World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 95
„Have you refined True Qi Dan?” The Elder Dan surprise asked. Naturally, I come to here am not joke!” Shen Xiang said without thinking, suddenly, he has done well several materials, starts to invest herbs toward Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace. Elder Dan that by the mask is covering up the beautiful facial features full is shocking, 17 years old can refine Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan, this is she has met since birth the true talent, is her first time has heard! Elder Dan keeps silent, looks at the Shen Xiang refinement earnestly, but following, makes her almost spit blood, Shen Xiang unexpectedly refines, while branches out the spirit to reorganize herbs. You already in alchemy?” Elder Dan can induce to Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside flame change, the crucial moment greatly suddenly is suddenly small, the change is subtle, is almost subtle to make her not induce, obviously Shen Xiang's controls fire skill to be only excellent. Shen Xiang indifferently said: alchemy was too bored, moreover costs the time, only then this can good.” You did not fear that meets explode pill furnace? You keep one eye on like this will be very easy to be defeated!” Elder Dan coldly snorted. Hehe, I wholeheartedly three use now, at the same time alchemy, reorganizes herbs, while chatted with you!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, this made Elder Dan wish one could to give him a palm, alchemy time unexpectedly can be so relaxed, she fully realized when alchemy that arid taste was how uncomfortable. Shen Xiang slowed the tempo, uses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is this, so long as he refines familiar that pills, he can several use wholeheartedly, this is not only the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace reason, mainly depends upon his subtle feeling to alchemy, this feeling is also the talent, otherwise he studies alchemy time will not be easy on the society! The material in Elder Dan there, she first has given Shen Xiang ten, when he builds up to give again, but Shen Xiang actually quickly reorganized, in the ground in this small secret room was suspending ten Fang He, inside refines True Qi Dan herbs.

Elder Dan, my this age enters the Extreme Dan King Courtyard words, what advantage will have? For example welfare and so on?” Shen Xiang asked that thinks one can be together for ten days with this mysterious Elder Dan, in his heart also had an inexplicable excitement. If you can enter , the advantage definitely will have, but that must look at me, Extreme Pill Courtyard is I governs.” Elder Dan said with a smile lowly. Elder Dan, or this, I give Hell Spirit Grass, among us has not hated, what kind of?” Shen Xiang after Extreme Martial Sect by this Elder Dan bewildered hate, did not have the auspicious day. Among us originally hatred! The matter that I handle is only I along with my fondness.” Elder Dan said. Shen Xiang sighed: I use Hell Spirit Grass to trade a reply, you told me, why you will hate me! You had said before, so long as I win you, you told me, but I could not wait for that time.” Hell Spirit Grass, although is very precious, but I am not rare!” Elder Dan coldly snorted and said. „Do you want me to be what kind of?” Shen Xiang was speechless, his suddenly thought that this Elder Dan probably is spiteful with him, this simply is a little girl mentality, he once suspected were one and this Elder Dan's personal enemy looks like, therefore like this was hostile by her. Admits mistakes to me, submits to me! If you do make me satisfy, perhaps I can also receive you for the disciple!” Some Elder Dan's sound haughty, she thought that she quick can see this stubborn youngster shrewd under her skirt. Has a dream! I die not!” Shen Xiang has not paid attention to this Elder Dan again, he thinks strange, because this Elder Dan obviously in spiteful, this simply is the mentality of young miss.

More than double-hour pass by, Shen Xiang opens alchemic furnace, takes six grains of purple pill pellet, puts in a jade box, then puts in herbs toward Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, continues to refine True Qi Dan. This action is very optional, looks like probably is the person who roadside these steam the steamed bun is the same, but Elder Dan actually looks very surprisedly, because Shen Xiang refined True Qi Dan, moreover was more than a double-hour furnace, furnace also six grains, the display that only then cautious and solemn, herbs will therefore leave no ground, can concentrate six grains of pill pellet, this need some time, consumed the spirit very! But Shen Xiang actually does so with ease! Elder Dan is silent, looks at Shen Xiang that optional facial expression, in the heart is uncomfortable very much, she sees Shen Xiang to refine this furnace True Qi Dan to come, knows that the final winner may is Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has not paid attention to Elder Dan again, even if Elder Dan asks him, he is also casual should several, evidently looks like in life Qi/angry, this makes Elder Dan clench teeth secretly. More than a double-hour furnace, Shen Xiang has not rested day in day out, keeps refining True Qi Dan, a day later, he can build up 11 furnaces, this speed makes Elder Dan surprised unable to speak, moreover Shen Xiang has not been defeated! In the Shen Xiang eye, refines True Qi Dan probably in making the sweet dumplings now is the same, but in Spirit Level Low-Grade Dan, he also only understood that refines this True Qi Dan, other pills also need massive herbs, his present crystal stones are not many, cannot consume. Ten days quick, Shen Xiang altogether has refined 100 furnaces, he has also rested a period of time, altogether is 600 grains of True Qi Dan! This alchemy speed entire Extreme Martial Province, absolutely is first, if Shen Xiang is willing to help some families refine True Qi Dan, he earns the crystal stones speed to be certainly quick! The competition had ended, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong hurried dares to come, they see a Shen Xiang face to be relaxed, in the heart also thinks strange, in their opinion, Shen Xiang should unable to win is right. Medicine brother, you really make the old man be able not hold a candle, short ten days, your unexpectedly refines 400 grains of True Qi Dan! Also wanted many 50 grains compared with last year, this year's first belonged to you.” A old man face respect looks at Yao Haisheng.

Yao Haisheng face haughty, but he said with a smile modestly: He He, this is luck, said again I and not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth brat has the gambling to make, I can only use fully!” Yao Haisheng, you said before, so long as loses to me, is my apprentice, did this saying also keep a promise?” Shen Xiang smilingly walks. Naturally kept a promise, your let alone you can win me!” Yao Haisheng said while loudly laughing: If is really this, this was I hears funniest laughing! However you can refine continuously for ten days, this also makes me somewhat surprised but actually.” At this time other people said True Qi Dan that oneself refined, besides Yao Haisheng, other most was more than 200 grains, least the person who also 30, participated were not many, has 30 to come individual, moreover this was in Extreme Pill Courtyard quite outstanding alchemy master. Other Yao Haisheng and alchemy masters are ridiculing Shen Xiang, but the following Elder Dan's words make their smiling faces coagulate. Yao Haisheng, you lost! This brat refines 600 grains of True Qi Dan!” Elder Dan said that in the sound is having hatred, result that because this she does not want to see very much.