World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 907
Now mood best, when is Ji Meixian, now she also experiences to make the pleasure of master, before that Zhao Yixuan insulted her in every possible way, now by her ** docile, turns into a clever maid. Ji Meixian thought now some in the past in the feeling of Heaven World shook wind and cloud, moreover be crisper than that time, at that time she must look for female slave like Zhao Yixuan not to be easy. Said the Heaven World above matter with me! Do you have to hear Imperial Feather Clan?” Ji Meixian drinks one immortal spring that Zhao Yixuan is taking, that taste makes her ten shares receive. Comes Zitian immortal spring water, Shen Xiang first tasting time, tastes again and again, he looked like Zhao Yixuan to want, in three females to Hidden Jade Ring also frequently. Imperial Feather Clan, this in Heaven World is a big influence, although is only near millenniums braves, long ago existed, but before , is very secret, now many people do not know in the Imperial Feather Clan special details, but our these ancient influence actually know.” Zhao Yixuan responded in a soft voice, in her heart had doubts, Jade Immortal Woman was missing, that Imperial Feather Clan has not braved, but Ji Meixian actually knows. Ji Meixian is Jade Immortal Woman, very has doubts Zhao Yixuan to the present, she does not certainly dare to ask about a Ji Meixian more detailed matter. How many do you have to understand to Imperial Feather Clan?” Ji Meixian expression is tranquil, in the heart actually full is the hate, initially was Imperial Feather Clan starts to her, she becomes the present so. Zhao Yixuan said: Imperial Feather Clan Patriarch is not a person, is very fierce birds, concrete is any birds we are not clear, moreover Imperial Feather Clan many expert are the beasts. Is, Imperial Feather Clan has the big , middle and small influence that many humanity establish, in brief Imperial Feather Clan in Heaven World is one of the ten big influences.” Heaven World is very big, it is said had Nine Heavens and Ten Earths to say on Heaven World that ten places were the Heaven World above ten most low status regions, was Nine Heavens, that was a very great higher world, the above influence were many, can be among the best, was not definitely weak. Ten big influences?” Ji Meixian willow eyebrows light wrinkle: Has not thought that Heaven World becomes such quickly!” Like Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace these is one of the ten big influences.” Zhao Yixuan also said.

Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace are very strong, Shen Xiang is not very accidental, Suppressing Devil Temple is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable this outstandingly able person foundation, the big pile of fierce subdue demons except the devil art method, are not strange, on Heaven World, resists Demon and Devil big strength. Fire God Palace for many years in all directions plundered Fire Spirit, gathers or trains big group of advanced alchemy masters using Fire Spirit, is not only one to practice the flame, but the famous influence, meanwhile has huge pills industry chain. In the Shen Xiang hand has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, although this is thing that Suppressing Devil Temple Palace Master must have, in the hand has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, again these fierce cultivation technique that learns Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable to inherit, can become Palace Master. Has heard Imperial Dragon Clan?” This is Shen Xiang asks for Long Xueyi. Zhao Yixuan shook the head: Has not heard, but on Heaven World has Legend, has the dragon valley on Nine Heavens, there gathers one flock of very formidable dragons.” That is Imperial Dragon Clan dragon nest, has not thought that so are low-key this flock of dragons to the present, has not planned to control the meaning of Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.” Ji Meixian said. Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi whispered: „Can their this group of cowards, how the achievement imperial undertaking? That flock of stupid dragons this unsurpassed Dragon Emperor leave the mountain and other, an emperor has not led them, they are only some insects.” Shen Xiang is taking Feng Zixuan storage ring, he sighed: That fierce Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat in inside, what a pity this storage ring has his energetic brand mark, it seems like I could not take.” Zhao Yixuan looking pensive looks at that storage ring, if not Ji Meixian hates her, she perhaps with the Feng Zixuan same fate, she although now is Ji Meixian female slave, but Ji Meixian actually do not walk her storage ring, this surprises her quite. Feng Zixuan is not low in the Feng Family status, moreover he be younger than me, if gives him again some time, he sooner or later will surmount my, his storage ring inside thing is not simple.” Zhao Yixuan said.

Small female slave, you left are exciting I!” Shen Xiang sighed reluctantly. Long Xueyi said: Your devour Feng Zixuan soul, there is Feng Zixuan Heaven Dan, can perhaps take out storage ring inside thing.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, hastily puts out that grain of Heaven Dan. He plans to try, in his Sea of Consciousness also has the strength of that Feng Zixuan remaining soul, so long as simulates Feng Zixuan Divine Sense to open that storage ring, will not let the storage ring self-destruction. Immortal Dan, I want Immortal Dan.” Shen Xiang now is somewhat excited, he Ha Ha smiles, gets hold of that grain of Heaven Dan, then attracts Heaven Dan inside energy, fuses in that Feng Zixuan soul again, is concise Divine Sense. This Divine Sense and his difference, therefore there is a hope to take out that storage ring inside thing very much. Thing are many, with storage equipment of space to me, I shifted the past first.” Shen Xiang said. Zhao Yixuan hastily gives Shen Xiang storage ring. Shen Xiang many Feng Zixuan Divine Sense, then the one breath shifts Feng Zixuan that storage ring inside thing to another concise. Ha Ha...... Succeeded!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, then starts in the inventory to have any thing. Immortal Dan should not have, Heaven Level pill was very deficient in Heaven World let alone Immortal Dan, moreover Feng Family Dan Immortal for many years had not built up Immortal Dan.” Zhao Yixuan said.

Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat, this thing, although is good, but I am have more than enough, once will be troubled by the person discovery of Feng Family, this is immortal tool.” In Shen Xiang looks to begin that reduced golden color Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat. With such that Zhao Yixuan said that Shen Xiang had not found Immortal Dan, only then ten grains of Multiplying Pill, other are some assorted magic treasure, two pure white stones of fist sizes, Shen Xiang has not known that is anything, but in these two stones is compressing very rich pure Immortal Qi! What thing is this?” Shen Xiang took that two stones. Immortal Jade, compared with the top grade Immortal Crystal also precious thing.” Zhao Yixuan said. Two.” Shen Xiang curled the lip. Here had one jin (0.5 kg) Immortal Jade, if exchanges top grade Immortal Crystal, at least can trade 50,000, were many!” The Zhao Yixuan small sound track, before present she does not have, that strong appearance, after is others' female slave, because of regarding the contract strength fear, she does not dare at will the contradicting master. Before Shen Xiang, has killed one fellow who came from the space, obtains ten thousand Immortal Crystal. On Heaven World goes shopping with Immortal Crystal?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Large-scale auction room with Immortal Jade, general with Immortal Crystal.” Ji Meixian replied.