World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 1000

Before Shen Xiang, that two furnaces they refine to Yun Xiaodao, according to their this time reality strength body refinement, now he to the furnace of own refinement, be much fiercer than former that two furnaces, moreover is only a grain of pill, but also both built up two crystal stones mineral lode, he estimated that so long as eats up, can make him enter into the Nirvana Tribulation four tribulations! Before he sensed Heaven Slaughtering Technique, after devour white stars, muddleheaded entered into the Nirvana three tribulations, therefore he must enter the words of four tribulations now, but also needed very strong energy to supplement. Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, you most should not us sleepily here, I be little devour your strength, if possible, I will take advantage you weakest time, gives you to strike fatally!” Shen Xiang feels in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that vast strength that burns to build up, making in his heart the heroic spirit well up, if he can break through, perhaps really can strike to that weak Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord fatally. That grain of pill who Shen Xiang refines at this time in a formidable strength extrusion, the quality leap promotion, is meaning that inside energy is more intrepid! Similar to ten thousand mountains rubs a small bead, but the weight is invariable, but inside energy after extrusion, will have the variation, becomes strengthens! Discussed to start also 40 days from three territories, many people gathered at Heavenly Thunder City, because before , reached an agreement conducts here, expert that the Human, Devil and Demon three territories came were many, moreover was Big Shot of influence, even some usually were very low-key, but very formidable influence appeared, these influences were especially remarkable. Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Shen Xiang are one of key contents three territories discussed that but now Shen Xiang by the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord in dire straits in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, according to the views of these ancient influence, Shen Xiang in only then two consequences, died, will see never the light of day. Content that therefore now they mainly discuss only then carves up the benefit, assigns domain that oneself govern, establishes own state, meanwhile must make monster Devil Territory obtain some resources. Now also some hearsay said that perhaps three territories discuss will discuss is similar to takes the Evil Dragon Burial Ground matter, because Evil Dragon Burial Ground Dragon Vein is regarded as the entire Emperor Heaven most resources strongly, it is said from now on this Dragon Vein becomes the Emperor Heaven most important thing, supports the key of Emperor Heaven revolution, but is called the Subduing Dragon Sect's influence wresting away by one now! Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion was pursued by Pill City, after obtaining 10 trillion crystal stones compensates, went into hiding, the people suspected that should hide in Evil Dragon Burial Ground . Moreover the Evil Dragon Burial Ground evil fog expanded, making the person worry.

By Evil Dragon Burial Ground was being covered by big group black fog, because there is having Earth's Core Clan this Iron Lion Divine Army in the construction city, that will be Shen Xiang will be used to suppress Pill City to use, but Shen Xiang had not gone back, Li Baojun has not processed, massive pills that now Li Baojun is responsible for utilizing in the hand to grasp massive crystal stones and Shen Xiang that gives, gathers reliable alchemy master, will refine massive pills! Three territories discussed must talk about a quite important issue, was One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain inside Demon and Devil heavenly pit, Devil Decaying Death Qi that there spout became the matter that in many expert hearts worried about, they worried that some people can withdraw Devil Decaying Death Qi to use, that very terrifying matter, how they when the time comes will chat for them must process, moreover Demon Empress Lu Qinlian also stared these days very tightly, she should in Heaven Demon World, but actually resembles Lai Ding not to walk here, making people think her to harbor evil intentions, wants to withdraw Devil Decaying Death Qi! Although Shen Xiang stared by Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, but now he unknown whereabouts, is very worrying! In Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, Shen Xiang pants, he has exhausted strength, finally was concise grain of Earth Profound Dan, the energy in this grain of Earth Profound Dan containing were many . Moreover the quality was very high, can make him build up to turn into True Qi quickly, when he planned to eat up, in the sky suddenly floated piece of beautiful Five Colors Cloud. Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou, Zhu Rong, Teng Ying, Xu Weilong and Lian Mingdong open eyes immediately, the complexion is serious, moreover somewhat ugly is staring at that floating Five Colors Cloud. This piece sends out the five colors multi-colored sunlight thick cloud to float, these black lava suddenly that they soak seethe with excitement! Then is threatening heat covers along with it under. This is...... Five Elements Heavenly Fire tribulation?” Duan Chong stares the eye, in eye is flashing through a fear greatly. Is Five Elements Heavenly Fire Lightning Tribulation!” Long Xueyi said: Falls to adjust the good condition quickly, starts also to have the time from great tribulation, this tribulation is not cracks a joke.”

If crossed, our strengths definitely will promote many, if crosses, but, this smelly black pond is our graves.” In Lian Mingdong heart disturbed, but he also can only as far as possible maintain calm. „The Five Elements Heavenly Fire thunder, this type of thing has not thought that will appear.” Duan Chong sees in Five Colors Cloud to present the five colors lightning, the back braves the cold air. At least must ferment for five days five nights, everybody takes advantage to enjoy these days well.” Duan Chong said with a smile. Enjoys, where cannot go in this black pond, waits for death to consider as finished!” The Zhu Rong forced smile said. Shen Xiang gives their grain of Earth Profound Dan: Eats up, I refined before, builds up with five days of time, enhancement many strength!” We reached the limit, if did not cross Nirvana Tribulation, our dantians cannot contain these many True Qi.” Yun Xiaodao shakes the head. Could not hold completely to extrude actually True Qi, I did, you must achieve, otherwise you may die very much.” Sees Shen Xiang to be so serious, Zhu Rong they received Earth Profound Dan. Shen Xiang continues saying: Because we have Old Duan here, therefore this Five Elements Heavenly Fire thunder will be very terrifying, now Tribulation Force has decided that if we can also promote to be many again some strengths, can have enough strength to consume these Tribulation Force, when the time comes can cross!”

He also puts out grain of Earth Profound Dan, this is that grain that behind him refines, the energy of implication are many! If I have not guessed that wrong, these Tribulation Force are to rely on Heavenly Thunder Purgatory energy condense comes out, this is helpful to us weakening Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord strength, making Nirvana Tribulation come more violent!” Shen Xiang laughs, eats up that grain of Earth Profound Dan. To this step, Yun Xiaodao they know that the worry is also useless, eats up Earth Profound Dan, then calms the mind to practice. Heavenly Thunder City also saw distant place that to obstruct the day Heavenly Thunder cyclone suddenly to turn into five colors on this day, this made the people guess! Many people want to enter Heavenly Thunder Purgatory to have a look at Shen Xiang dead, but actually nobody dares to go, since inside person was transmitted by Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, the entire vortex becomes exceptionally wild, close people must die, they can only wait and see in the distant place, some people of suspicions were Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord catch up to kill Shen Xiang , some people of suspicions were Shen Xiang they are resisting Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord.