World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 910
Shen Xiang waits till the night, slowly moves, leaves this to ambush the canyons of many people, he does not know that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou in Hidden Jade Ring were inquiring Zhao Yixuan many matters, is that Heartless Devil Venerable is related. Across the canyon, Shen Xiang just must step a piece of prairie, but actually by a gang of formidable strength ball flier, that Lion Mountain in front not far away, so long as can arrive across this piece of prairie. This stretch of open land lived by any strange strength seal!” A Shen Xiang fist leaves, the bang hits on front that invisible seal, but a sound has not actually stimulated, he used Dragon Force. No wonder that crowd of old fellow were stranded here.” Shen Xiang understood now why here will have that many strength big people, moreover looks like is very old. Walks quickly, these people will definitely guess correctly that you will come to here, perhaps now has caught up.” Long Xueyi said. That two small female slave in how?” The Shen Xiang heavy bombing several fists, his formidable strength had been given devour by that seal, to step the prairie to be very difficult, he can only hide to try to find the solution now first again. Was speaking the intimate conversation with two elder sister together, they must make me keep secret.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang shrugs, dashes toward a distant place bare barren hill, he thought that here should have a stele anything, if can he see these inscribed texts, perhaps he has the means to leave here. This stretch of open land is infertile, does not have Spirit Qi, in the night, can see all over the sky the radiant stars, can absorb the strength and moon/month essence of some stars cultivates, but does not have specially the cultivation technique person, the speed of absorption is very slow. Shen Xiang does not have cultivation technique in this aspect, the speed that but he absorbs now is quick, because before him, integrates grain of plant Heaven Dan!

The flowers and plants trees are the world bred, was moistened by the earth, absorbs the strength of stars, the turnover livelihood essence, can grow, Shen Xiang fused plant Heaven Dan, now also has this astonishing ability. In absolutely does not have in the Spirit Qi situation, he still fast absorbs the between Heaven and Earth energy to practice, he had realized gradually the plant Heaven Dan advantage person, why will understand Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan reckless robbing. He looks at the stars in sky, deeps frown. I understood, this stretch of open land is actually Lion Mountain, but here has fierce Illusion Formation! That piece of prairie, that Lion Mountain is actually only illusion, so long as I found that stele to leave this place!” Illuminated you saying that here Illusion Formation, space formation, here was too not only big, installed next ten thousand Lion Mountain to have the possibility.” Long Xueyi said. Right, the goal that truly space formation, such makes could the person sleepily here, then through sensing Earth Slaughtering Technique seeks for that hideaway stele here.” Although here is infertile, death Qi heavy, but Shen Xiang actually induces to a wee bit vitalities, the marvelous feeling that after this is he studies Earth Slaughtering Technique, had, to earth natural special sensation. Shen Xiang thinks, but cannot grasp the center, his anxious walking back and forth, is thinking with hardship, he always thought that this is certainly hiding any thing with other Lion Mountain different places. Here has strong Illusion Formation, before me is much more formidable than in that Immemorial Sacred Land meets, moreover in inside superposition space formation, misleading the person into thinking that in this is very big!”

Illusion Formation has three types generally, what most low level deceives the eyes of person, then deceives the five feelings of person, the last type is most advanced one, deceives the soul of person, irons these illusion in the innermost soul, making people be hard to look through, the time is long, completely takes root to germinate in the soul, where no matter arrives, all that they see can with here exactly the same.” The Shen Xiang heart thump thump jumps, Illusion Formation that without doubt he meets now, is finally that type, he cannot dull too be here long, otherwise his innermost soul plants the seeds of these illusion, he later was hard to get rid. This Lion Mountain tests Divine Sense of person, looks through this Illusion Formation with Divine Sense, if I have not guessed wrong, here should hide the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique part, Spirit Slaughtering Technique!” Shen Xiang believes that this is real. Now he must do enhances Divine Sense, senses Earth Slaughtering Technique, both unify, seek hideaway stele here, reads the inscribed text, seeks Spirit Slaughtering Technique! All these are false, here is Lion Mountain, all around has the big tree, stele certainly in Lion Mountain, it seems like I must first do gets rid of this Illusion Formation.” He will not be silly seeks for Lion Mountain stele in this not real world, if seeks for stele in this inside, had not found, the person completely fell into Illusion Formation. Shen Xiang closes the eye, no longer was said by these false appearances cheats, he sits on a wild summit, he thought that here should be a tree. Before his devour Feng Zixuan soul, now he , to promote Divine Sense, has Feng Zixuan soul devour, to expand own Divine Soul! Nine Turn Dragon God Technique is operating slowly, Divine Soul in his Sea of Consciousness is also at this moment same as him, sits cross-legged on golden sea, the Feng Zixuan soul integrates Kinkai, was built up, making Divine Soul absorb slowly. So long as builds up that Feng Zixuan soul completely, your Divine Soul can enter the perfect stage! The perfect stage is the peak of cultivate Spirit first big stage! After surmounting, you can arrive at Perfection, when the time comes can cause to think the strength of law, will display Divine Ability to be stronger, will be quicker!” Long Xueyi said.

Perfection? cultivate Spirit altogether how many stages?” Shen Xiang inquired. „The first big stage is God Refining, from Divine Dao Infant Soul to perfect! The second largest stage is Perfection, this stage suffices you to practice, I now am also only at this stage.” Long Xueyi said: cultivate Spirit does not have the peak, can walk, you later knew.” One daily crosses going, Shen Xiang absorbs Sun, Moon and Stars, in Sea of Consciousness is smelting the Feng Zixuan soul, he felt at this time his Divine Soul was getting stronger and stronger, making him feel that can Divine Soul leave hole, making Divine Soul leave the human body, drifts away in between Heaven and Earth. However he does not have such to do, because of this very danger(ous), if were scattered were finished. Suddenly, two months passed by, Shen Xiang sits on the mountain top, absorbs the livelihood essence time the sound that has is not small, but actually nobody discovered. In Shen Xiang's Sea of Consciousness, that said that Divine Soul golden light sparkles, looks like very formidable, those who let his accident is, expands along with his Divine Soul, he discovered that True Qi of own within the body sublimated, the quality becomes higher! Divine Soul perfect Realm, is really fierce!” Shen Xiang opens the eye to look that all around open land vanished, what is changed beyond recognition is the full of vitality deep green forest. He got rid of this Illusion Formation!