World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 91
What is most excited is Yun Xiaodao, as soon as he goes out of that Mysterious Realm, shouts is asking that evil eye male to demand that thousand True Qi Dan, Zhu Rong saw Yun Xiaodao such easily to win thousand True Qi Dan, in the heart envies. Calculates according to grain of True Qi Dan five hundred crystal stones that this thousand True Qi Dan are five hundred thousand crystal stones, this absolutely is a big number! Big Brother Shen, this thousand True Qi Dan my you nine, I undertake the gambling stake after all, spoke thoughtlessly, has not thought obtained that many!” Yun Xiaodao said with a smile, although the number was very big, but in his eyes was actually not anything, for many years, he has eaten is unworthy this. Shen Xiang sees Yun Xiaodao not to pay attention to True Qi Dan, cannot help but secretly sucks the tongue, but he thinks that Yun Jia is one of the Extreme Martial Province four respected families, thought that anything, a respected family, has not been grasping the massive crystal stones minerals, herbs, Demon Beast at the worst wait / etc., although is inferior to big sect, however under these big sect, is richest. Fatty, your Zhu family with our Yun Jia quite, should be richer than us is right, because of your very stingy, is very deceitful!” Yun Xiaodao patted the back of Zhu Rong to say with a smile. Zhu Rong is only coldly snorted, from his build, knows that his family property is very thick. Zhang De shakes the head sighs: Has a good background, can little struggle for dozens years!” Shen Xiang they followed Zhu Rong to arrive at No. 329 Martial Courtyard, here was strength weakest in Martial Courtyard, was just the place that must come to since Martial Courtyard. „A person?” The Yun Xiaodao doubts said that then shouts: Has the person? Comes out to greet the new person quickly!” Zhu Rong curls the lip saying: Do not shout that for many years nobody entered Inner Sect, here is this!” Shen Xiang asked: Then, in this did the Martial Courtyard people enter position higher Martial Courtyard? But then, should some people be hit to be right.”

Zhu Rong nodded: Words are so, but in the duty of Martial Courtyard disciple are many, is very heavy, very danger(ous)! In Martial Courtyard, although more than 300, but in each Martial Courtyard inside Inner Disciple over ten, I now dull that does not have five people!” In the welfare of Martial Courtyard is very good, every month can receive 30 grains of True Qi Dan and three thousand crystal stones, every year grain of True Elemental Dan. Exits to carry on the task time can also obtain therapy pills of disintoxicating, after completing, can have the reward, Zhu Rong that precious White Jade Powder such comes, In this Martial Courtyard person died completely, is spatial 300 th to 329 th in Martial Courtyard.” The Zhu Rong complexion becomes serious, Inner Disciple is not that sight, they have their mission. Why don't you bring to go to 300 th me?” Yun Xiaodao white his eyes. little rascal Yun, my this is for hello, the serial number before the words, the duty that receives on exceed danger(ous), you wait for Shen Xiang to enter Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer to forward again step by step!” Zhu Rong said. Shen Xiang also approves of: We just entered Inner Sect, can learn high level martial arts, after we grasp is good, the strength stabilizes, goes forward again!” try harder, I No. 200 Martial Courtyard, this was I tosses about very for a long time to mix now, you cleaned well, I walked.” Zhu Rong walks quickly, was worried that Shen Xiang wants him to help to clean to be the same. In this Martial Courtyard has gathered many small dwellings, the residence and Martial Courtyard together, later Shen Xiang they do not need to walk long journey to arrive in Martial Courtyard every day. I do not rest here, you are busy!” Yun Xiaodao smiles, left. Because many years do not have the person to live, this inside many dust and fallen leaves, Shen Xiang and Zhang De cleaned the most talent to calculate to clean.

Shen Xiang in places many are hammering in a refiner room auxiliary, discovered that these appliances do not have the big use, is not too light, is the exercise requires the massive time. These thing are used to kill time, true practice must carry on the trainings of various extreme methods or is goes out informed and experienced.” Zhang De said. At this moment, Yun Xiaodao came back, his shouted in high spirits: Big Brother Shen, I looked for that evil eye goods to want True Qi Dan, this fellow unexpectedly straightforward gave me very much, you came to see to have the vacation quickly.” Regarding that gambling stake, Shen Xiang has not cared, moreover he thinks that must demand that thousand True Qi Dan words, may be more troublesome, will have the conflict. Yun Xiaodao takes ten jade boxes, in each box is loaded with hundred grains of True Qi Dan, after Shen Xiang has examined, determined that this is not false, good that although rank he has not refined, but actually meets the standard requirements. Yun Xiaodao wants one box, but Shen Xiang must give Zhang De one box, but how Zhang De is actually not willing to accept, finally has bought one box with the half price. Zhu Rong once gave Shen Xiang one box of White Jade Powder, Shen Xiang to thank Zhu Rong, has given Zhu Rong one box, for all that but Zhu Rong received, is the whole face envy, but also the plan buys three boxes with the half price, but was actually trampled him by Yun Xiaodao. Utterly shameless fatty!” Yun Xiaodao scolded. We were also Inner Disciple, we got the thing, but also in can go to Wu Jingge to seek for Profound Level and Earth Level good cultivation technique.” Yun Xiaodao excited shouted, ran out of Martial Courtyard. Receives the thing place Extreme Pill Courtyard sets up the Martial Courtyard place, the True Martial Realm disciple is responsible, Shen Xiang receives 30 grains of True Qi Dan and grain of True Elemental Dan, as well as three thousand crystal stones, one said that 9th Stage ordinary tool of hand, that is a dragon head broadsword!

Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De casually received, they do not take seriously weapon. takes on Wu Jingge the road, Yun Xiaodao sees Shen Xiang to hold appreciatively that the dragon head steel knife, asked: Big Brother Shen, well what this 9th Stage does ordinary tool have? I and Old man Zhang use was spirit tool.” Shen Xiang is startled, immediately understands why they casually received, actually their unexpectedly has spirit tool! Most convenient 1st Stage spirit tool, needs ten ten thousand crystal stones, they can have are not extraordinary. I have not seen spirit tool, is what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Yun Xiaodao has put out an extravagant sword, is very proudly said: This is the 5th Stage spirit tool day wolf sword, construction cost million crystal stones, the material with bone forging of diamond iron wolf, hard incomparable! Moreover on sword blade is carving spirit pattern, can the intelligential absorption fuse spirit True Qi, True Qi originally will become stronger! sword blade has with the person same meridians, True Qi pours into can open access, the place crustification of sword hilt has demon core of that diamond iron wolf, urges the words that demon core inside Demon Beast True Qi sends, will be fiercer!” Shen Xiang truly can see on sword blade to have the beautiful and mysterious trace, under sunlight illumination, splendid, is attractive. This is in 5th Stage spirit tool can the standing in line number thing! Although the construction cost is only 1 million, but hub value actually not only this number, this is their Yun Jia depends upon relationship, making well-known Refining Master refine.” A Zhang De face envies the envy to hate to say.