World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 96
Hehe, Elder Dan you also very sincere! I also think that you intentionally make things hard for somebody I in this above.” Shen Xiang relaxed, then takes six jade boxes, in each has 100 grains of True Qi Dan. In this courtyard becomes very peaceful, the people cannot believe that unexpectedly of Shen Xiang in short ten days can refine 600 grains of True Qi Dan. The people unexpectedly look at Elder Dan with the suspicion look now, they suspected that Elder Dan helps Shen Xiang cheat, but thinks to think impossible, because Elder Dan hates Shen Xiang's. Elder Dan put out seven jade boxes at this time, before this is, she for these True Qi Dan of Shen Xiang taking care, after she opening, lets the person 11 confirmations. I, although does not want to see this result, but Shen Xiang truly refines 600 grains of True Qi Dan to come in ten days, he altogether used 100 materials!” The Elder Dan's words make the person whole body tremble. 100 materials! A in other words Shen Xiang furnace can refine six grains! Anomaly!” In the Zhu Rong mouth put out these two characters, the corners of the mouth of Yun Xiaodao also slightly twitched, he has not thought of his good friend unexpectedly so heaven defying. The tooth of Yao Haisheng is trembling, stares the eye to look at the tread is placing True Qi Dan greatly, so long as is the alchemy master, can distinguish these is refines in a short time, moreover one box is also scattering heat, that was in the two days builds up! Other Yao Haisheng and alchemy masters can determine, that six boxes that Shen Xiang takes in a short time refine, moreover rank is extremely high, is the excellent qualities! Elder Dan coldly said: Now you believed! Has to acknowledge that the alchemy standard of this fellow is very high, even if I cannot achieve so, his these 600 grains of True Qi Dan each grain of qualities are excellent, this refines in the situation of short time, moreover is one furnace six grains!” The body of Yao Haisheng is shivering, both eyes are red, the heart that he dies at this time continually had, but actually has to admire to Shen Xiang, because candidly admits defeat including Elder Dan, can he also be what kind of?

That brushes, Yao Haisheng has knelt, has knocked a head to Shen Xiang, sound shiver shouted: Master, please receive disciple to do obeisance!” Yao Haisheng such does obeisance, many alchemy masters almost cannot come to a stop, they want to themselves two palms of the hand, look to have a dream in themselves very much! The True Martial Realm alchemy master, unexpectedly does obeisance Mortal Martial Realm 9th level youngster for the master, this simply is the huge joke, is the Extreme Martial Sect in history biggest joke, absurdest matter. Shen Xiang has also been startled being startled, he has not thought that this Yao Haisheng straightforward requested him to be the master unexpectedly, this was also because had other Elder Dan and alchemy masters in the reason, Yao Haisheng cannot break a promise in the person, otherwise he will carry on the back the infamy, but that for him the ratio died also the uncomfortable matter! Yun Xiaodao has pinched the Zhu Rong that fat hand vigorously, making Zhu Rong send out a pitiful yell. Ha Ha...... Does not have a dream, Big Brother Shen won!” Yun Xiaodao laughs, Zhu Rong also took a deep breath, accepted this absurd fact. Hehe, the apprentice please get up!” Shen Xiang hey walks with a smile, holds Yao Haisheng. Yao Haisheng the sad mood was indescribable at this time that he does not have to think one do obeisance the artificial master who he most hated unexpectedly, this will possibly make him forever unable to gain ground. This is I gives your meager gift!” Shen Xiang unexpectedly has given Yao Haisheng hundred True Qi Dan and Azure Profound Fruit! This action made all people tarry, their line of sight condense on that Azure Profound Fruit! The person majority here are the alchemy masters, who doesn't know Azure Profound Fruit this rare and precious spirit fruit?

Meager gift? Is Azure Profound Fruit the meager gift? This attacks the person simply! Yao Haisheng both hands shivered were receiving Shen Xiang to him meager gift, he was uncomfortable, but actually felt that now, has at least done obeisance Shen Xiang not to have that terrible for the master, he was not a fool, he knows that Shen Xiang intended among melting them grievances! Many thanks...... Master!” Yao Haisheng is somewhat jerky said. Shen Xiang, this is the first reward! Tomorrow the dawn Extreme Dan King Courtyard reported that so long as you were slow, waits to accept the penalty!” Elder Dan throws to a Shen Xiang small jade box, then goes to these alchemy masters with retracting refines good True Qi Dan. Elder Dan, can I not enter Extreme Dan King Courtyard?” Shen Xiang was worried that in by this bewildered Elder Dan oppression, when the time comes the day will cross very much bitterly. „It is not good! This is between I and you agreement, if you want to violate, you hurry to leave Extreme Martial Sect!” Elder Dan coldly snorted. Shen Xiang was sighing painstakingly, his suddenly thought with the gambling that Elder Dan subscribed has about not obtained any advantage. Haisheng, I, although is your Master, but I can refine now well also has True Qi Dan, perhaps later I must ask for advice to you, you do not need to shout me Master, shouted directly my name that's alright, waited which day you to be sincerely convinced to me, thinks that I have the qualifications truly, when your Master you shouted me again.” Shen Xiang said that Yao Haisheng shouted him Master all day, he also thought somewhat feels sorry, let alone was Yao Haisheng I? Yao Haisheng is quite grateful regarding this, he knows that from now henceforth he cannot again and Shen Xiang does right, otherwise the charge was big. Before Shen Xiang enters Inner Sect, the reputation has spread over entire Extreme Martial Sect, now he not only won Alchemy Competition first, but also accepted a True Martial Realm alchemy Master Wei apprentice, but also entered Extreme Dan King Courtyard, this makes Shen Xiang more famous!

Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao they return to Martial Courtyard, walks , on road, Yun Xiaodao said with a smile: Big Brother Shen, my previous time had not said I do have several very pretty elder sisters?” Shen Xiang nods: Right, moreover you added that they cannot have a liking for my this type of waste material.” Where where, that is cracks a joke, or this, I arrange them and you meet, you were also the unmarried, simple point handle the wedding in any case now!” Yun Xiaodao happily said with a smile, oneself can have the brother-in-law who has boundless prospects, this is very good matter. „, My fiancee is Xue Xianxian! Your elder sisters want to marry me, must obtain her agreement!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying that he only wants a bit faster to enter True Martial Realm now, good to look for Xue Xianxian. Brother-in-law, leaves this! My elder sister they, although does not have Xue Xianxian that talent, but truly is good-looking.” Yun Xiaodao shouted the brother-in-law unexpectedly! Zhu Rong could not tolerate, walks to trample Yun Xiaodao: At the same time! Your elder sisters are the proud and arrogant woman, Brother Shen certainly will not like.” Junior Brother Shen, I have a younger sister, the talent is not bad! The appearance ratio and little rascal the bitches of their family these hypocrisy were much better.” The face of Zhu Rong that chubby has piled up with the smiling face: My good brother-in-law, when to go to Zhu family to stroll?” Dead pig, I must with your duel!” Yun Xiaodao angrily said. Shen Xiang sees this Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong this appearance, is thinking secretly where their elder sister younger sisters good to not to go, especially Zhu Rong, perhaps his sister with his same heavyweight woman!