World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 87
They know not many about Mysterious Realm matter Shen Xiang, only knows that is very mysterious, and has the massive Heaven and Earth Treasure places, some even massive Demon Beast exist, regarding martial artist is, that is a natural treasure house, but also has unknown danger(ous). Elder Wu sees their complexion anxieties, immediately said: Elder Courtyard moved into this Mysterious Realm, this Mysterious Realm inside and outside is known very well by us, in this within our controls, you do not need to be worried that has these very strong Demon Beast to appear and disappear, most is only ten Demon Beast.” Zhu Rong asked: Then said that this inside Heaven and Earth Treasure was plundered by you cleanly? If their three fellows pick some remaining in inside, can deliver? How in the past hadn't I met this inspection?” Elder Wu ridicules saying: Little fatty, you and your family that old fatty also really look like! If they pick the good thing in this inside, does not need to deliver, but actually must report to us knows, if must sell, first sells to Extreme Martial Sect.” The third inspection hunts and kills three first ten Demon Beast unexpectedly, this truly is tests all -round strength of person, Shen Xiang anticipated. „The front three roads, lead to three Demon Beast quite many places respectively, this is the storage waistband, can store up the massive things, you must come back the Demon Beast corpse belt, remembers do not have sole possession, we will know! This inside Demon Beast is we grasps to put, after you massacre, can obtain half Demon Beast, this gives your reward!” Elder Wu puts out three black waistbands to give them. Shen Xiang they received the waistband, then has encouraged mutually, then steps that to lead to the road in Mysterious Realm deep place. Elder Wu, this inside Elder Courtyard where?” After Zhu Rong sees Shen Xiang they walked, looking around, has not been seeing anything to construct. Security, in brief in this, but I can tell you, Elder Dan also moved her Extreme Pill Courtyard several yards, so long as entered that several yards, can the long-term stay here surface.” Elder Wu smiles. Extreme Martial Sect's Elder Courtyard is a fan, no one knows that inside has many old fellow, does not know that their accurate strength, by elder also such several that the person knows. Sometimes may not have very powerful strength to enter Elder Courtyard, so long as you arrive at that stage, you know that every other a period of time the once elder to inspect, once can pass, can become the elder.” Elder Wu has patted the shoulder of Zhu Rong, then leads him to depart.

Shen Xiang walks on the road, looks in the sky the beautiful stars, is breathing the air of delicate fragrance, feels in this that rich incomparable Spirit Qi, in the heart is sighing with emotion. Has not thought that Extreme Martial Sect also has such big mystery, unexpectedly by Mysterious Realm, I think that they mined this Mysterious Realm inside resources similarly, the preparation must announce to the outside their Extreme Martial Sect's secret, this can drum up support to Extreme Martial Sect.” Su Meiyao said. Sister Meiyao, have you seen other Mysterious Realm?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally has seen, but not like this beautiful, is some danger(ous) places, but inside Heaven and Earth Treasure are many, this is the fact.” Su Meiyao said. Extreme Martial Sect can stand erect in the Chenwu Mainland's peak, depends upon this Mysterious Realm to establish! ...... ...... In a courtyard in obsolete house, is hanging three with person generally high transparent crystal ball, can see Shen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De from these three crystal ball clearly their form, that is from the airborne overlook picture. But three crystal ball side, more than 20 individuals, in these people have that Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan, other is some old man or the old woman, several middle age and young people, but majority are the face belt masks. Because many years did not have the disciple to be able through second to inspect, now have Shen Xiang this noticeable young people to pass, how these Elder Courtyard old fellow want to take a look at Shen Xiang is through the third inspection.

This called Shen Xiang's brat to have such talent, certainly was not the average person instructs to come out, behind him had certainly a fierce fellow, but why did he actually come Extreme Martial Sect? martial skill that he uses is we never has seen, although is not very advanced , but contrasts the same rank is very formidable!” A look average youth said. Hehe, thinks why really unclear Elder Dan can play that big gambling stake with him, if he did win?” Wu Kaiming said with a smile. Other people also expressed puzzled. Elder Dan coldly snorted and said: Military Old Man, you have now won me, I can marry you immediately, so long as here who has won me, I can marry him!” Nobody said anything again, must win Elder Dan is not an easy matter, even if were that in closing up Extreme Martial Dean, does not dare to attempt easily. Now we must find out this brat to come the Extreme Martial Sect's motive!” The youth said. Should not any motive, according to the result that we investigate, he to promote oneself enters Extreme Martial Sect, martial arts that he can use although is fierce, but are not many, I think that he is very likely for this aspect comes.” Wu Kaiming said. Also may be to strengthen alchemy technique comes, but he does not want to enter Extreme Pill Courtyard.” Elder Dan said with a sneer. Let alone affirmed that before you did not say does not let him through the second inspection? But he actually successfully passed, but also Chinese zither before you.” Elder Wu said with a smile. Snort! This brat, I sooner or later a day must look for his calculate.” Elder Dan low snort|hum said.

Hopes him not to have other not good goal, otherwise we will not show mercy!” The youth said. Elder Wu nodded, said: Everybody who is interested in receiving him for the disciple? This is the good seedling, moreover can understand him clearly.” Can in this inside person, inevitable Elder Courtyard inside person, be has the formidable strength and authority, at this time their much discussion, the Shen Xiang's potential they can see before, that is they have seen the most promising disciple, especially that indomitable disposition also obtains their most people's appreciation. Who dares to receive him for disciple, is I cannot pass!” Elder Dan suddenly shouted, making the people also peaceful: Even if the Dean Boss must receive him for the disciple, I make him not feel better! Let alone this brat enters True Martial Realm is an unknown, for many years we did not see many talents to pass away in Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer?” The people could see that Elder Dan has despised Shen Xiang, they are also same as these disciples at this time, think that does not understand why this Elder Dan will hate Shen Xiang. Woman is stingy, how many wasn't young and impetuous Little Featherhead has contradicted your? Serves a need on the heart?” old man shakes the head to say with a smile, after people hear, the body cannot help but trembles. Because they know that this Elder Dan bears a grudge mystically, by person who she hates, will not have the good fruit to eat, long ago, formidable devils in several Devil Path blasphemed her in the spoken language, finally by her was made lived to might as well die. Shen Xiang with smile on the face, walks at this time leisurely on the road, is watching beautiful Mysterious Realm, does not know that is having one crowd of old monsters to stare at his discuss spiritedly, does not know that Elder Dan is thinking of a way to create obstacles for him.