World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 85
Does not submit! This is in the Shen Xiang heart tells unceasingly own, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou did not have the sound, they tacitly consented to Shen Xiang is handling this danger(ous) matter, deeply was shocked also by Shen Xiang that indomitable spirit. Snort, ants ordinary person!” The Elder Dan's sound is clenches teeth to send likely general, sounds to resemble life Qi/angry to be now same. Shen Xiang just walked few steps, pours once more, this time he lies in the ground, their whole body overflowed the blood. You do not walk from ants? One day, my this ants will certainly surmount your.” Shen Xiang clenches teeth saying that although the sound is weak, but listens actually to be full of the heroic spirit. Shen Xiang cannot stand, but he actually little crawls. Big Brother Shen......” Yun Xiaodao looks at Shen Xiang, the eye socket is moist, he remembers that in the past he was only because extremely gave up uncomfortably, but Shen Xiang puts together the life also to now through the second inspection, he is not willing to lower the head to that powerful woman, even if he were the ants. Big Brother Shen, you can certainly come, insists!” Yun Xiaodao thinks Shen Xiang has been hopeless, but he has not thought that Shen Xiang can insist here, cannot help but shouted loudly. Shen Xiang, we entered Inner Sect together, the old man I had your this will in the past, did not need to stay in Outer Sect is so long!” Zhang De was also being infected by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang, insists! You can certainly be good!” A person in plaza shouted loudly. Looks that in scalding hot ground is crawling little slowly Shen Xiang, looks the blood that on him evaporates, the people deeply were shocked by this. Shen Xiang...... Shen Xiang...... Shen Xiang......” in plaza several hundred people exclaimed with one voice, the sound resounded through the skies, late at night Extreme Martial Sect was covered, in this let in the sound that the person one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Is listening to the people resounding call, Shen Xiang filled with warm-blooded, revolution within the body remaining situation True Qi, press forward are crawling, his body had been devastated numbly by various severe pain, now is his will is all supporting him to creep along! The Elder Dan's tender body is shivering, she has not thought that many people dare to support Shen Xiang before her unexpectedly, this is contradicts simply she!

Do not struggle, the ants are the ants!” The Elder Dan's sound is full of the anger, because Shen Xiang was away from her to have two. „” Shen Xiang sends out a pitiful yell, sees only on his both hands and both legs emits blood immediately, obviously is Elder Dan does intentionally, she had to strengthen strength. This uses one's office to redress personal grievances simply, but Elder Dan is the Extreme Martial Sect No. 2 character, nobody dares to say her! Then I thought how you walk!” Elder Dan relaxed, but Shen Xiang that pair full is the firm and resolute look makes her not be feeling well very much, Shen Xiang has not given up unexpectedly. Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs unexpectedly, only then two, that is not only leads to the third inspection the front door, is between he and Elder Dan the victory and defeat. Although he is well below Elder Dan, but he actually must win Elder Dan here! Father you to submitting!” Is laughing Shen Xiang, suddenly shouted loudly one, saw only his back suddenly spout the flame, a giant wing appeared back of him. Wing flutter fast, is spurting to be thin the intermittent burning hot the hot wave, picks up the Shen Xiang's body, this is only flash's matter, but had Elder Dan's the body of Shen Xiang that severe wound behind. Elder Dan was shocked, all people were shocked. Shen Xiang has True Qi wings unexpectedly and so on martial arts, this is very precious and rare martial arts! When is most essential, making Shen Xiang leap that two steps distance, adopted the second inspection! Ha Ha...... The father inspected through second, Ha Ha...... Ha Ha......” the Shen Xiang whole body is incapable, lies down in the ground, looks at the airborne bright moonlight, sends out one to laugh wildly the sound intermittently. The people in plaza did not speak, they listened to Shen Xiang's to laugh wildly the sound, in the heart, only then shocking and excited, envied and admires......

Do not smile, the third inspection.” Yun Xiaodao dries the tears in eye socket, toward his mouth China , Cyprus pills, Shen Xiang has distinguished all of a sudden, this is Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan, several grains restore True Qi True Qi Dan, has fast cure internal injury nine pill...... This makes in the Shen Xiang heart be moved. This is White Jade Powder, takes away to use!” Zhu Rong walks, drops out a jade box. Spirit Level middle-grade White Jade Powder, that is very precious therapy pills, stingy Zhu Rong gives up unexpectedly to him, this lets Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao they visits him with the unbelievable look. Does not need to thank me!” Zhu Rong said very spiritedly. Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De also fast smudge jade box inside herbal powder on Shen Xiang's, that is one type like White Jade general herbal powder, glittering and translucent carving, is very beautiful. Elder Dan, the disciple asked with great courage you, why do want this in view of me? You such do, but uses one's office to redress personal grievances!” In the Shen Xiang heart has not been mad is impossible, a moment ago he in front of Elder Dan dissolute, he did not fear now. I said very clearly, you are young and impetuous, I must make you whet in Outer Sect!” Elder Dan does not have life Qi/angry unexpectedly, at this moment, she was unable to say anything again. Uses one's office to redress personal grievances? Also is what kind of? I am competent, why I want to do, the Extreme Martial Sect's rule could not have restrained me, but aims at you to set up!” Elder Dan disdainfully said: „Do you want the justice? The strength is just, so long as I want, I massacre you now, no one can say my anything, nobody will revenge for you!” You truly can this do, but something are not absolute, resembles you unable me to stop, I adopted the second inspection!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: One day, I will ask for! You should better now on Will kill me.” Zhang De and Yun Xiaodao are applying medicine for Shen Xiang, but the hand cannot help but has actually shaken, they have not thought that Shen Xiang dares such to speak to the Extreme Martial Sect No. 2 character unexpectedly! Elder Dan suddenly laughs, her laughter is stiff, very much the non- nature, making the person hear at heart the infant.

Good, good! What situation do I want to think you to be able but actually adolescence to? I promise you, so long as you some day can defeat me, whatever you punish to me, making me marry me also!” Elder Dan loudly said, makes the person stare. Shen Xiang also surprisedly, but his accent said with a smile: I am disinclined to marry you, all day is bringing the mask, is a disfigured is perhaps uncertain, when the time comes I will suffer a loss!” Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De want to sew up the Shen Xiang's mouth very much, unexpectedly one after another said these words not awfully to come, but Zhu Rong also walked from afar, was worried that Elder Dan suddenly acted crazy, feared that was affected. You not awfully?” The Elder Dan sound is cold. I, if, in already made a getaway awfully a moment ago, you do visit me likely are that person awfully?” Shen Xiang responded not awfully. You think that I don't dare to kill you?” Elder Dan walks, on that slender white hands emits the purple flame. Sees that purple flame, in the Shen Xiang heart to startle greatly, he listened to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou has said that only then had the person of soul of fire to emit purple flame. That comes, like this after me, will not take your this disfigured, you later do not need to marry my this profoundly......” the Shen Xiang's words have not said that had actually been covered his mouth by Yun Xiaodao. Elder Dan receives the flame in hand, coldly said: I had said the words will certainly keep a promise, so long as you have won me, I marry you, whatever when the time comes you handle!” „...... My appearance not compared with your fiancee Xue Xianxian difference!” Elder Dan said that the diving posture leaves. Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De have tarried, but Zhu Rong actually hastily runs over, both hands hold the Shen Xiang's shoulder, a face believe did not ask: „Really is Xue Xianxian your fiancee?”