World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 86
Shen Xiang curls the lip, said: „Hadn't you heard that woman to say a moment ago? Moreover I also early told you, she was my fiancee!” The Xue Xianxian's reputation likes thunder reverberating in one's ears in Chenwu Mainland's Martial Dao sect, because her 15-year-old age, is True Martial Realm martial artist! Shen Xiang is also these days knew that he discovered he fell behind a Xue Xianxian big truncation. Bastard...... The bastards, good can a such girl, how be willing to marry you?” A Zhu Rong face envy is swinging the Shen Xiang's body, could see that he wants to punch Shen Xiang very much. The Shen Xiang's wound is much better, after Elder Dan walked, other people arrive at side Shen Xiang, inquiring after the well being, looks at the Shen Xiang's look fully is also the respect, said that any later has the opportunity asks for advice one and so on words...... Can enter the third inspection, only then Yun Xiaodao, Shen Xiang and Zhang De these three people, although they the age is different, but is actually the good friends, they only hope that third will not fight mutually, that was too for them brutal. Shen Xiang is controlling one's breathing at this time, his half the relaxation times of double-hour, he is also thinking that Elder Dan is any character. Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, what clue do you have?” Shen Xiang asked. No, but not necessarily is the woman who you know, you must know that the heart of woman is very difficult to estimate, possibly because of your look, or is your some procedures gives her poor impression, she hated you, perhaps she was good to you, wants to make you whet one in Outer Sect?” Su Meiyao said. This woman strength is good, unexpectedly has the soul of fire! I have not guessed that wrong words, should be Purple Moon Fire Spirit.” Bai Youyou said.

Right, certainly is Purple Moon Fire Spirit, Legend moon suddenly turns into the purple, projected a ray of light to shine the Mortal World earth, the Mortal World earth is embezzled by piece of purple flame, has burnt down 77.49 million years, after the fire was put out, the Mortal World earth then had the life, had the flowers and plants trees, was born all kinds of lives! At that time breeds to be known as Fire of Life Purple Moon Fire Spirit, but that is Purple Moon World Legend! That woman came from Purple Moon World?” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has not thought that soul of the fire has such big origin unexpectedly, he determined secretly Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had travelled for pleasure many Mortal World. Does not know, after me, married her, asked that understands.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Has not known that must wait till anything lord knows, this woman possibly is Nirvana Realm, that is in Mortal World existence of most peak.” Su Meiyao said. After restoring the injury, Shen Xiang discovered pleasantly surprised his fleshly body became formidable, True Qi strengthened is also obvious, after that tossing about, his True Qi was compressed a moment ago, the quality promotion were many. In the short time, has the so obvious promotion, this makes Shen Xiang secretly surprised, he starts to suspect that Elder Dan is really possibly well-meant, only wants to whet him, but the procedure was extremely strict and extremely. I entered Inner Sect to be admitted to Extreme Pill Courtyard again, when the time comes can enjoy two treatments!” Shen Xiang has decided that his suddenly is very curious to that Elder Dan, in order to contacts her, can only go to Extreme Pill Courtyard, because that Elder Dan is Extreme Pill Courtyard Dean. Shen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De, they were received innermost Extreme Martial Sect's by Zhu Rong, Shen Xiang they can see every large or small courtyard. „No. 99 Inner Sect's Martial Courtyard, where is our must go to?” Yun Xiaodao sees a trademark, calls out in alarm said.

Goes to Elder Courtyard! I was also to go in the past to there.” Zhu Rong has patted his round big stomach intestinal fat, a face strange smiling face: Third inspection second is not terrorist, but is actually very difficult, but after passing, will have many advantage.” Unexpectedly must go to Elder Courtyard, that is the place that the Extreme Martial Sect elder lives, this makes Shen Xiang they think immediately the pressure is very big, Shen Xiang was also worried, because he and Elder Dan has the contradiction, but makes entire Elder Courtyard aim at him, then he really could not mix in Extreme Martial Sect. Extreme Martial Dean closed up for many years, now is the Elder Wu steward, Elder Dan also mysteriously appears and disappears, will not present all year round one time to teach.” Zhu Rong said: „The third inspection is Elder Wu is responsible.” That Elder Wu is the Extreme Martial Sect No. 3 character, the manner is auspicious, amiable, although is keeping aloof expert, but a rack does not have, obtains the love of many disciples, this makes Shen Xiang they relax, at least they do not use facing the strange woman who Elder Dan this is subject to changing moods. „Is this Elder Courtyard? Really some are different.” Yun Xiaodao has not thought in Extreme Martial Sect's, unexpectedly has hidden land of peace and prosperity, in this is not the pure construction, but has the mountain to have the water, has a piece of very vast prairie, although is night, but shines under the ray of bright moonlight and stars, can see in this beautiful scenery. Why can't I see these sceneries outside? Moreover this inside looks like be bigger than outside that Tianmen City!” The Shen Xiang doubts said. He He, here is Mysterious Realm, only then approaches can see clearly inside thing, looks like in the distant place the words that by mysterious strength covering, what causing you to see is only something before Mysterious Realm entrance.” Bald, but keeps the white to steadily, old man of white long eyebrow appears in Shen Xiang suddenly they behind. Shen Xiang they had a scare, hastily has turned around, only sees that bald old man just to be with smile on the face, a pair is narrowing old eyes under long bird, appears is very auspicious. Mysterious Realm, is some independent small spaces, is equal to small world, is mysterious, resembles now this Mysterious Realm very big, but actually cannot see outside, only then goes to be able to see through that entrance, since how this Mysterious Realm forms is a fan.

Shen Xiang they have listened to Mysterious Realm Legend, has not thought that this Extreme Martial Sect unexpectedly has one, and Elder Courtyard! Elder Wu!” Shen Xiang their shouted, salutes to this old man with one voice. Elder Wu named Wu Kaiming, governs the Extreme Martial Sect security thing, the responsible matter are many, is a ruthless character, it is said once to save own apprentice, the one person alone intruded devil path sects, has saved the disciple. Does not use overly courteous.” Wu Kaiming said with a smile: „Are you Shen Xiang? Elder Dan said a moment ago wants me to create obstacles for you, but I rejected. I do not want to be hated by a hanger-on disciple, however, you also really planted, making that woman suppress a lot of air/Qi. The temperament of this woman is not too luckily hot, otherwise she pats your words, our these old fellow also can only in the surface say her several.” This saying makes Zhu Rong Yun Xiaodao they hear. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Such looks like, my luck also calculates that is very good, the present words, what won't she make to me probably again? In this regard, was I have occupied convenient?” Was difficult saying that the temperament of this woman was very strange, best not to let her continue to hate you, otherwise...... You will be suffered by her live to might as well die.” Wu Kaiming said with a smile, regarding Shen Xiang such rarely seen, he was interested, as for the Shen Xiang's potential, was many people are obvious to all, in Elder Dan intentionally made things hard for somebody in his situation, unexpectedly can also go through customs! Rubbish, I start saying that now with you content of third inspection, some places in this Mysterious Realm carries on to hunt and kill the Demon Beast duty, you must within three days, everyone hunt and kill three first ten Demon Beast! This inside Demon Beast quantity are many, strength with you quite, so long as can complete, you can through the third inspection.” Elder Wu said.