World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 911
Here is really Lion Mountain, he can see to have many marks in the ground clearly, the place that he is, is one large formation that is encircled by many trees, so long as transmits from other Lion Mountain, will go to this place, was surrounded. He not only looks through Illusion Formation, all around all are clear, Long Xueyi can also see clearly the change of all around distant place every bit of property in Hidden Jade Ring, because of her Divine Soul to Perfection Realm. Shen Xiang understands that now why cultivates Earth Slaughtering Technique to be so difficult, actually Divine Sense was too weak, this Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is not really simple, his beforehand Divine Sense contrasted many people is very formidable, but studied Earth Slaughtering Technique, made him take a step difficultly. Now he can the clear feeling the delicate change of earth, making his more familiar earth, in Earth Slaughtering Technique many difficulties be easily solved, his Earth Slaughtering Technique attained a yet higher goal. Shen Xiang walked several steps, sees one crowd of person suddenly to brave, these people in that Illusion Formation, Shen Xiang walk now several steps, is similar to Illusion Formation inside world surmounts over a thousand li (0.5km), therefore arrives at the domain of that group of people. That short old ghost sees Shen Xiang suddenly to appear in their domains, lets him is very surprised, afterward hastily surrounds Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang does not fear, he shakes the head to say with a smile: I got rid of Illusion Formation now, thinks that you are clear this. However, you late, your this whole life could not leave this Illusion Formation.” The short old ghost was held likely a blade, immediately is angry, calls a handle long sword, punctures toward the Shen Xiang illness. Shen Xiang takes several steps, by far leaves this large formation, in that short old ghost in front of them, is similar to suddenly vanishes general. Earth Shrinking Step...... this!” In Hidden Jade Ring several females lose one's voice startled to shout that they are not the generations of commonplace, experienced, but this Earth Shrinking Step is also only Legend, Shen Xiang unexpectedly learned, but trod several steps, crossed a big section distance! This is Earth Slaughtering Technique inside step! Shen Xiang grasped now!

Leaves that Illusion Formation, Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang does not know that they discussed anything in inside and Su Meiyao Bai Youyou, but he does not have to ask that he guessed should be Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao is inquiring their Master matter. Soon found Emperor's Tomb?” Zhao Yixuan inquired, she has not mentioned at Hidden Jade Ring inside matter. No, Emperor's Tomb in Lion Mountain, where I do not know, in brief no longer here that's it.” Shen Xiang shook the head, he looks now wrapped in a shroud of obscurity, has an appearance of person of high skill. Why? If in this, you cannot in this walk through security of Earth Slaughtering Technique.” Ji Meixian is puzzled. Shen Xiang walks toward this Lion Mountain stele, he can induce to that stele now clearly. I also thought Emperor's Tomb in this, but I have made a mistake now, here is entangling the Spirit Slaughtering Technique place, to enter Emperor's Tomb, must even up Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, and cultivates certain crucial moment!” Shen Xiang with finger flexure scratching the head, said: Moreover with is the same, enters Emperor's Tomb that Zhao girl said to need something, is not Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but is a very special thing.” Oh? your how does suddenly know these many?” Zhao Yixuan knows that now the Shen Xiang's ability had was much big, before she and Ji Meixian by the situation that in that group of people besieged, possibly ran away continually difficultly, but Shen Xiang actually with ease melted. Shen Xiang said with a smile: I am reading the stele above inscribed text now, here is not only hiding Spirit Slaughtering Technique probably, fierce cultivation technique!” His suddenly stares, afterward is drawing Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan, takes several steps, Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan only sees the earth suddenly fast contraction, but they forwarded several steps, arrived in front of stele. Earth Shrinking Step in Legend is really fearful, it seems like, nobody can hold this brat.” In the Zhao Yixuan heart is exclaiming in surprise, if were not Shen Xiang held on them to walk a moment ago, Shen Xiang already cast off them.

Has the master and servant contract with him, does not know that is the luck is the calamity.” Ji Meixian wants to study that Earth Shrinking Step very much, but she knows that Shen Xiang is willing to teach her, very difficult society. Shen Xiang carefully looks at that person of high azure stele, he uses the hand to stroke the above inscribed text gently, sees only this stele suddenly to reduce, turns into palm of the hand big azure jade token. This is Spirit Slaughtering Technique.” Shen Xiang looks at this jade token with rapt attention, pours into azure jade token Slaughter Qi that own within the body accumulates completely. Slaughter Qi suddenly spout from jade token, frightened Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan retreat several steps, they only saw that palm of the hand big azure jade token to gush out many finger sizes ancient character, innumerable ancient character drilled into the Shen Xiang's forehead, looked like very strange. It seems like to us, we could not learn that Spirit Slaughtering Technique, did not have enough Slaughter Qi.” Zhao Yixuan said. This is natural, if we must accumulate this degree of Slaughter Qi, perhaps we will lose the natural disposition, but he does not have! If some day he can control this murderous aura, perhaps he can......” Ji Meixian not say that she thought some are impossible. Must become Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is not easy, although looks like he has boundless prospects now, obtains the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but does not mean that he can become Great Emperor of Ten Heavens.” Zhao Yixuan shakes the head to say. After Shen Xiang fused Spirit Slaughtering Technique, corners of the mouth turn upwards slightly, attacks with Divine Sense, this is a best cloudy manpower law, this Spirit Slaughtering Technique is very strong, moreover be more difficult than Earth Slaughtering Technique. He study, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is not needing to sense anxiously little, requires the time, did not say that wants to study can learn. Dean, you said a moment ago also has other cultivation technique, what is that?” Ji Meixian sees Shen Xiang that smiling face, in the heart cannot help but to be scared.

Hehe, that is very fierce alchemy technique, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is really fierce, anything is skilled, had not actually gone to the situation that he expects on that alchemy technique.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, What cultivation technique is? Great Emperor of Ten Heavens foundation?” Su Meiyao hastily asked. „It is not, that is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens picks, called Heaven Refining Technique, took the world as the furnace, the myriad things comes alchemy for the medicine, that cultivation technique said that in brief was very fierce, has the time I to try above that crazy alchemy technique.” On the Shen Xiang face full is excited. Heaven Refining Technique, listening to the name to think very fierce, Su Meiyao anticipates fierce of this alchemy technique. Then we do go back now? What in this piece of Lion Mountain didn't have secretly other?” Ji Meixian thinks that in this innumerable Lion Mountain is only hiding this thing, some cannot believe. Shen Xiang said: Good thing to have, but there is a life with be good, in many Lion Mountain contains massive mineral lode, but these Lion Mountain very danger(ous)! This makes Lion Mountain innumerably, on many has the large amounts of resources, is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens intentionally stays here, as for him is any intention, I cannot guess.”