World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 93
Shen Xiang currently had two grains of True Elemental Dan, this is High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, pills of this rank are not many in Martial Dao sect, therefore is hard to buy generally, only then leave the material, hiring the alchemy master to refine is good. First do not eat, you just entered Mortal Martial Realm 9th level shortly, are familiar with this Realm first well, when you must attack Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer time, then swallows!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang sighed, has to receive True Qi Dan, he already wants to taste is any taste. Shocking Heaven Palm is striking power very powerful martial arts, emits within the body massive True Qi instantaneously, creates a shake, has a invisible shake wave to come the wide scope attack of Xingyuan distance, can hit at 1 : 00 attacks, but the shunted words, will waste many True Qi. Shocking Heaven Palm!” Shen Xiang five fingers, a palm bang hits, sees only the front ten trees to flicker interrupted broken, the soil of ground was also shaken looks like the ocean waves to turn wells up general, the might is very overbearing. Shen Xiang practices in a Extreme Martial Sect's mountain scene forest, perhaps if in Martial Courtyard, can ruin Martial Courtyard. Was only three days practices, but also was very quick!” Shen Xiang sees the effect to be good, is very satisfied: Tries Profound Aura Finger again!” Sees only on his finger suddenly to gush out light azure Qi Aura, wraps on the index finger, this time Qi Aura looks like is very tranquil, but actually gives people a very depressing aura. Shen Xiang to slate, was poking with that finger together gently, small hole appears immediately, like poking bean curd simple! Let alone stone, even if 9th Stage ordinary tool is clamped by two Profound Aura Finger, will be cut off immediately! Hehe, if I use invisible colorless Universe True Qi, to be fiercer? Perhaps spirit tool can be spoiled by me!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, to this Earth Level Low-Grade martial arts he was very satisfied. Although Azure Dragon Claw is also similar martial arts, but displays is very overbearing, is fast attack class martial arts, but this Profound Aura Finger displays is very temperate, can attack unexpectedly. Shen Xiang returns to Martial Courtyard, sees Zhang De and a Yun Xiaodao face happy expression, knows that they have certainly done obeisance good Master.

Big Brother Shen you come back just right, otherwise, was hard to see Old man Zhang!” Yun Xiaodao said. Oh? why?” Shen Xiang is puzzled. Zhang De said with a smile: My Master year to year in the Extreme Martial Province border, therefore I must follow side him, like this I can also experience this world, can whet one.” This is also good, takes care!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. After Zhang De walks, Yun Xiaodao said with a smile: Big Brother Shen, you want to know that who my Master is?” Who is? Do not tell is Elder Dan!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Naturally is not this old woman, is No. a 3 Martial Courtyard old lady, she and our Yun Jia some origins, therefore received me for the disciple, but carried on the inspection time, I may be suffered by him miserably, but also took away my old black hawk!” A Yun Xiaodao face said depressed. No. 3 Martial Courtyard person! That is in Extreme Martial Sect the quite fierce person, this makes Shen Xiang quite surprised actually. Big Brother Shen, you do not have Master, can you be therefore dispirited?” Yun Xiaodao asked in a low voice. Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing: Xiaodao, you may probably well practice, otherwise you will be flung by me by far! I can adolescence to this situation, what Master but also needs?” Xiaodao, you have done obeisance Master, didn't ask us to drink? You are insincere!” Zhu Rong smilingly walks, since he knows that Shen Xiang is the alchemy master, and has many resources, he all day runs toward here, Shen Xiang now is also seven hundred True Qi Dan, that absolutely was in Inner Disciple the quite rich person. Dead fatty, knows that occupies my convenient! I knew that you are so long, probably you have not invited me!” Yun Xiaodao scolded.

Who said? Previous time we exit together, I asked you to eat bowl of noddles!” Zhu Rong refuted immediately, but also a face was suffering from injustice. Goes to your younger sister, that bowl of surface were nothing, fish the half-day meat dregs not to have.” Yun Xiaodao walks, trampled his foot. Zhu Rong said ill-humoredly: That was also invited, can by you who my Zhu Rong please eat the surface, but first!” Right Shen Xiang, Extreme Pill Courtyard has held the pills competition, can't you go? The reward is two grains of True Qi Dan!” „Is contest rule what kind of?” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, hastily asked. Can have what kind of? As before, in the time of assigning, True Qi Dan that who refines are many, the quality is good, who wins!” Zhu Rong rubs that pair of meat palm to say with a smile. The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, on the face shows the self-confident smiling face, said: I decided!” Saying, him quickly was then going out of Martial Courtyard, walked toward Extreme Pill Courtyard, for these days he also understood Extreme Pill Courtyard was, part in approaching the Mysterious Realm place, part in Mysterious Realm. Shen Xiang arrived at the Extreme Pill Courtyard No. 8 institute, unexpectedly has met Yao Haisheng! How is you? Do you do?” Yao Haisheng is responsible for the registration work unexpectedly, because his previous time handles the Shen Xiang's matter to go too far, therefore no longer is responsible for outside work. The enemies often cross each other's path, Shen Xiang has not thought that will meet this Yao Haisheng, but he actually heard that Yao Haisheng is the 3rd Stage alchemy master, can refine Spirit Level Middle-Grade Dan, therefore very has the prestige in Extreme Martial Sect, he so will be no wonder spirited on the same day. I am enter for the competition.” Shen Xiang said.

Yao Haisheng sees Shen Xiang to get angry, he must help Shen Xiang pay now to enter the Extreme Martial Sect's school expense, let alone Shen Xiang also makes into the severe wound his apprentice. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong have not thought that Shen Xiang will meet itself the No. 2 enemy in Extreme Martial Sect. Depends on you? Can you refine True Qi Dan? The refinement failed wanted to leave crystal stones to repay herbs, failed three times automatically to withdraw continuously.” Yao Haisheng disdainfully said. Shen Xiang came a moment ago time learned from Zhu Rong there, the material that this Alchemy Competition uses is Extreme Martial Sect leaves, the refinement time is ten days, mainly to quickly fall to consume massive depositing too long True Qi Dan herbs, such one, not only can quickly obtain a number of True Qi Dan, the alchemy master but who can also let the hanger-on compares notes mutually, kills two birds with one stone. I naturally!” A Shen Xiang brow slightly wrinkle. Yun Xiaodao at this time shouted: Big Brother Shen not only, he must win first, wins that two grains of True Elemental Dan.” I!” Yao Haisheng suddenly laughs: This smell of mother's milk not yet dried brat, if can win first, making our these stay many years of old fellow to feel sad in Extreme Pill Courtyard? If he can win first, the father requests him to be the master!” In the Shen Xiang heart has smiled secretly, he as if can see this is laughing wildly at present the middle-aged person to request him to be the appearance of master. Extreme Pill Courtyard many people cast the vision that despises, the Shen Xiang no matter how talent, he is only 17 years old, this age can refine Mortal Level High-Grade Dan is good, must refine Spirit Level low-grade True Qi Dan that also to miss, them refines the True Qi Dan people to know that after all at least must be defeated over a hundred times to succeed, they think that Shen Xiang cannot consume this massive herbs. suddenly, the gloomy and cold sound conveys together: If Shen Xiang won first, my making an exception allows him to enter Extreme Dan King Courtyard!”