World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 905
Feng Zixuan had been finished, in his fleshly body the grain is also containing Heaven Dan of huge energy! Now was one's turn Zhao Yixuan, Shen Xiang has complied with Ji Meixian, must leave this woman her, therefore he cannot devour Zhao Yixuan, when the time comes Ji Meixian not have the body of consciousness to revenge to one, definitely could not dispel anger. However he can live in the Zhao Yixuan Heaven Dan seal, so long as Heaven Dan strength is unable to use, cannot drill like that plant Heaven Dan. I, so long as seals up her Heaven Dan, can stop killing formation making her.” The Shen Xiang forehead projects together golden light, releases magic power, carves into restriction with magic power in Zhao Yixuan Heaven Dan, imprisons her Heaven Dan strength. Ji Meixian is gripping tightly the jade fist, that moment that waits to take revenge. Shen Xiang, your despicable villain, do you want to do?” This is the Zhao Yixuan soul is yelling. Shen Xiang sneers: despicable villain? Your not despicable? That plant Heaven Dan is I snatches obviously, but you actually want to kill me to snatch, if because of that matter, we already did not transmit to other Lion Mountain now, perhaps exited!” He starts Heaven Dan that sparkles on there blue light to carve some spirit pattern with magic power, this is can in seal Heaven Dan strength spirit pattern, he looks like from that divine book, wants presently to study presently sells. This Zhao Yixuan is not really simple, within the body has together inborn blue Ice Spirit, Extreme Yin Heaven Veins, is uses the ice cold strength expert. Shen Xiang has used three double-hour, the successful seal lives in Zhao Yixuan Heaven Dan strength, but could not continue to be too long, most can only support for three days, if Zhao Yixuan fleshly body restored to come, then she can break the seal quickly. killing formation stops, Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian such as the wind flew generally, Shen Xiang holds Feng Zixuan, Ji Meixian holds Zhao Yixuan, goes out of killing formation. The Zhao Yixuan whole body is the wound, but after leaving killing formation, world Spirit Qi emerges her body, nurturing her wounds.

Shen Xiang calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, making Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade turn into a small dagger, cuts the Feng Zixuan abdomen, drives out a grain of egg big white bead, that is Heaven Dan of Feng Zixuan within the body. Zhao Yixuan and Ji Meixian see this, blames at heart, especially Zhao Yixuan, if her Heaven Dan were taken, then she was equal to cultivation base discards. This is Heaven Dan! Inside energy is really fearful!” Shen Xiang said after a sigh. I and Junior Sister Heaven Dan has damaged . Moreover the dantian wound is very serious, we must restore, must first recover the dantian, then makes the Heaven Dan rebirth be is of great success.” Bai Youyou said. Heaven Dan is these Immortal the sources of strength, taken words, quite in a fleshly body formidable disabled person. slut!” Ji Meixian maliciously fan palm of the hand Zhao Yixuan, Zhao Yixuan, although was divided by lightning crazily, but she after is a woman, must protect her beautiful cheek not awfully, but this also makes Ji Meixian hit very crisply. pā pā...... The Ji Meixian right-hand man takes turns, does not listen to brush the cheek of Zhao Yixuan, Zhao Yixuan fleshly body also calculates very strongly, after by the Ji Meixian crazy fan, unexpectedly slightly blushes. Naturally, Ji Meixian had not planned that beats this attractive cheek, otherwise after her, has not resulted in hits. Zhao Yixuan clenches jaws at this time, in the eye full is the hatred, Ji Meixian cannot hit to love her, but this actually compares on her cuts a blade to be uncomfortable, slapping the face wound self-respect! Worthily is big Daughter of Heaven, really restores to be quick!” A Ji Meixian face is mean, ridiculed, while the fan hit the face of Zhao Yixuan. Your this rebel......”

You is a rebel, your family is a rebel! If not for before you, such treats me, I today certainly to you happiness, but I have decided that will not let dying of your such straightforward.” Ji Meixian is angry, a foot is stepping on the jade face of Zhao Yixuan, making in the Zhao Yixuan heart the humiliation incomparable. Shen Xiang is searching for the body of Feng Zixuan at the same time, wants to have a look on Feng Zixuan to have any thing, finally he only obtains storage ring. Meixian, do you plan to handle her? My restriction she was too long, it is estimated that crossed for 1-2 days she to restore again.” Shen Xiang said. Ji Meixian expression one cold, said: I must make her my female slave!” Saying, she moves on Zhao Yixuan the tattered clothes, reveals that to have the luster of the skin of scar. Shen Xiang has blown the whistling, although Zhao Yixuan the whole body is the wound, but looks like has an unusual beauty now, the scar on her body does not have being out of sorts feeling, on her thin and pale face is having the humiliation and anger, in eyes glittering the tears, ** big Daughter of Heaven of this keeping aloof, making Ji Meixian have an unusual pleasant sensation. Ji Meixian puts out together image crystal, records Zhao Yixuan by the process that she devastates. You......” Zhao Yixuan know after that is image crystal, is almost mad spits blood, she cannot move now, can only , whatever Ji Meixian organizes, making her feel what is ashamed incomparable is side also the men looks, and looks at steadily. You said again a character, I pull out am rotten your mouth!” A Ji Meixian fist pounds on the face of Zhao Yixuan. Shen Xiang feels the chin to say with a smile: This small female slave has my style, now is also thinking received female slave! That this Zhao Yixuan my small female slave? Interesting...... Ha Ha!” Ji Meixian the life Qi/angry appearance, feels afraid including Shen Xiang now, but thinks that can also understand, she was received by Shen Xiang before is female slave, afterward was maltreated by this Zhao Yixuan, both beating and cursing, she endured to be so long, now has an opportunity of vent, she naturally wanted happy. little slut, you think that my Ji Meixian is really a young mortal? The old ladies when the Heaven World shook wind and cloud, your ancestor 18 generations had not been born! You bully me for a while, I must enslave your first, obediently emit the master and servant contract, otherwise my picture spends your this small cheek.” Ji Meixian gloomy and cold said.

Zhao Yixuan is also very stubborn, a moment ago after Ji Meixian has devastated, although having mind filled with humiliation and anger, but she has not actually submitted. Her suddenly smiles crazily: Bah, depends on your this humble every strength, do not presumptuously think to destroy my appearance.” Ji Meixian has patted the face of Zhao Yixuan, said with a sneer: Now looks like this face is your weakness, seems like more precious than your life!” Saying, her white hands was falling to the Zhao Yixuan abundant chest, making Shen Xiang look at both eyes to straighten, the woman discourteous woman, she was the first time sees...... Zhao Yixuan curls upwards very high, her scar slowly is restoring, all around Spirit Qi fast emerges in her body, although she does not have the bloodlines, but is capable of this also calculating that was very astonishing. Uses taking advantage of me Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Ji Meixian looks to Shen Xiang, extends white hands. Dagger same Divine Blade of Shen Xiang that turning into has thrown the hand, falls in the hand of Ji Meixian, now he allows Ji Meixian to use, therefore Ji Meixian can take in the hand. Ji Meixian is taking Divine Blade of diminished version, has slid in the cheeks of Zhao Yixuan with the back slowly, felt that Divine Blade inside strength, her tender body trembles, this can like cutting the bean curd cuts open her face the blade! You truly very much treasure your this face, but also has quenchinged with some fierce divine object, my present strength is unable to mishandle flowers, but this blade is fierce you to be very clear.” Ji Meixian is licking the lip, expression sinister is very scary.