World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 906
Shen Xiang first time sees this Zhao Yixuan time, she covers the face with light glow, she thought that pure, cannot be seen by these mortals, but her the luster of the skin takes in everything at a glance now exposed before a she most repugnant man, moreover was being stroked by a virulent woman. I thought that she has practiced fierce divine art, builds up very thick the facial skin, can lacerate with Divine Blade.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, his pair of shifty eyes back and forth swept Zhao Yixuan was having to concave-convex the body, making Zhao Yixuan wish one could to dig to step on rottenly. Although she some scars, but actually does not affect watching, moreover increases some strange beauties. Ji Meixian sees a Zhao Yixuan face to be stubborn, said fierce: My several two, you do not emit the master and servant contract, I delimit ten blades on your face! Then your disfigured one's face appearance announcement in Heaven World, that image crystal also will take a walk various Heaven World places!” One!” The incisive knife point approached the cheeks of Zhao Yixuan. Zhao Yixuan thinks appearance that one so go down in the world was announced in Heaven World, she wished one could dead immediately, but died also uselessly, she bit the lip tightly, the forehead has been projecting one group of light glow, congealed a cyclone, she has to submit at this time, like this she can go on living, so long as also or she had opportunity stand up, otherwise she not only will die, but also her ugly performance will also spread Heaven World, that was the ratio dies also the fearful matter. After Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan establish the master and servant contract, suddenly becomes the whole face is gentle, lightly smiled. At this time her the smiling face on face is similar to hundred flowers Qi Kai, in warm sunlight like winter, warm charming, is completely different from the beforehand that succuba appearance, Zhao Yixuan looks is in a daze, she awakens now, Ji Meixian with her same is a beautiful woman, she before was only because envied Ji Meixian, like that suffered others. Zhao girl, you should know now, did? Be not thinking must defy me.” Ji Meixian has changed one set of snow white long skirt, moreover works as in front of Shen Xiang's to trade, this makes Zhao Yixuan even more think that Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian relationship is not ordinary. In Shen Xiang is holding appreciatively small Divine Blade, eyes is similar to the stars is generally bright, like the beforehand thief, did not understand at a glance that he is planning anything. Zhao Yixuan wears snow white long skirt that Ji Meixian gives, lowers the head slightly, appears very humble, looks like female slave compared with her. Moreover she does not dare to let one's thoughts wander is retaliating anything, otherwise her head will be very painful, that is the contract makes a false counter-accusation to create.

Small female slave, you looked that others are professional, you never have the female slave appearance before me.” Shen Xiang curled the lip, throws is playing that Feng Zixuan ring. In Zhao Yixuan heart one startled, she has suspected Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian relationship, the lovers and brother and sister...... Waits for many relationship, but has not thought Ji Meixian unexpectedly is Shen Xiang's female slave. Sees the smiling face on Shen Xiang that face, in the Zhao Yixuan heart in great surprise, she suspected that initially Shen Xiang forced Ji Meixian to become female slave. Was the people on one's own side, casual!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he knows that the Ji Meixian air/Qi eliminated, has Zhao Yixuan this Immortal female slave, no matter what she organized, she may be happier than Shen Xiang. Ji Meixian light lightly snorted, although now she also becomes to herself the female slave matter takes to heart, but did not hate Shen Xiang, at least after Shen Xiang received her, has not felt embarrassed her, Shen Xiang received her for female slave, after the biggest goal was to guarantee her, did not chase down Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, after letting her, cannot hit Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's idea again. Shen Xiang puts out a jade bottle, gives Ji Meixian: Spreads in her wound, making her a bit faster restore, the injury that killing formation Thunder Fire creates so is not easy to restore.” Ji Meixian has not said anything, after receiving , helping Zhao Yixuan take off the clothes, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly very aware has turned around, making Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan cannot help but low snort|hum, in the heart is criticizing Shen Xiang, before looked crisply, now actually fits out a gentleman. Now Zhao Yixuan is Ji Meixian female slave, Shen Xiang felt relieved that unties the Heaven Dan seal to her, but on her also a little injures, to let her recover completely, Ji Meixian put a large bowl blood to drink to her.

Shen Xiang cannot help but smiles: My previous time receives her for female slave time, she has also drunk my big bottle of blood, now you also drink her blood to restore the injury.” After Zhao Yixuan drinks up, thinks very inconceivable, Ji Meixian blood unexpectedly is containing very unusual strength, can quick repair her fleshly body, what makes her more unreadable is, Ji Meixian has this blood, but must drink the Shen Xiang's blood to restore the injury. Really cherishes own cheek very much, touches the feel to be really good.” Shen Xiang is touching Zhao Yixuan that juicy elegant cheek with dead keeness, does not hate to receive the hand. Zhao Yixuan wants to act crazy very much, Shen Xiang is not her master, but is actually the master of her master, she can only lower the head, depresses the unhappiness in heart. Do not be depressed, your master greatly has the background, she was past Jade Immortal Woman, she from the new practice, later certainly once more will blossom in radiant splendor in Heaven World now, so long as you served her, she will not treat unjustly your.” Shen Xiang does not hate to receive the hand, the jade face of Zhao Yixuan is truly good to touch, he wants to try on her very much other spots. Jade Immortal Woman...... didn't she die? Is this real?” Zhao Yixuan looks at Ji Meixian surprisedly, although Jade Immortal Woman is many year ago well-known characters, but the reputation still does not reduce now, even if Legend she died. „Can you not believe?” Ji Meixian coldly said, knew one have very high fame in Heaven World, her tender body overflows intermittent proud might. Ji Meixian said to Shen Xiang: Now White Sea Sacred Realm completely was controlled, you planned that what can make using White Sea Sacred Realm?”

Zhao Yixuan here is the White Sea Sacred Realm being in power person, but she actually must listen to Ji Meixian, but Ji Meixian must listen to Shen Xiang's. First, does not permit to Extreme Martial Sect fight. Second, you continue to disguise to chase down me, cannot be seen the flaw. Third, you must continue to mix in White Sea Sacred Realm, waits for my arrangement.” Shen Xiang seriously said. According to the above instruction, I will not stay below is too long, after a period of time must return to Heaven World.” Zhao Yixuan said that at this time she on this pirate ship, has only been able to obey. Shen Xiang had pondered, said: You can come up, but you before must help the Meixian consolidated good status! We later will go also to Heaven World's, moreover perhaps when you also meet!” „After later matter, said again that we rest again, adjusts the good condition on going next Lion Mountain.” Zhao Yixuan now becomes others' female slave, she thought that lets the good matter is only she does not need to be worried was stranded here, depending on her strength and in the White Sea Sacred Realm status, will have big use value, Shen Xiang will not make her die.