What walks in the forefront is Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De, but they actually walk exceptionally difficultly, every time treads one step, is that heavy, behind had almost 300 people in them, but now actually only remaining 100. On plaza many bloodstains, are these disciples could not have borne to spit! More than half double-hour pass by, the Shen Xiang whole body is the sweat, although he has not taken a walk, the pressure that but bears is not small, walked the person now only remaining more than ten on plaza. Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De this old one little can take the lead, but their corners of the mouth actually overflowed the blood, the body also full is the sweat, this really examines the one terror test of endurance! Shen Xiang listened to Yun Xiaodao saying that over the years has many second inspections is nobody can pass! Time little past, Yun Xiaodao with Zhang De distance that Elder Dan, only then ten zhang (3.33 m) far, but they tread every time one step, that difficult, resembles the both feet to have thousands of jin (0.5 kg) to be the same. Zhang De could not withstand, kneels in ground, has spouted a blood, but he actually still kneels but before, slowly is moving forward, this stays the age outside is so long, already received tauntings of many people, now only almost can through the second inspection, he unable to give up! Before Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De, was eliminated in this, they deeply understand the difficulty of this inspection, therefore they knew a moment ago after Shen Xiang looks after specially, knows that Shen Xiang was hopeless! Although Yun Xiaodao is only 16 years old, but he actually wants Zhang De to be fierce, unexpectedly can walk passing, he arrived at that Elder Dan's behind, the pressure vanish from sight, his Yang Tang in the ground, gasps for breath immediately in gulps, but also swallows a pills quick recovery, because will then be the more terrorist third inspection! Old man Zhang, insists!” Yun Xiaodao is gripping tightly double fist shouted, he knows that difficulty, understood mood that type wants through the inspection. „......” Grows exudes one to bellow, finally with knee walking to plaza another end, but at this time other people drop down, the choice gives up, some, therefore severe wound.

In 300 people, unexpectedly, only then two can through the inspection! Shen Xiang has stood when them, he witnesses the person who these are giving up to depart is how distressed, is how helpless! Now only then Shen Xiang has not started, the people also think that does not understand Elder Dan why keeps aloof will have the prejudice to Shen Xiang, the matter that although Shen Xiang handles is surprising, but they also think that is Shen Xiang must do! Shen Xiang, to you! You choose to give up now also good, otherwise then you meet the experiencing suffering physical suffering, even can make you ruin the future.” Elder Dan's sound gloomy and cold is incomparable, the people are hard to understand why she will hate Shen Xiang, after all Shen Xiang is only one is small, has a need for on a man of the hour envious hatred by Chenwu Mainland? Shen Xiang do not know where offended this mysterious Elder Dan. Does not give up!” The Shen Xiang's sound is firm and powerful, spreads over eight sides, at this time the talented person who surrounds in all around thinks that Shen Xiang also receives these pressures to suffer, but he actually can also stand there straightly, this strength, is not they can compare. plaza some surroundings many people have not walked, have the True Martial Realm master, has Inner Disciple, there are just inspected Outer Disciple of failure, how they want to take a look at Elder Dan to treat Shen Xiang's. That starts!” Elder Dan said low and deep. The voice falls, the people only feel in plaza to gush out a burning hot the air wave, what most people heart startled is, they see in plaza these to be thick and solid huge stone brick are similar to the sea water like that high and low are fluctuating unexpectedly. Then shakes fiercely shivers to transmit, as if entire Extreme Martial Sect sways to be the same, but the thick big floor tile on that plaza along with shakes greatly turns into the smashing! Following, lets all person sucked in a cold breath, these specially-made stone brick turn into the powder unexpectedly instantaneously, unexpected is, stone brick following unexpectedly also has a metal same thing, looks like very firm.

old man picks up together stone brick, tosses into plaza, is only instantaneous, that stone brick turns into the smashing, this pressure strengthens compared with that Yun Xiaodao they experienced a moment ago, and is burning hot. Arrives at me behind, even if you through this inspection!” Elder Dan has stood there, had not moved, but makes entire plaza turn into the sea of lava instantaneously. Shen Xiang sweat were more, he can feel the pressure that bears compared with reach several times a moment ago, this is very awfully. The people hold the breath are staring at Shen Xiang, on him is burning the flame, the clothes cannot be withstanding scalding hot True Qi that Elder Dan releases, was burnt down instantaneously. However Shen Xiang does not have the matter, he can unable to withstand this temperature unexpectedly, moreover he can also release the produce fire flame to cover his body middle spot. On the Shen Xiang body that capable muscle is red, although the pressure increased, but his waist actually still straight, the look is still limpid, he looks straight ahead distant place that Elder Dan is burning the eye. Shen Xiang trod one step, body fierce shook, steps on is scalding hot on the floor of metal, Vermilion Bird Divine Art that but he cultivated can make him resist this ignition common heat. Sees Shen Xiang to start to take a walk, the people change countenance all, they cannot think that Shen Xiang unexpectedly in this case also active, must know that this does not dare to attempt Inner Disciple! But Shen Xiang is only Outer Disciple, the strength is only Mortal Martial Realm 9th level. Shen Xiang walks very slowly, because every step is difficult, he was uses all True Qi to support the body, that was Universe True Qi, but asked him to leave so difficultly. Half double-hour passed by, Shen Xiang's every step looked by the people clearly, although this is the short distance, but Shen Xiang actually resembled for over a hundred years to be the same.

Snort!” Elder Dan coldly snorted, sees only Shen Xiang „” has put out a blood, everyone could see Elder Dan to increase the pressure. This is unfair, although in the people heart thinks, but has not said that they know that Shen Xiang cannot walk this long journey, but actually admires to Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang knew perfectly well that the path is difficult, but has not actually given up, clenches teeth to walk forward. The time is flowing slowly, Shen Xiang's every step is shocking the mind of people, everyone thinks after Shen Xiang walks one, certainly will drop down, but Shen Xiang does not have, but is walking gradually, he spits blood one after another, falls on ground that metal floor tile, instantaneous evaporation. I said that you must stay in Outer Sect discipline, you must honest is staying, I will not let you through the second inspection!” Elder Dan's sound unexpectedly somewhat shivers, obviously in life Qi/angry, she has not thought that Shen Xiang can arrive in front of him unexpectedly. As her sound sends out, Shen Xiang sent out a pitiful yell, the knees has knelt, Elder Dan was determined that did not make Shen Xiang pass, increased strength again. Although...... Although, why I do not know you to such to me, but I do not submit to you, I certainly through the second inspection......” Shen Xiang suddenly exuded one to smile lowly, said low and deep. plaza is peaceful, everyone hears his words! After Shen Xiang has spouted a big blood, unexpectedly has stood, sees only his loud voice to shout loudly: I die do not lower the head to you!”