World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 904
killing formation crazily is still attacking Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan, before strength not, is so strong, now this killing formation had been controlled by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang smilingly arrives in front of Zhao Yixuan. Zhao Yixuan sees his small face and he behind that clever Ji Meixian, she and Feng Zixuan torch on both eyes, although Ji Meixian is Mortal World Daughter of Heaven, but that is also keeps aloof, how to mix together with Shen Xiang? Moreover they can also see Ji Meixian very amenable Shen Xiang. tut tut, Sir Daughter of Heaven, your present appearance is really distressed, how to make?” Shen Xiang stands outside killing formation ten feet the places, shows the whole face haughty smiling face. Zhao Yixuan wants to speak, but lightning chops the body that hits her to be scarred at this time, letting her only to send out yelling of intermittent pain. This killing formation is not ordinary, moreover at this time many strength have not consumed, has Shen Xiang to stimulate to movement this killing formation, because stimulates to movement these formation methods in that stele. Although the Ji Meixian wound was better, but has a lingering fear, in this killing formation was seriously injured a moment ago, if not her hastily emits divine cloth to resist, she undying, still suffers hardship in inside now! This is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens strength, the casual arrangement is small killing formation, can suffer Zitian above expert suffers extreme distress. She thought that only then the past years her strength of peak can resist that killing formation inside strength. Shen Xiang......” Zhao Yixuan angrily shouted, but she also can only shout that these two characters, afterward was divided by together terrifying Purple Lightning. The attack that Feng Zixuan comes under is strongest, this is Shen Xiang intentionally, Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan must be seriously injured by the killing formation attack now, but he does not dare to treat it lightly, not immediately puts Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven. Do not kill her, you and I reach an agreement.” Ji Meixian sees Zhao Yixuan not to be quickly good, hurriedly said. Zhao Yixuan lies like a beach mud in the ground at this time, has not yelled immediately again, is divided to hit by terror lightning that killing formation released faints deadly in the past, that Feng Zixuan is more miserable than her, the whole body was bruised and lacerated, was some alarmed scars.

These tender and delicate Son of Heaven and Daughter of Heaven, although passes through informed and experienced, but first time eats this type to owe greatly, when facing humiliation and ache, faints for them is a big good deed. I know, but these two person anything strengths you are not clear, I have not been able to stop now, I must determine strength that they have not hit back is good.” Shen Xiang is very discrete, these two people are come the Zitian big influence Heaven's Chosen Child, the body has fierce magic treasure also perhaps. He has made Long Xueyi investigate the dantians of these two people, he must determine that these two people are unable to use the energy in within the body again. Ji Meixian severely cold road killing intent, stares at that Zhao Yixuan, the look can kill people, Zhao Yixuan was already torn to shreds. You also really hate her, hated me to be the same with before.” Shen Xiang hey smiles, sits in the ground looks killing formation crazy wreaking havoc ground that two burned black person who front that Thunder Fire occurred simultaneously. Snort, you do not know that this slut fan my many palms of the hand, she has gotten down, entire White Sea Sacred Realm is she decides, my even/including Tiaogou were inferior in her eyes that often hits my face!” Ji Meixian more said more is mad, chest is bullying fiercely, wishes one could rush over to revenge immediately. No wonder you have such big resentment to read, I was listening to very angry, unexpectedly dares such to hit my small female slave!” A Shen Xiang frown vertical stroke, is very gentle is touching the Ji Meixian handsome cheeks: Now also hurts? Does not hate to hit including me, this woman unexpectedly has hit many times!” If wants to discard them thoroughly, must take to be good their Heaven Dan.” Ji Meixian said. Heaven Dan?” Before Shen Xiang, fused plant Heaven Dan, he has not thought that in within the body of person also has this type of thing. Crossed Ninth Tribulation, after transcend to Heaven World, absorbs massive Immortal Qi, real Qi ball condense to become Danzhuang within the body, before you plant Heaven Dan that fuses is much bigger. So long as is Immortal, has such grain of thing, so long as the person died, Heaven Dan will dissipate quickly.” Ji Meixian said.

Heaven Dan of their within the body is very strong, has not been damaged, they are only fleshly body are not good.” Long Xueyi said: Soul is also very formidable, their bodies have fierce magic treasure of protection soul.” These naturally, so long as the soul and Heaven Dan again, quite in are also also living, so long as pills can remould fleshly body.” Ji Meixian shakes the head: Evidently this killing formation very difficult wound to their Heaven Dan, their souls and Heaven Dan has the fierce immortal treasure to protect.” In the past pulled out not to their Heaven Dan?” Shen Xiang said. „It is not good, you had seen that plant Heaven Dan before, their souls in Heaven Dan, so long as you stop this killing formation, their Heaven Dan will jump, then runs away! strength that in their Heaven Dan contains be much more formidable than plant Heaven Dan, if they ran to be difficult to grasp.” Ji Meixian said. Shen Xiang suddenly remembers the later situation, in his dantian has five beast image, Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, has not known, what appearance can be? Will congeal Heaven Dan? „Haven't they fainted?” Shen Xiang forwarded several steps, looks at that Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan. Their consciousness still, can hear outside sound, they are only fleshly body are not now good.” Ji Meixian replied. Shen Xiang feels the chin, said with a smile: Then Heaven Dan is they use the soul to urge?” Ji Meixian nodded, her suddenly guessed correctly that Shen Xiang must grasp anything. Immortal is this, was killed very much difficultly, especially they are vigilant now, if you do not pay attention while them, a blade chops into pieces their Heaven Dan, they completely had been finished, but now is obviously invalid.” Ji Meixian said: You, so long as trigged their soul that's alright.”

Shen Xiang must use Grasping Soul Devil Curse, trigs Heaven Dan inside soul. Swallowed that male soul, Heaven Dan was remaining temporarily, that was pure strength.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, he is away from ten feet to display, moreover must coordinate Engulfing Devil Art, penetrates to killing formation, Feng Zixuan soul devour. For was not disturbed, Shen Xiang displays incisively these two devil art, separates the spatial devour Feng Zixuan soul. It seems like this my Divine Soul wanted to be stronger.” In the Shen Xiang heart is excited, he can feel Feng Zixuan that formidable soul, can hear Feng Zixuan cursed he. The Feng Zixuan soul is resisting the soul attack of killing formation, now Shen Xiang goes to enter, cancels the consciousness of Feng Zixuan very much with ease, then extracts the soul, devour to Sea of Consciousness, lets his Divine Soul processing. Handles one! Has not thought that this killing formation also has the soul attack, but is somewhat weak.” Shen Xiang laughs, then starts to start to Zhao Yixuan.