World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 909
At present these old man, no matter how looks likely is not the good person, reversed image one crowd hungry very long old wolf, this makes Shen Xiang they more vigilant. The Zhao Yixuan strength makes this crowd of old fellow dread very that does not dare to move heedlessly, they also know that at present these three young people can come here, the strength is definitely good. We invited you to join, the person many strength were big, you possibly not clear here situation. I can tell you now, here has the team like us, but they are sinister and ruthless, if you fall into their hands, the consequence is dreadful.” The old man continues to say. Long Xueyi mumbled: This old man has not deceived you, now is having good several waves of people to catch up.” Ji Meixian also perceived, hastily gave Zhao Yixuan sound transmission. Quick, Shen Xiang they were encircled by five groups of people in the middle, these people looked like were very old, only then several few middle-aged people, they saw Shen Xiang this handsome youth and that two beautiful women time, the look looked like the greedy person to be ordinary. Short old ghost, you that words I heard in the distant place a moment ago, what do you mean? You were said that we weren't good people?” A middle age to that old man shouted. The Shen Xiang heart said: You are not the good people.” You really come to be quick! Good, openly expressed the words now, since everybody has here, our fight takes their three together, then has divided equally them.” That short old ghost said with a smile. Zhao Yixuan slightly frowned, revolution within the body the strength of blue ice, prepares to go all out, but she was very actually worried Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian, these five groups of people about 300 people, with her strength suitable has five, compared with Shen Xiang their strength strong has over a hundred. Three little brat, you are obediently hands over the thing, Oh! that otherwise you will be eaten by us old woman said with a sneer. Is victorious?” Ji Meixian knows their present situation very danger(ous). Is very difficult, if fight, ten people will divert me probably.” Zhao Yixuan congealing sound track.

Two female this times cannot help but looked to Shen Xiang, but the Shen Xiang old god, had not been worried. Master, what means do you have?” Zhao Yixuan asked. I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, later again do not call my master, must shout me for Dean!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled: I have certainly the means.” Subduing Dragon Sect? Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan have mind filled with immediately the doubts. Later will tell you Subduing Dragon Sect's matter, now I must receive my ring you, do not resist me.” Shen Xiang said. Ji Meixian knows in that ring to hide Bai Youyou, Su Meiyao and White Dragon, what her one curious is. Zhao Yixuan and Ji Meixian whole body dodges a white light, then on vanish from sight, was received in Hidden Jade Ring by Shen Xiang, they present a garden in that White Jade Immortal Mansion, Su Meiyao they here. brat...... your unexpectedly has such fierce storage equipment, hurries to hand over them!” Big old man exclaimed, both eyes were red. Shen Xiang guessed that these people came to be very long, because here did not have Spirit Qi, therefore their things consumed completely, now will have their ideas. I have Good Fortune Fruit, you take depending on the skill respectively.” Shen Xiang throws vigorously, loses very high that Good Fortune Fruit. Good Fortune Fruit is the Heaven Level fruit, contains massive Spirit Qi, in this crowd of person eyes, is a treasure, one crowd of person jump, rob that Good Fortune Fruit. Also there are few people to clash toward Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang emitted white fog at this time, but oneself actually turned into a small stone, is kicked by the person who a person flushed one side.

Then, he vanish from sight before this group of people, but these competent in robbing Good Fortune Fruit, finally unexpectedly falls into that short old ghost hand. In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing, that is not real Good Fortune Fruit, is he uses a stone to turn, he makes Su Meiyao smudge the Good Fortune Fruit fruit on that stone, lends a aura of confusing falsehood with the truth. But this makes that short old ghost attack from both sides by several expert, their here people also found the attack, this, turns into the small stone Shen Xiang, get lost in the chaotic fight walked. Bastard, do not hit, this Good Fortune Fruit is false!” The short old ghost exclaimed, but actually nobody believed that he had been reduced an arm now. Does not believe me to search to you, my whole body on this storage ring.” The short old ghost was being besieged by three expert , to continue again, even if there is real Good Fortune Fruit, he dies to enjoy. These expert immediately call a halt, after they see that is smudging the stone of Good Fortune Fruit juice, injured person over the face scowl. Is the camouflage, Divine Ability that it is said only then the cultivate Spirit person, can use through magic power, sows dissension, making us fight, we were played by that little rascal!” Middle-aged angrily said. Lifted to divide the person of dying.” The short old ghost deep sorption air/Qi, the complexion is ugly. The person of dying, will be eaten, but this group of people actually became accustomed, Shen Xiang freezes now, he must wait for these to walk away is good, they defended on this road intentionally, ambushed the person who specially these came, so long as passed by, will be robbed by them. In Hidden Jade Ring, Zhao Yixuan looks that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao these two beautiful must let the female who she envies, her not clear this their status, but actually that imposing manner from them saw that at present this makes she excited woman very uncommon. I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Elder Long, given name am Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, saw me not to salute quickly?” And sways back and forth Long Xueyi suddenly that plays to stand in the ground, both hands fork waist. Do not believe her.” Ji Meixian lightly snorted and said.

Insipid, pierces me all of a sudden.” Long Xueyi continues to hold a very big fruit, sits is nipping in the ground, is eating while said. I really am the Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, that little rascal is Dean, but Subduing Dragon Sect completely has not composed now, only then a few members, if you are cleverer, I will make that little rascal give you to work as elder anything!” Do not despise Subduing Dragon Sect, under the leadership of my Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, you will study many unsurpassed Dragon Martial Technique, how much time does not use, can sweep away Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, what your was Imperial Bird Clan considered as?” You are......” Zhao Yixuan ask carefully, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao that makings, making her cautious. My Su Meiyao, this is my Senior Sister Bai Youyou, have you heard?” Su Meiyao smiles charmingly, arrives in front of Zhao Yixuan slowly. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao! Heard the names of these two people, Zhao Yixuan immediately retreat several steps, on the face full is the color of fear, these two names probably have the incomparably formidable charm, was frightened including Zhao Yixuan. You are really...... Heartless Devil Venerable apprentice?” Zhao Yixuan flutters to ask. What's wrong? Are we now very famous?” Bai Youyou cold voice asked that that ice-cold look made the Zhao Yixuan back send coolly. What fears? I had chased down their many years.” Ji Meixian has patted the shoulder of Zhao Yixuan.