World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 912
Shen Xiang leads two females to arrive in large formation, passes through that Illusion Formation on the way, they can see many people to wander about aimlessly in inside . Moreover the whole face is vigilant, even if Shen Xiang pulls out that Illusion Formation them, but they still cannot get rid, in their souls already deeply ironed that Illusion Formation mark, only if some people erase these marks with unsurpassed Divine Power. This Teleportation Formation can transmit to Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land outside, have you composed the rumor to deceive White Sea Sacred Realm?” Shen Xiang steps into Teleportation Formation, was inquiring Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan. This you could rest assured that we will continue to keep White Sea Sacred Realm, and will try hard to strive for the highest authority.” Ji Meixian said. Shen Xiang said: Do not say that Feng Zixuan is I kills, otherwise they will also send out a stronger fellow, you should better deceive them, said that I fall into the dangerous situation, a narrow escape, might die in Lion Mountain very much.” Two females nodded, Shen Xiang opens Teleportation Formation, afterward they present sores all over the eye a prairie outside Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land. This was Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian first fighting place, Ji Meixian here has eaten very big owing, now she recalled that took to heart. Hehe, you walk, later does not know when meets again.” Shen Xiang has given two female small gifts, that is two grains of Multiplying Pill, essential time can maintain life, these two female slave strengths are very strong, and has boundless prospects, Shen Xiang much looks certainly. I must meet Heaven World quickly, later will not get down again, the present is only the 10th-layer Heaven rebirth, the space is weak, we can get down easily, after a period of time, everyone is difficult.” Zhao Yixuan said. Um, I will go to Heaven World's, when the time comes also asked Sir Daughter of Heaven to look after much!” Shen Xiang laughs, is stepping Earth Shrinking Step, several have passed suddenly through the piece of mountain of distant place.

Shen Xiang returns to Green Peak City, he fuses plant Heaven Dan, the concealment ability strong, Ji Meixian spirit awareness cannot induce him, Zhao Yixuan and Feng Zixuan that magic treasure does not have idea to him, very he feels relieved tours in this city. Initially when many Immortal transmitted, because Teleportation Formation was ruined by Shen Xiang, these expert by space power of these terrors randomly were chopped like the cabbage in the space, the person who even if can live, likely was cut to pieces general. Although the matter passed for many days, but does not have to be quiet, he is still the focal point that many people discussed that young little rascal, killed that many expert, moreover Immortal, will cause a stir in Heaven World. I was expelled Extreme Martial Sect, must go back is not good! With my relationship intimate person, thinks that was staring, I well raise a disturbance these days, cancel these to the fellow who I think of a way.” Shen Xiang hears allow ancient influence still to him pursue to the end and hit hard in the city, what making him not know whether to laugh or cry, on the same day Ancient Desolate Devil Sect that crowd crossed peerless great tribulation old fellow unexpectedly to get down, they now have surmounted Nirvana Realm, has very formidable strength, making Ancient Desolate Devil Sect expand once more. I, this crowd of fellow that easy transcend, not to have thanked me, unexpectedly must ask me to revenge!” The Shen Xiang heart said that but he thinks that the grave of child of Devil God, definitely had been copied by Duan Sanchang upside down, Ancient Desolate Devil Sect possibly recognized that is he does. A matter was causing a stir a while ago entire south, was the grave of Flying Immortal Sect founder is robbed, moreover in the grave something were also attained the Pill City auction! Shen Xiang one wants to know that this ironclad is Duan Family does, Duan Sanchang obtains Immortal Jade together, was robbed by the Flying Immortal Sect's person, Duan Family definitely cannot swallow this tone!

You bully me, I dig your ancestor's grave!” Before this is Duan Sanchang, had said words, now Flying Immortal Sect all over the sky under is chasing down the Duan Family person, but the Duan Family person were too few, only then such several . Moreover the concealment ability and escaping time of everyone first-class, is very difficult to catch. Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan return to White Sea Sacred Realm three days later, the news passed on, Feng Family big Son of Heaven died a tragic death in Lion Mountain, the person who initially and Feng Zixuan went was no exception, Shen Xiang was compelled into one to cover entirely killing formation Lion Mountain, perhaps died, but Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan also used many talents to run away. This news makes many people sigh, Shen Xiang has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, now the person, have these two Great Emperor of Ten Heavens things possibly can be lost? After Shen Xiang enters Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land, chases down by White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family person, moreover many days do not have the news, now this news stems from the mouth of Zhao Yixuan, lets many person some suspicions. Suspected that Zhao Yixuan kills Shen Xiang, obtains Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but nobody dares to go to question face to face that the Zhao Yixuan strength is quite terrorist, although seems like a charming female, but a palm must pat small Immortal. Several days later, these Immortal must go back, stays in this broken place to affect their practice!” old man said with a smile: This stretch of world is we dominates.” The sound from a luxurious restaurant, inn of Shen Xiang by restaurant, after he hears this saying, in the heart sneers, these Immortal go back, but will have much to remain, Nirvana Realm will not be invincible existence. That Shen Xiang does that many matters, now is finally tranquil! The Human, Devil and Demon three territory strongest these influences agree to discuss with, after a period of time must hold three territories to discuss, probably must hold a grand meeting, when the time comes is many opportunities of getting rich, Devil Territory and Demon Territory resources lacks, we can knock their one well.” A middle age said with a smile cloudy.

Shen Xiang has also smiled: This Flying Immortal Sect's fellow is really not the good thing, it seems like I had the place to go, three territories discussed that how didn't I join in the fun good?” Temporary peace talks, Human Territory is talented, Demon and Devil now is very difficult to capture, their peace talks were worried that Human Territory hits, if after Demon and Devil, perhaps the resources development of to rely on Human Territory, will have hits.” Bai Youyou said that she is Devil World's, she always does not believe some Devil World big influences the moral behavior. Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is also good, I have the time evolution my Subduing Dragon Sect, a Dean addiction, so long as expands my Subduing Dragon Sect, which influence dares to annoy the father, I brought Subduing Dragon Sect to extinguish front.” You must ask a very strong fellow to guard the entrance, for example my this Heavenly Dragon Dragon Emperor holds the post of Great Elder, who comes to pick a quarrel, my tail sweeps her!” Long Xueyi said: Sooner or later I will lead Subduing Dragon Sect, goes to the Imperial Dragon Clan these Old Dragon face fans on.” Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, you, so long as blows to explode boasting, will be blasted by you including the world, you why must fight?” Shen Xiang said. Shen Xiang has not known place that now three territories discussed where, but he guessed that should in the southeast, there had a very big land and monster Devil Territory meets to inlay, was away from Chenwu Mainland is very near. Should in the east, the there also big cities, now be have a look, if three territories discusses, when the time comes is the big influence participates, expert will be many!” Shen Xiang said.