World Defying Dan God - Volume 1 - Chapter 99
The female just responded that then saw that to brave the blood hole of blood, cannot help but exuded a sharp cry, that darkness hunted for the lion also to send out a rave, unexpectedly also drops down. Dies to me!” Shen Xiang like lightning rumbles a fist, sees only his fist to congeal immediately appears huge white tiger head, boundless murderous aura covers to come the person, fills the aura of death fist bang to hit is hunting for above the lion gigantic head dark, sends out a explosion sound, the ground also shivers. White Tiger Divine Fist is bringing endless murderous aura, wrote off this darkness to hunt for life Qi/angry on lion head instantaneously, wiped to extinguish inside vital function, means that hunted for the lion dead dark. The corpse of Shen Xiang to tread has emitted flame, will burn down, then coldly looks clothes female who that tender body trembles. The darkness hunts for the body of lion to drop down, pounding of heavily in the ground, that clothes female sweet and pretty facial features of twists immediately: What have you made?” I have killed this domestic animal!” Shen Xiang coldly said: Your Beast Martial Sect makes this matter to come in Extreme Martial Province unexpectedly, my truthfully Bing Bao will surely give Extreme Martial Sect!” You...... Are you Extreme Martial Sect's disciple?” That clothes women's delicate eyebrows select, said wickedly. Right!” Shen Xiang replied. How many outcastes my Little Black has just eaten, your can Extreme Martial Sect also manage? This matter was too to us common! The lives of these outcastes, 10,000 cannot go against my Little Black, for you unexpectedly these outcastes have killed my Little Black! I...... I must kill you!” The clothes female air/Qi results in look blue, the whole body shivers. Shen Xiang frowned, the Beast Martial Sect's person also frequently such does unexpectedly, this makes him angrier! Snort, this is only Extreme Martial Sect does not know, if I told the Extreme Martial Sect's words, your Beast Martial Sect waited!” Shen Xiang said. You could not go back!” Distant place suddenly floats together hoarse sound, sees only a shadow to dodge, wears the black clothed, the look ordinary middle-aged woman appears before that clothes female.

True Martial Realm master! The Shen Xiang fist grasps immediately, he has not thought that around this unexpectedly has this master to hide, he can see all of a sudden, this black clothed woman is Master or mother of that clothes female. Those who let in the Shen Xiang heart be scared, on the arm of this black clothed woman unexpectedly twines a head is being the red, the body is black Bian Toushe, this is rare Spirit Beast, named pursues the soul snake! The itself strength is at about True Martial Realm, but the toxicity is more fearful. Master...... Master he has killed Little Black, I must make him live to might as well die, I must shear little his meat.” The clothes female hatred said that mean is staring Shen Xiang. If makes you go back to tell Extreme Martial Sect, we truly will be faced with imminent disaster, but you cannot go back now.” The words just said that black clothed woman turns into a shadow, appears in Shen Xiang in vain behind, is laying out a palm to Shen Xiang's back. In that instantaneous, Shen Xiang felt that the five main internal organs (entrails) contraction of own within the body, the meridians must explode probably were the same, in the mouth also spouts a big blood, the body flies toward that clothes female. The clothes female draws out the long sword, punctured a sword to the body that Shen Xiang is flying fiercely, penetrates the chest, passes the back! Shen Xiang gained ground, only sees that clothes female facial expression to be fierce, the fierce pulling long sword, is trampling vigorously to his abdomen foot, making Shen Xiang drop in the ground. Shen Xiang in had been hit a palm by that True Martial Realm black clothed woman a moment ago, is seriously injured, lost revolt strength, now he truly feels True Martial Realm martial artist is how formidable, True Qi is much more vigorous than True Martial Realm 10-layer martial artist! The clothes female saw Shen Xiang to lie down in ground cannot move, has put out Xiaodao, walked toward Shen Xiang: I must shear little your meat!” That black clothed woman also no longer gets rid, coldly looks that she affirmed very Shen Xiang could not escape! In the Shen Xiang heart hates, darkly to hate own strength to be bad darkly, in his heart pledged that he must and that injures his black clothed woman to kill at present this clothes female!

You...... Remembers to me! Father and your irreconcilable!” Shen Xiang suddenly severe howl said that but that black clothed woman and clothes female also immediately get rid, the snake on black clothed woman arm also flies to shoot, but when they must arrive at side Shen Xiang, at present suddenly presented big water, they have banged into the waterwall. Shen Xiang in that has displayed the waterwall in Black Tortoise Divine Art instantaneously, vigorous Black Tortoise True Qi will turn into the massive water to sprint. Completes all these, Shen Xiang below land suddenly presented beach water, after a giant vortex the Shen Xiang volume gets down, that beach water then vanish from sight! Master, this...... What martial arts is this? What to do?” Clothes female startled angrily said. Relax, when the time comes we refuse stubbornly to acknowledge that's it, this brat is only small Inner Disciple, I am Beast Martial Sect's True Disciple, the True Martial Realm strength! Extreme Martial Sect will certainly not believe this brat.” That black clothed woman is stroking the red snake on arm, said with a sneer. At that time Shen Xiang displays is also in Black Tortoise Divine Art one, named Water Escape! Very mysterious one martial arts, can emit beach water from the ground suddenly, suddenly is involved in the person the water, is involved in the person deeply, in deeply under will attack passage, brings to have the place of rivers to run away to the distant place the person. This is Shen Xiang releases to achieve all Black Tortoise True Qi, he rejoiced that he learns this move, otherwise he is really also hard to escape today. small riverbank that flows slowly, Shen Xiang lies in the ashore, the whole body soaks, the complexion is pallid, looks like does not have life Qi/angry, he put out Hell Spirit Grass to put in the mouth blurry, the injury in quick repair within the body, then took next several grains of therapy pills. Quick he restored some strengths, is resting on the tree of riverside. How?” Bai Youyou comes out from storage ring, gentle voice asked. Su Meiyao loves dearly very cleans the dirt on his face, said: Next time will have been careful, after you come out, do not think that all day can look like in Extreme Martial Sect is so safe, Extreme Martial Sect inside True Martial Realm master was restrained by the sect rule, otherwise casual can kill you with a finger!”

Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist, on the face full is killing intent: I become stronger! I must kill that two women!” „Don't you have four grains of True Elemental Dan? Ate!” Bai Youyou said. Sees these two beautiful women that to care about itself, in the Shen Xiang heart is also one warm, he decided secretly that later cannot make them worry again, but he is also their only hopes! Sorry, I almost died!” Shen Xiang guilty tunnel. No problem, you can also live well, later pays attention!” Bai Youyou said that expression not that ice-cold. Eats your six hundred True Qi Dan and four grains of True Elemental Dan, can perhaps enter Mortal Martial Realm 10-layer, even if meets strength that this master can also resist, but must win that woman insufficiently actually by far!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang nodded, starts the luck therapy, two beautiful women see Shen Xiang not to have what to obstruct greatly, relaxed, returns to the ring.