World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 903
Zhao Yixuan looks at Ji Meixian, eyes sparkles, her suddenly thought that Ji Meixian is very fearful, before was insulted by her, but actually also flatters her now, exposes own ability before her, on the face does not have to hate her meaning slightly. However she knows that Ji Meixian strength, Ji Meixian in her eyes is similar to the ashes, she can blow Ji Meixian vanishes into thin air, therefore she will not worry that Ji Meixian strikes a vicious blow to her. The solution that Ji Meixian tries to find is truly good, Zhao Yixuan nodded to her, then called Feng Zixuan, although they some enmity, but actually has to join up now, this can compel Shen Xiang. This is also good, you bumped into to find Teleportation Formation first, then I waited for them to find two again, I told rule again, then you disguised the discovery law, sought for other Teleportation Formation, that killing formation left finally, when the time comes you together approaches that killing formation, I will stimulate to movement killing formation.” After Shen Xiang knows the plan of Ji Meixian, discussed with Ji Meixian. Ji Meixian is old fellow, at this time and Shen Xiang collaborates, Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan, although is strong side, but they in Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian eye are actually two not to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth tender chickens. Master, that Zhao Yixuan must leave me.” Ji Meixian said that although she shouted Shen Xiang for the master, but a that expression not female slave appearance. Good! However do not suffer dead her, we must approach Emperor's Tomb also to depend on her, that male is weaker than Zhao Yixuan, is remaining useless.” Shen Xiang said. Three people sought for these Teleportation Formation separately, Ji Meixian sought for two days, disguised to bump into to seek for one, Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan one that fifth day later sought for separately. „Do you also understand formation?” Zhao Yixuan sees Ji Meixian to squat in the ground, stares Teleportation Formation that these big trees compose, is stroking a mark with the white hands gently. Understands, I had studied before, these spirit pattern are very ancient, spirit pattern that Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm present grasps should be based on these spirit pattern founds.” Ji Meixian said that she also really understood, after all her mixed in Heaven World many years, was in itself Imperial Feather Clan.

Shen Xiang also in this Lion Mountain, because must stimulate to movement these Teleportation Formation to need very big strength, if he must stimulate to movement, with massive crystal stones, when the time comes we can discover him surely, perhaps but he will have other means that therefore we as soon as possible found other Teleportation Formation are wonderful.” Ji Meixian stood up, looked at all around: We had found four now . Moreover the great distance distance is not quite far, is very easy to monitor.” From these four Teleportation Formation, the arrangement position should have certain rule, I think that I should be able to discover another six to come.” How Zhao Yixuan does not dare to despise Ji Meixian now, after all Ji Meixian is also one generation of Daughter of Heaven, so long as gives her the time, later can also adolescence to this situation, moreover so is also skilled to formation, such Daughter of Heaven and Son of Heaven may be rarely seen, must know that Heaven World or Mortal World, Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven main goal promotes the strength, does not make other. Shen Xiang told Ji Meixian the rule, Ji Meixian followed some paths, while was explaining rule, let Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan is secret, because these were the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens arrangement, but Ji Meixian this small Mortal World Daughter of Heaven unexpectedly can see through rule now, they were clear this need to carry on very complex computation to be able to achieve. Teleportation Formation were looked, moreover by, them had not been relaxed, so long as Shen Xiang still on Lion Mountain, they hopefully found Shen Xiang, moreover now they can monitor these Teleportation Formation. Ninth! Also misses one!” Ji Meixian pretends intentionally very tired, is sweating profusely. Do not stop , to continue to give me to discover last.” The Zhao Yixuan sound becomes severe, if not she sees Ji Meixian to be skilled in the [say / way] of formation, already a palm of the hand pulled out, or is cursed. Yes!” Ji Meixian has complied with one gently, she knows how long did not need to endure again. Shen Xiang already hid in that killing formation, so long as the person arrives, he stimulates to movement killing formation immediately!

That killing formation is actually a trap, if no completely to understand that thoroughly that stele inside content, does not know that is killing formation. Ji Meixian has been ready, waits for killing formation to open, she immediately resists with divine cloth. This is last, but this is a little strange, you come quickly!” A Ji Meixian face is intentionally shocking, looks at the mark of tread. Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan enter in the woods immediately, they discovered that the mark of ground and other different, is abstruser, looks like very fierce, letting the person has to suspect that this is very likely Teleportation Formation that can lead them to leave. You know how to open this Teleportation Formation?” Zhao Yixuan asked. In the Shen Xiang heart smiles, secretly thought: I know!” His mind moves, triggers a source that under killing formation hides with Divine Sense, sees only that killing formation to stick out suddenly red light immediately, from flies to shoot innumerably in all directions red long sword suddenly, Sword Qi lacerates the space, is terrorist. Ji Meixian has divine cloth to protect the body, terrifying Sword Qi cannot penetrate her body, but actually shakes to fly her. In that instantaneous, Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan immediately emit magic treasure to resist, simultaneously withdraws killing formation, these fierce Sword Qi that but killing formation releases, ruin their immortal tool completely, penetrates their bodies, is only several suddenly, their whole body bloodstain.

This has not ended, after red light vanishes, sprays Fire Dragon, is twining their bodies, burns them to send out pitiful yells. Although Ji Meixian was hit to fly, but the internal injury is very serious, she has a lingering fear at this time, if she does not have divine cloth to protect the body, she already turned into the innumerable air burns now the meat. Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan have not died, depend entirely on them to use fearful strength to support. After flame, killing formation emits the terror the cold air, killing formation surrounding area several feet trees completely frozen, afterward breaks to pieces. Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan were frozen are unable to move, afterward is intermittent Purple Lightning braves from killing formation, in the pā lā bang is hitting them. Zhao Yixuan had not died, she is opening the eye, can see Ji Meixian to sit cross-legged to control one's breathing in the distant place, the air/Qi her tooth is itchy, she sees certainly Ji Meixian to have fierce magic treasure, is much fiercer than their immortal tool, this makes her envy. But what is more exasperating, Shen Xiang appeared at this time, he stands in Ji Meixian behind, has given back to Ji Meixian grain of spirit dan! Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan were almost mad explode the body dead, they with the toe can think that now Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian collaborated them to be cloudy! Ji Meixian eats up Life Returning Pill, restored most probably, stands to follow in Shen Xiang behind, Shen Xiang smilingly moves toward that killing formation.