World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 94
This is the Elder Dan's sound, Shen Xiang dies will not forget that but her these words also make the person whole body of this No. 8 institute shake, Extreme Pill Courtyard has eight yards, above these eight yards is Extreme Dan King Courtyard, that is Dan King has the courtyard that the qualifications enter! If could not win, in the Extreme Martial Sect's welfare how later you completely did give Yao Haisheng?” Elder Dan says with a smile coldly. Yao Haisheng one happy, he could see that this Elder Dan is helping him intentionally. Shen Xiang lightly smiled: Also good, if I can result in first, not only can go to the good place, but can also accept an apprentice.” You forever could not win, I consecutively for five years was first! You also fall far short!” Yao Haisheng coldly smiled, he as if can see the miserable type that Shen Xiang is defeated. Elder Dan knew in view of the Shen Xiang's matter entire Extreme Martial Sect's people, but Shen Xiang actually entered Inner Sect now, obtained the rich resources, Elder Dan has such done also to block Shen Xiang obtains the way of resources, but the people cannot think that Shen Xiang unexpectedly also complied with this matter. Young people are this, does not concede, one day you will suffer a loss.” After Wu Kaiming learns of this news, cannot help but emotionally said: I said Elder Dan, this brat intends to flatter you, but also has given you naturally two Azure Profound Fruit, why can you also aim at him?” Elder Dan coldly snorted and said: This brat has not suffered a loss, I refine Building Foundation Dan also to need other materials, but his Azure Profound Fruit is rarest, I looked that for a long time have not been able to find, now can only recognize! If he flatters me, also will not make me help his two young sweetheart refine Building Foundation Dan!” Wu Kaiming one hear, thinks that also is really such a matter, truly suffered a loss in this aspect Elder Dan. I must make him lower the head to me, if he asked me, to admit mistakes to I apologize, I even can receive him for the disciple!” Elder Dan said that the floating body departs.

Perhaps this vied for supremacy the woman who tried to outdo others forever not to marry.” Wu Kaiming smiles helplessly. Alchemy Competition starts three days later, carries on No. 8 Martial Courtyard, these three days Shen Xiang is closing up, others think that he is preparing, but is actually not, he is studying that Refiners Scroll above spirit pattern. Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, you to these spirit pattern and so on matter should quite understand! This is very mysterious thing, can produce strange strength, you said that if I these spirit pattern appropriate carving on pill pellet, or in alchemy in carving tiny spirit pattern, pills will be what kind of?” Shen Xiang asked. Ring inside Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were startled unable to speak by this, they truly have not thought this issue, in their eyes, alchemy fuses together to congeal pill pellet many herbs. After Su Meiyao has sucked in cold air, said: Does not know, but can attempt! However this need very formidable Divine Sense can, when concentrates pill to carve spirit pattern fast, if pill pellet carves, Divine Sense that needs is more formidable.” Right, moreover must need appropriate spirit pattern! My Master has said that in the antique time, some spirit talisman has with the pills same effect, for example pastes spirit talisman in the dantian of person, can obtain massive True Qi fast, pastes spirit talisman on the arm, can make the arm obtain strength.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang is secretly excited, if can become, perhaps later he can make the pills effect enhance several times, even does not need some too precious spirit herb to achieve the similar effect, spirit pattern that but currently he grasps are too few. Three days pass by, Shen Xiang does not have what harvest, because these spirit pattern were really too complex, needed very big spirit to analyze, memorizes, grasps, was not the short time can achieve. This Alchemy Competition is only every year small competition, but the big competition in ten years one time, when the time comes is not only the Extreme Martial Sect's alchemy master, but is the entire Extreme Martial Province alchemy master can participate.

Does not have interest to watch the process regarding Alchemy Competition many people, because that is quite arid, only if ten years a large-scale competition, that scene is magnificent and lively, moreover can see some people exposed comedy scenes. Big Brother Shen try harder, our ten days afterward here you!” Yun Xiaodao somewhat worries about Shen Xiang at this time, because was he said at that time Shen Xiang can result in first surely, if Shen Xiang lost, was he harms Shen Xiang's. Elder Dan walks, coldly said: Shen Xiang, your alchemy process is supervised by me, I heard that you had just won thousand True Qi Dan, words that you cheat, that will definitely win!” But Shen Xiang sighed: Elder Dan, True Qi Dan I remaining 700, 100 have also given Yun Xiaodao, another 200 grains had sold to Zhu Rong and Zhang De, these seven hundred True Qi Dan I give you to take care first, in order to avoid slanders me to cheat to you finally.” Shen Xiang very straightforward has put out seven boxes, this makes Elder Dan surprised actually, other people knew that on Shen Xiang unexpectedly is bringing seven hundred True Qi Dan, cannot help but envies, but they actually do not dare to have the Shen Xiang's idea, even though their strength is more formidable than Shen Xiang, but if were known by Extreme Martial Sect, their days to the end. Elder Dan 11 open the jade box, after confirmation is 700 grains, then received own storage bangle, only then elder rank, storage equipment will become finer beautiful. How Elder Dan also wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to refine True Qi Dan, she has not believed Shen Xiang this age to refine. The competition starts, each person room, the disciple guards . Moreover the picture of their alchemy process was also transmitted to Elder Courtyard, was staring by some old fellow stubbornly, in order to avoid they cheat to win. Shen Xiang finds that here refines a True Qi Dan quickest person also -and-a-half double-hour furnace, but he uses the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace words, only needs half double-hour to be able two furnaces, for is not astonishing, he planned that more than a double-hour furnace, like this he can also be more relaxed.

Elder Dan opened Shen Xiang's Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, she besides seeing this pill furnace is very attractive and needed materials good, has not discovered the unusual place, only then can discover with the valuable furnace owner recognition person, otherwise Uncle Meng will not take to bet this pill furnace in the past casually. Elder Dan, how many time furnaces do you refine True Qi Dan to be common? Furnace how many grains?” Shen Xiang asked. Quickest -and-a-half double-hour two furnaces, most furnace six grains, but the time will be longer.” Elder Dan said truthfully that this is also she quite proud result, the alchemy masters of their this rank do not refine the high level pill medicine all day, sometimes sect lacks low level pill time, they must get rid. If refines high level pill, they will close up, the Elder Dan many years have not closed up, that is because she is collecting herbs. herbs of competition is Extreme Martial Sect leaves, but the failure finished to crystal stones, therefore everybody will be more careful, will not strive for quickly, but Shen Xiang heaven defying Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, he thinks that many are quickly quick, if he limiting velocity, half double-hour can build up three furnace True Qi Dan! Elder Dan sees Shen Xiang very skilled processing these herbs, even looked that does not need to look, simultaneous working many . Moreover the quantity of each share is even, is not the least bit off, the speed must to suck the tongue quickly, only will then refine many time people to have this experience, even if in Extreme Martial Sect, will have several old fellow to be able like.