World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 90
Shen Xiang has killed all of a sudden 23 first ten Demon Beast, moreover is very relaxed, he returned to the actually place quickly, is waiting for Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De there. Waited for about one day, Shen Xiang sees the Zhang De whole face happy expression walks, could see that he has completed the task. Old man Zhang, congratulations!” Shen Xiang said with a smile hastily. Hehe, Shen Xiang you are also same, you were one time have passed, moreover was so young, really had boundless prospects!” Zhang De said with a smile. Yun Xiaodao has not come back, this lets Shen Xiang and Zhang De somewhat worried, how long but they have not waited, hears a hawk to eat delicacies, as well as an unusual haughty laughter. Ha Ha, I gained in a big way!” Yun Xiaodao is laughing the sound conveys, Shen Xiang and Zhang De raise head looked that sees only in the upper air to fly a black great hawk, above sits youngster that grins to laugh. Yun Xiaodao has subdued a black hawk unexpectedly! Must subdue Demon Beast is very difficult, but Yun Xiaodao has actually achieved, he truly gained in a big way. Three people returned came back safely, moreover returned home with a full load, at this time, Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan arrived in front of them. „The thing that oneself obtain, with massacring Demon Beast takes, this was before has said that the treasure that you picked turned over to you, but must report.” Wu Kaiming said. Shen Xiang changes 20 completely squashed cake Demon Beast and five Azure Profound Fruit takes, this frightens Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De sends out one **, they had also known about the iron armor monster cow that lives in groups Demon Beast, moreover defends very strongly, the attack is not weak, but actually turned into the meat patty now, understood at a glance that Shen Xiang starts to be very heavy, kills this crowd of Demon Beast. 20 heads, Big Brother Shen you are really a anomaly!” Yun Xiaodao was saying, has put out two tiger Demon Beast, with a corpse of big bear, then he hugs the behind black great hawk saying: Old black is I obtains, should turn over to me!” This is natural!” Wu Kaiming said with a smile. Zhang De has killed four great wolves, but also obtains Blood Ginseng of 3000 year, the harvest is also good.

Your this does Azure Profound Fruit sell?” Elder Dan looks at Shen Xiang to place ground the fruits of five azure light circulations, asked. Does not sell!” Shen Xiang low snort|hum, said. Azure Profound Fruit! Zhang De and Yun Xiaodao shake, Shen Xiang obtained like this good thing unexpectedly, this makes them envy the Shen Xiang's luck secretly. Building Foundation Dan rank is too not high, herbs that but needs is very scarce, even is scarcer than some high level pill medicines, but Azure Profound Fruit is one of them, because Building Foundation Dan is helpful to entering into the True Martial Realm spirit dan marvelous medicine, therefore in the rank not high situation, can actually sell very expensively. You sold to me, I later can help you refine Building Foundation Dan free! My not casual gang others alchemy.” Elder Dan said that she is also very interested in this Azure Profound Fruit, although she before obtained ten, but quick used up, was really very long beforehand matter, she had has not refined Building Foundation Dan for a long time. If before you, does not create obstacles for me, I give you one not to have anything, but you leave many now, I will not sell to you!” Shen Xiang casts aside goes excessively, no longer look at her. Yun Xiaodao hastily has drawn his, was worried that he will aggravate this Elder Dan, when the time comes troubled. Five hundred thousand crystal stones, do you sell?” Elder Dan said with a sneer, she does not believe that Shen Xiang will not move. Does not sell!” Shen Xiang said firmly. Million do crystal stones, sell?” Elder Dan cold voice asked. Sells!” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile, million crystal stones absolutely were not the small numbers, the words that has not sold he was an idiot, moreover this can also black this Elder Dan.

Snort, I do not buy!” The Elder Dan life Qi/angry young miss, stamped the feet likely walks. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: „, The woman of not meaning what he says, initially added that wins her to marry me, when I have defeated her laboriously, what to do does she renege on a promise?” Elder Dan hears, walked, coldly said: Million crystal stones, I bought!” Shen Xiang wants to pull very much this Elder Dan's mask, because he wants to have a look at this Extreme Martial Sect only feminine appearance to be what kind of very much. You and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress relationship?” Shen Xiang asked that in his heart suddenly had an idea. Is the woman, relationship is good! Did you ask this doing?” Elder Dan said. I give you two Azure Profound Fruit, you help me refine furnace Building Foundation Dan, to grain of Xue Xianxian, gives grain of Icewind Valley's Leng Youlan again.” The Shen Xiang eyeball is rotating. Furnace Building Foundation Dan are most, only then two grains, usual words also only then a grain, Shen Xiang believes that this Elder Dan can certainly build up two grains to come. I do not receive your crystal stones, is regarded as to the Elder Dan's reward.” Shen Xiang said that he does not want to do really that stiffly relationship with this Elder Dan, because after him, must enter Extreme Pill Courtyard, but must in Extreme Martial Sect dull very long a period of time, he later when Chenwu Mainland is informed and experienced, perhaps will stir up trouble, wants the Extreme Martial Sect asylum. Wu Kaiming, Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De could see reason that Shen Xiang such makes, moreover they also support. Elder Dan silent, said: You want to know that I so am why repugnant you?” Shen Xiang shakes the head, sighed: I want to know very much.”

You defeat me, I told you!” Elder Dan picked up two Azure Profound Fruit, sound does not have the big hatred, asked: What person is Leng Youlan your? You had a Xue Xianxian fiancee, but also is thinking other, the man was really this.” Shen Xiang hastily explained: Youlan is my sworn sister, she comes Extreme Martial Sect is I makes her come, but I did not know the Extreme Martial Sect's custom at that time, therefore afterward she went to Icewind Valley, that place was too far, I suddenly cannot go, but I am the elder brother must take care of her, therefore can only ask Elder Dan.” Snort, sworn sister? Uttered fine words, who knows that what thoughts you do have?” Elder Dan said that turns head to depart, Shen Xiang they slightly surprised, this Elder Dan's sound is having the little jealousy probably...... Big Brother Shen...... I such have called your, do you also receive the younger brother?” Yun Xiaodao looks in his hand that three Azure Profound Fruit, happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang white his eyes, said: Your this is rich the fellow who flows oil, do not keep thinking about my this little thing!” Big Brother Shen receives sworn sister really to harbor evil intentions.” Yun Xiaodao whispered was saying that the Leng Youlan's matter he also knows, that was same as Xue Xianxian, was honored as most has young one generation of talent. Wu Kaiming has coughed two, said: Shen Xiang, you can solve the conflicts with Elder Dan, this is good, now I congratulate your three, becomes Extreme Martial Sect Inner Disciple, these Demon Beast corpses you can take away half, is familiar with Martial Courtyard in that Little fatty.” After Shen Xiang their three take away the general Demon Beast corpse, then fills with excitedly left this Mysterious Realm, Zhu Rong already waited for them outside. Because Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao their relationship are quite good, therefore arranges him to direct Shen Xiang they to enter Inner Sect.