World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 908
Shen Xiang wants to go to Heaven World to have a look now, but his present range Ninth Tribulation. It seems like that Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat can only take away the Heaven World's auction to auction.” Shen Xiang receives the thing. Let's go, I think that we soon approached Emperor's Tomb.” The Zhao Yixuan complexion changes: Emperor's Tomb? Do you want to go to Emperor's Tomb? It is not good, there danger(ous), the Sacred Realm elders have reminded us very much, Emperor's Tomb has the mutation, even if has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique unable to go at will! Only if there is a very strong strength!” Went to say again that will not have the matter!” Shen Xiang feels the cheek of Zhao Yixuan, said with a smile: Arrived here, can not have a look?” A Zhao Yixuan face is earnest, is staring at Shen Xiang with that pair of beautiful eyes, said: You only obtain Earth Slaughtering Technique, if must obtain complete Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, must enter Emperor's Tomb, right!” Shen Xiang nodded: How do you know?” Records the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique tablet incessantly same place, for many years also continued you to learn, White Sea Sacred Realm had an ancestry to study, afterward also sought for this place, finally he can come out, he also saw Emperor's Tomb, but he was actually feels suffocated, he said at that time this was a trap, must open Emperor's Tomb also to need other things and very strong strength, had Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to be insufficient.” Zhao Yixuan: Needs other any things, that Senior does not know.” Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade?” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Blade. „It is not clear, is words, must have strong strength ability.” Zhao Yixuan does not want to go to Emperor's Tomb, her worry they will die there. Zhao Yixuan sees Shen Xiang to be determined to go, sighs: According to our investigations, for many years, has recorded Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique stele to appear over ten thousand times, but these for ten thousand years do not have any news, therefore after you have the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique matter spreads, many influence fight, because they thought that Emperor's Tomb will weaken now.”

Presents over ten thousand times!” Shen Xiang exclaims, Su Meiyao they also think inconceivable, this has any goal very much obviously. The Zhao Yixuan nod said: But learns the Earth Slaughtering Technique person to have hundred probably, they do everything possible to arrive at these Lion Mountain, having one large quantities of person to inquire about Emperor's Tomb, possibility that can come back only then our White Sea Sacred Realm that Senior.” Relax, cannot die.” No matter Shen Xiang these many, he arrived here now, even if cannot go in Emperor's Tomb, he must have a look outside. He leads two females to arrive in Teleportation Formation, this is can transmit to security Lion Mountain Teleportation Formation, only then knows very well the person who inscribed text can open. After triggering Teleportation Formation, Spirit Qi in Lion Mountain crazily wells up, Shen Xiang and two females the white light dodge at present, left this Lion Mountain. This is not Lion Mountain!” Shen Xiang looks at all around piece of bleak scene, cannot help but cries out strangely. They as if arrived in a being infertile open land, the barren hill extends several li (0.5km) continually, airborne is also hanging three hot suns, what most awfully is here does not have a little Spirit Qi, they stand in one giant stone that tumbles now from the mountain. We approached Emperor's Tomb! These Lion Mountain actually cover their ears and eyes, only then uses some Teleportation Formation to come here in inside, Emperor's Tomb should hide here.” Zhao Yixuan deeps frown, observes the situation eight sides vigilantly. „Is here Immemorial Sacred Land is inadequate?” Shen Xiang cannot help but associates to that terrifying place, that Lion Mountain above Teleportation Formation unidirectional Teleportation Formation, they could not go back! Ji Meixian said: So long as it seems like steps into Lion Mountain, has forwarded, did not have the road back, no matter what will come here.” Here has had great war, moreover Heaven World above expert here fights.” Zhao Yixuan looks at behind the great mountain of that break.

Hurries to look, looks to have that stele.” Shen Xiang worries, hastily emits Divine Sense, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration. His Divine Sense float in upper air, the looking out into the distance four directions, quick sees to have green spaces in the distant place, what makes his excited is, has huge Lion Mountain on that green spaces. I found Lion Mountain, we hurry to have a look, perhaps that is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens grave.” Shen Xiang excitedly said: Puts out your jade house quickly.” Zhao Yixuan shakes the head saying: Here does not have Spirit Qi, I will use the immortal room to consume my strength.” That walks.” Shen Xiang sighed disappointedly, Zhao Yixuan was the main goon, naturally cannot make her too tired. Three people run swiftly toward that Lion Mountain, when they rush to over a hundred li (0.5km), Long Xueyi and Ji Meixian simultaneously shouted: Has the person!” Some people in nearby!” The Ji Meixian whole face is vigilant, by the place that they are is many barren hills. Is one group of people, 50-60, you protected oneself probably that's alright, other gave Zhao girl to cope.” Long Xueyi gives Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian sound transmission. „The words that does not want dead, give me get lost immediately!” Zhao Yixuan shouted to clear the way coldly, currently she has the beforehand that imposing manner, does not need to be timid to other person of her. Her that ice-cold voice shakes on the barren hill to tumble many small stones, originally burning hot open land also cold several points. He He, can come here person worthily, is really out of the ordinary.” Puts on tattered the diminutive old man to say very with a smile that grazes from a giant stone.

Afterward , many hair are dishevelled, person in rags appears, these people look like likely are 50-60 middle-aged people and old people, has the male to have the female, their strengths are not weak, Shen Xiang also sees several is Immortal. This crowd of person 60, look like goes down in the world probably very much, like is the refugee, their eye as if greedy people are in pairs common, is staring at Shen Xiang steadily they, especially these hair graying old women, look at Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan these two young beautiful appearance females with the look of incomparable envy. Snort, in this type place that does not have world Spirit Qi, you also will sooner or later turn into our.” Old woman coldly snorted and said. Shen Xiang curled the lip, in his Hidden Jade Ring has massive spirit herb, moreover he also has Halting Face Dan, Beautiful Face Pill, Longevity Dan, Longevity Fruit this type of thing, he will be will not let Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan these two beautiful tender slaves absolutely ages. „Who are you?” Zhao Yixuan sees that diminutive old man to walk, drinks one severely, that blue ice cold Qi mist of body use, making that old man not dare to approach again. Who dares to approach one step, I have killed you!” Zhao Yixuan sound ice-cold, killing intent is imposing, on the air/Qi of blue ice along with her rushes eight sides, deters these intention illegal people. Zhao Yixuan was worried that this group of people walk too nearly, when the time comes is not good to protect Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian, now she protects main cherished. young miss, other life Qi/angry, we are the same with you, is seeks for Emperor's Tomb, but was stranded finally here, here you have not imagined such safely, moreover Lion Mountain of that direction is very difficult to go!” The old man smilingly said that sees his eye radically, but Shen Xiang thought that this old fellow is not the friendly kind.