World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 92
5th Stage spirit tool is truly expensive! Shen Xiang has Refiners Scroll, he is bored time also turns, knows that the 5th Stage spirit tool refinement difficulty is 1st Stage spirit tool dozens times. Old man I have a 2nd Stage spirit tool sword, but also value five hundred thousand crystal stones.” Zhang De also pulls out own spirit tool, this is very succinct the sword, but on sword blade has that spirit pattern, but spirit pattern does not have Yun Xiaodao that day wolf sword to be complex. Old man Zhang, if wanted do we come to previous?” Yun Xiaodao grasps the sword hilt, above spirit pattern sends out luminous immediately, appears more beautiful, is more charming! Zhang De regards as family jewels 2nd Stage spirit tool his, hastily receives, the forced smile said: spirit tool under 3rd Stage is in your eyes same as these ordinary tool, I will not court destruction.” Shen Xiang also ponders over must make spirit tool of name hand, previous time he uses ordinary ordinary tool to kill the monster cow the time, fights a hopeless battle simply, good spirit tool, carry on various tasks when later can obtain conveniently. One refine is impossible, Shen Xiang must be busy alchemy. „The spirit tool aspect does not need to worry, your little wife mixes that well in Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, making her Master help you refine that's alright casually, you might as well on Refiners Scroll these spirit pattern transformation were runes, developed spirit talisman! It is said spirit talisman above runes and spirit tool above spirit pattern looks like very much.” Su Meiyao said. Regarding manufacture talisman, Shen Xiang is also confused, because Talisman Master be much scarcer than the alchemy master, although in market condition also some inferior spirit talisman, but famous Talisman Master has not heard, ordinary Talisman Master also can only refine some simple spirit talisman, might and strange place that has not reached. Shen Xiang they arrived at the inner courtyard to pass through pavilion, altogether three, one was Profound Level Low-Grade, two were Profound Level excellent, three were Earth Level Low-Grade! Inner Disciple also can only learn these three ranks martial arts.

Shen Xiang not like Yun Xiaodao and Zhang De, comes to directly soar three, but he has a look at Profound Level Low-Grade to have any martial arts first, because he knows that rank not necessarily means martial arts to be weak, because synthesizes the factors in various aspects to establish grades. Is just like him to use Heavenly Tiger Storm Killing Fist, can play the high price martial arts might! Pit father, Earth Level Low-Grade martial arts has three types, moreover others studied rottenly!” Yun Xiaodao disappointed walks from above. Zhang De is the whole face is also disappointed: Profound Level excellent martial arts also only then dozens volume, have Profound Level Low-Grade are quite many.” Also any strongest big sect, martial arts such selects, came in vain!” Yun Xiaodao scolded in a low voice, during he imagined, Earth Level martial arts should the thousands be right. In the management Wu Jingge old man said with a smile: For many years Inner Disciple have been many, they come in each time, and you are equally disappointed, but they had not complained finally, what also has not said to outside, you know that what reason this is?” Shen Xiang also thinks strange, if Extreme Martial Sect's martial arts is very disappointing, that Extreme Martial Sect will not be formidable, these have certainly anything. Why is this?” Yun Xiaodao asked. The old man said with a smile: Extreme Martial Sect is Chenwu Mainland most formidable sect, to have how possibly that many this low level martial arts Extreme Martial Sect fiercest places, has massive Heaven Level martial arts, but has not been called Heaven Level martial arts now, but calls Divine Martial Skill!”

Divine Martial Skill? divine art? Extreme Martial Sect also has massive! This may frighten heavily Shen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and a Zhang De face is shocking! „It is not the thing in divine art that type of Legend, but comes by the Heaven Level martial arts improvement, this martial arts advantage is you have many strength, can play the big might to come, can follow your strength promotion to promote! If you want to obtain, best does obeisance Master. Otherwise only then became True Disciple can obtain.” The old man said. Shen Xiang does not plan to acknowledge as teacher, even if he wants to do obeisance also nobody to dare to receive, because Elder Dan had once spoken, who receives Shen Xiang for the disciple, is she does right. Early did not say that this was too simple!” Yun Xiaodao ran speedily, like this talent, must look for Master is really too easy, but Zhang De also quickly leaves. You called Shen Xiang was right! Do not go to look for Master, Elder Dan has the command, no one permits to receive you for the disciple, this is the Elder Dan's words, Dean must listen, Hehe, came to annoy this Elder Dan, your in history first, put best into it!” The old man has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. In the Shen Xiang heart scolded lowly: Early knows that to her Azure Profound Fruit, unexpectedly did not break my road!” I come here goal am to study martial arts, how to turn into this?” In the Shen Xiang heart is very worried, does not have the Master words, he must be able to learn these Divine Martial Skill to True Martial Realm, but martial arts in Divine Art of Four Symbols is fierce, but are not many, moreover studies also wants certain strength. The Divine Martial Skill majority in the True Disciple hands of these True Martial Realm strengths, these True Disciple accept the disciple, can teach to the apprentice, their to divulge to an outsider will receive very serious penalty. Five days pass by, Shen Xiang has swept after the pavilion this inner courtyard, finally he only borrowed two martial arts, is Earth Level.

Shocking Heaven Palm, Profound Aura Finger! martial arts that this very much that builds up, the request to fleshly body is high, for example Shocking Heaven Palm, you need arm inside meridians strengthening to a very high degree, to make massive True Qi sprint all of a sudden, releases the overwhelming power strength to come, but Profound Aura Finger this needs to practice the finger, for example with burning the hot molten iron immersion, or with the raging fire roasting finger, must treat as the pointed weapons to forge the finger equally......” Old man, I know that hurries to give me to register!” Shen Xiang did not say patiently that he sees on these two books to have the thick dust, knows that few people take, because is difficult to practice, but is not in his opinion difficult. After the old man registers, Shen Xiang with writing books the stride leaves, for serveral days he had not seen Zhang De and Yun Xiaodao, finds from Zhu Rong there that they are accepting the inspection! Because they must acknowledge as teacher, must that Master to satisfy, therefore inspects wants. Relax, you must enter True Martial Realm are only the issue of time, these two martial arts that you choose are good!” Su Meiyao comforts him saying that because initially was she made Shen Xiang come this Extreme Martial Sect's, if here made Shen Xiang unsatisfied, she will be also embarrassed. Shen Xiang has not complained about her, because he knows Su Meiyao understood what is very long beforehand Extreme Martial Sect, the time long will change is also natural. Shen Xiang's fleshly body had accepted quenching of Immortal Devil pond, is embryonic form condition Immortal Devil Body, therefore his fleshly body can meet the requirements, can practice that Shocking Heaven Palm and that Profound Aura Finger with ease!