World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 89
Shen Xiang can overtake that blue eye leopard, but he actually intentionally in behind not so fast but so slow neither is pursuing, the goal is very obvious, he must with this blue eye leopard, finally where having a look at this leopard to run away to goes. Elder Courtyard inside old fellow saw the Shen Xiang's goal quickly, this makes in their hearts a little not be feeling well. Shen Xiang arrived by a quite big tree with that blue eye leopard, that blue eye leopard climbed up above the big tree, Shen Xiang also crawled. Had tree hole above, Shen Xiang entered inside, that blue eye leopard actually trembled, it did not have the escape route. On tree hole inside haystack, several likely are the egg shape stones, is sending out azure light glow, Shen Xiang sucked in a cold breath, calls out in alarm said: Azure Profound Fruit, is five! This refines the Building Foundation Dan important material!” Azure Profound Fruit is a farm fruit, was under the tree roots of some veterans condense massive Spirit Qi, in addition special condition in fine weather and favorable geographical position can grow, was very rare! During the speeches, Shen Xiang fast received in these five fruits storage pouch, then said with a smile to that blue eye leopard: Thanks! I did not kill you.” Jumps down from the tree, in Shen Xiang heart excited, leaves this mountain scene forest fast, can obtain these five Azure Profound Fruit, is he is unexpected. Elder Courtyard that group of people cannot think that although they are expert, but sees one not to enter True Martial Realm little rascal to obtain these good things, cannot help but envies. In the morning approaches, the warm sunlight shines in this Mysterious Realm, Shen Xiang is grasping the steel knife, stands on mound of earth, looks at the green and glossy prairie, is seeking for Demon Beast. The person in Elder Courtyard , the part left, but that Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan also, them are the people who is responsible for inspecting, must supervise the entire process. This repugnant brat comes to come the plain to court death in broad daylight, that is ten iron armor monster cow feeds places!” Elder Dan said with a sneer.

This brat martial arts has strangeness, unexpectedly can make Demon Beast dread him, is Dragon Martial Technique is inadequate?” On the Wu Kaiming face full is the doubts. At this time, Shen Xiang saw 20 background monster cows to walk from a mountain scene forest on the mound of earth, was treading the serious step, exuded the intermittent sound, on them was covered with piece by piece brown red hard armor, seemed very sharp, in the top of the head also two were similar to the scythe acute angles, looked at that stance, as if can pierce all. All of a sudden is 20 heads, moreover is ten Demon Beast, if ordinary martial artist sees, certainly will choose to avoid, but Shen Xiang does not have, but raises the blade to fly rush over. This isn't brat insane courts death?” Wu Kaiming cannot help but said that although he has experienced the Shen Xiang's strength, but actually does not think that Shen Xiang can cope with these 20 iron armor monster cows. Sees some people to clash, when that group of iron armor monster Newton sends out low and deep yelling, a build quite big monster cow flushed, sends out the angry low roar, the sturdy powerful four hooves step in the prairie, splashes one to bring the soil of weed intermittently, bang running goes toward Shen Xiang, running time, unexpectedly can cause strong winds. In iron armor monster good top of the head that two great corner/horn to Shen Xiang, is similar to two root sharp thorns top! When monster Ox Chonglai, Shen Xiang is sideways to flash through, simultaneously brandishes a sword to cut, the broadsword was poured into vigorous True Qi by Shen Xiang, forms Qi Aura spout, making this steel knife sharper. Working as, the steel knife chops on the nape of the neck of that iron armor monster cow, blew out spark and intense air wave, the Shen Xiang's steel knife breaks to break to pieces, he cannot cut off the nape of the neck of this monster cow unexpectedly, instead has ruined the weapon. At this time, Shen Xiang realized that these ten Demon Beast were not ordinary ordinary tool can cope easily comes, even though he added held vigorous Qi Aura, but this also can only shake to this iron armor monster cow. Shen Xiang cannot cause anything to injure to the monster cow, obviously the iron armor of monster cow is how firm!

This brat was too tender, knows that he sooner or later a day will fall.” Elder Dan said with a sneer, she and Wu Kaiming saw the monster herd of distant place to run swiftly toward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang discards the hilt, the complexion becomes earnest, sees only his double fist to grasp, invisible True Qi in within the body was revolved by him, separately likely spout from five True Qi beasts, gathers together, turns into colorless invisible Universe True Qi! This is the Shen Xiang's true strength, utilizes five elements of True Qi! Dragon Aura Fist!” Universe True Qi suddenly on Shen Xiang double fist transforms Dragon Aura, the double fist turns into the golden casting to be common, might is threatening, is being boundless a air wave of intermittent thorn person. When Dragon Power one presently, that monster Newton was daunted, the whole body is shivering, pounding down that the Shen Xiang's fist is also relentless, wields dozens fists instantaneously, instantaneous glittering leaves many golden fist image, the complete bang hits in the forehead of that monster cow, hits crazily the iron armor monster cow spurts the blood, that is full of the destructive power Qi Aura also along with the Shen Xiang's fist, hits above the ox head, emerges the monster good whole body broken link from the ox head in within the body of monster cow. Several instances, 200 many Dragon Aura Fist hit completely above the ox head, stiffly lies iron armor monster cow hitting! After Shen Xiang enters True Martial Realm 9th level, True Qi after the compression, becomes vigorous incomparable, even if his long-term usage Universe True Qi launches the wild attack, does not need to be worried about the consumption of True Qi. 20 iron armor monster cows that distant place that clashes, feel weak Dragon Power that on the body sends out, cannot help but fears, turns around to fly to run away. Shen Xiang fierce bounces, such as the arrow flies to shoot generally from the ground airborne, arrives above the monster herd, sees only him to send out a rave, hits a palm to the tread bang! His that palm explodes immediately lightens a green lake ray, this will be vigorous Azure Dragon True Qi and Vermilion Bird True Qi, Shen Xiang will release completely, will melt a body, will turn into wild Qi Aura, again congealing will become the giant palm with Divine Sense.

Shen Xiang's True Qi after the compression, after releasing, looks like probably is the substantive thing, not like former that gaseous state shape! giant palm fierce depressing, covers that 20 monster cows! The explosive of bang, earth trembles fiercely, prairie above will present huge being in charge, Shen Xiang also remaining True Qi will have taken back, pours into the dantian that two gloomy beast likely, if True Qi consumed completely, the beast was similar to transparent crystal is likely common, so long as fulled floaded operation True Qi toward inside, once more will send out the ray. Shen Xiang from airborne falls, toward is in charge walks, that 20 monster cows that sinks in that instantaneous, ran over, turns into more than 20 giant meat patties, in the palm full is the blood meat sauce, is very disgusting. Wu Kaiming old eyes winked several, confirmed one have not misread, then squeezes out two characters from the gap between teeth: Anomaly!” Other people are also same, is shocking the Shen Xiang's strength secretly, in their opinion, only then the serial number quite small that several Inner Sect's Martial Courtyard disciple can achieve, must know that these Inner Disciple were comes to be very long, learned many martial arts, compression True Qi was also vigorous! Receives these monster good corpses, the Shen Xiang old route returns, he wants a bit faster to enter Inner Sect!