World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 9
Today, Shen Xiang has not gone to accelerate ripening spirit herb immediately. He goes to huge plaza Shen family mountain villages very early in the morning, because today is the day of position of making a final decision Patriarch, Shen family had three months not to have Patriarch, causing Shen family to be somewhat chaotic. In Shen family mountain village overspreads on stone brick huge plaza, is standing the important juniors of Shen family entire clan, the population roughly 300, is the Shen family elite juniors. The Shen family people encircle in plaza, the middle vacates a big place, there station five middle-aged men, one is Shen Tianhu. Shen Xiang also encircles in the crowd, watches the fun, when necessary he must exit to help the father compete for the position of Patriarch. A thick eyebrows big item, hair somewhat graying middle age guy, wear a look of said with a sneer: Shen Tianhu, you may know that must make Shen family Patriarch to have a very important condition.” This middle-aged guy named Shen Haohai, is Shen family quite strong branch commander, compared with Shen Tianhu old, the strength is Mortal Martial Realm 7th level. This minute of strength is also good in Shen family, therefore he thinks that he is qualified for Shen family Patriarch. On the words of rank, Shen Xiang also needs to shout him an uncle. The Shen Tianhu item stared Shen Haohai one including anger, coldly said: I know certainly that the Patriarch family members must have the good potential, in order to avoid Patriarch diverts the large amounts of public resources to waste on own family member.” The Shen Xiang's mother already passed away, since Shen Xiang has been sensible has not seen, but the Shen Tianhu family member also has a Shen Xiang person. Ha Ha...... Person who your son is one does not have Spiritual Vein, if you have worked as Patriarch, will use precious pills on him surely! Your these years purchase spirit herb spirit dan everywhere, to hold your son? But his foundation everyone knows.” Shen Haohai said while loudly laughing: Everyone knows that he is the waste that can never get up!” Shen Tianhu naturally knows own son in the contemporaries, but outstanding Ba Lei, he wants to be hidden the strength by himself, other exposed are too many astonishing strength, will otherwise bring in troublesome. My son can release True Qi Fire! Has the alchemy potential, you dare saying that he is useless? The Shen family senior statesmen will perhaps not think.” Shen Tianhu said with a sneer. At this time people much discussion, Spirit Pill Pavilion Pavilion Master must receive the disciple resisted matter on the same day had already spread over Wohu city. Although Shen Xiang does not have Spiritual Vein, but there is True Qi Fire words, can the opportunity become a alchemy master.

Shen Haohai coldly snorted and said: But he has rejected that Spirit Pill Pavilion Lord, not having Master he unable to become a alchemy master.” At this moment, Shen Xiang that sound conveys tranquilly calm: I have been able to refine Mortal Level low-grade Body Quenching Pill now.” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, the people stare, but that Shen Haohai actually laughs: „Is yellow mouth young child, only 16 years old can refine pills? Do not think that said several boasts can help your father struggle the position of Patriarch. Also, lies before the elder, but wants the heavy fine.” You think that you are that Yao family talent? Others Yao family is a pills aristocratic family! Has vigorous background.” Shen Xiang walked from the crowd, the vision is limpid, a face is calm, he puts out pill furnace, looks at that Shen Haohai sneered, said: „Do you dare to bet one with me? I refine furnace Body Quenching Pill, in the presence of everyone how do you kowtow to apologize to me?” Shen Haohai could not smile, but the people have also tarried, they have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly was so extremely arrogant, says such words! younger generation unexpectedly in front of oneself dissolute, this lets Shen Haohai angrily. Regarding the Shen Xiang's action, Shen Tianhu is support, he knows time that his son feels proud and elated. On the Shen Haohai face full is prestige anger, said solemnly: You said anything a moment ago!” During the speeches, True Qi covers toward Shen Xiang, but was actually melted by Shen Tianhu. Shen Xiang both eyes are staring at that Shen Haohai, enhances the sound saying: I must bet with you! If I can refine furnace Body Quenching Pill, you in the presence of everyone kowtow to me the apology.” A Shen Xiang face earnest has duplicated, like cracking a joke, moreover that expression is also full of the arrogance, can so face youngster of elder, are not many in Shen family.

The Shen Haohai air/Qi results in the whole body to shiver, he sees Shen Xiang that earnest appearance, does not dare to comply immediately, but all around some people are also waiting for him to answer. Shen Xiang is watching intently Shen Haohai , to continue saying: You slander me in the presence of everyone is a useless waste, now I want to prove itself, simultaneously makes you to I apologize! Don't you as Senior, dare to bet?” Shen Haohai wishes one could a palm to pat dead Shen Xiang, but he actually does not dare, after all massacres the young juniors in oneself clan is very serious matter. old man said: Such being the case, Shen Haohai you bet with him, but kowtowed the apology to exempt, that was the angry words of baby. Like this, if he can refine furnace pills, Shen Haohai you lose, give him to compensate correspondingly.” I agreed that if my son lost, I no longer compete for the position of Patriarch!” Shen Tianhu said that then nodded to Shen Xiang. The people once more in an uproar, Shen Tianhu emits the so big gambling stake unexpectedly! Shen Haohai coldly snorted: Bets on the gambling, if I lost, I millennium Blood Spirit Grass that I just obtained to him.” Millennium Blood Spirit Grass! The people shouted immediately lowly, that was grew millenniums Blood Spirit Grass, was very expensive Profound Level low-grade spirit herb, Shen Xiang, you start alchemy now! How long do you need probably?” That old man asked that he was the Shen family elder, had certain prestige. According to people's understanding, refines Mortal Level low-grade pills, at least is also quite a while, quickest also needs 2-3 double-hour, let alone is 16-year-old youngster. Quick, does not need to lose everybody how much time!” During the speeches, Shen Xiang sits cross-legged to sit down, but that elder and Shen Haohai also come to inspect pill furnace, preventing Shen Xiang to cheat.

Inferior alchemic furnace, Shen Tianhu you are very it seems like poor!” That Shen Haohai jokes, everyone knows that the Shen Tianhu money used on Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang puts out the material to reorganize and inspect from storage pouch, then emits True Qi Fire warm alchemic furnace, material investment inside, his movement is adept. But that True Qi Fire also makes the people slightly surprised, although many people can through cultivating some martial arts release the produce fire flame to come in the attack, but these flame can actually emit in the attack. The usual words, cannot control freely like Shen Xiang, only if cultivates controls the fire cultivation technique, but these cultivation technique are scarce, and difficult to practice. alchemic furnace had been poured into the flame by Shen Xiang, at this time in alchemic furnace scatters the faint trace medicine to be fragrant. A double-hour passes by, the people see the closed eyes Shen Xiang suddenly congealing eyebrow, understood at a glance to essential time, but that Shen Haohai also looks sweats, he worried that he will lose that millennium Blood Spirit Grass. The people noticed that in alchemic furnace emits the mist, but Shen Xiang has also opened the eye, looks the happy expression, stands up saying: Please inspect.” What? Was a double-hour completed?” The people expressed the question. First the one who passes is that elder! Although he cannot alchemy, but his process to the alchemy actually also knows, he a moment ago continuously in careful looks at Shen Xiang, knows that Shen Xiang has certain foundation to alchemy, although his not clear pill furnace inside situation, but he can actually induce to the quantity of heat that pill furnace releases is changing, moreover changes very subtly. Turns on the pill furnace cover, the people smells that weak medicine to be fragrant immediately, this is the medicine that they are familiar with is truly fragrant, moreover they can also witness the refinement process, when they see that elder to take out five grains of snow white pill pellet, cannot help but calls out in alarm.