World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 913
Three territories discussed obtained, but the specific time had not been determined that Shen Xiang inquired the news that was not reasonable. In Devil Subduing School, young student is comparing notes in plaza, various noisy creating a disturbance sounds collect together, appears shocks, making the entire institute vital. Shen Xiang arrived at Devil Subduing School, his here old friend, is Devil Subduing School's Dean, Zuo Zhenxuan. If were not the past years, because Shen Xiang created a disturbance Devil Subduing School, Zuo Zhenxuan this old man was also stranded in the dungeon, but Devil Subduing School will not have the so huge change. Your this brat, asks me to be stealthy each time.” Zuo Zhenxuan returns to own house, sees Shen Xiang to sit the pavilion in courtyard, he place arrangement many formation, but Shen Xiang actually very much with ease came. Although Zuo Zhenxuan a white hair, but looks like very energetic, if has blacked the hair, is a vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger middle-aged guy, could see that his cultivation base makes very big breakthrough. Old Zuo, did you cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation?” Shen Xiang takes up the table above fruit to eat greatly, treats as own family to be the same here. Crossed, is really a narrow escape.” When Zuo Zhenxuan recalls transcends tribulation thrilling, has a lingering fear: Has any matter directly to ask.” In the hearsay, Shen Xiang died in Lion Mountain, but now actually bursting with energy sitting here, but Zuo Zhenxuan is not accidental.

Shen Xiang offended many influences now, before had White Sea Sacred Realm and Feng Family, in Peach Blossom Sacred Realm also some people wants to grasp with Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang has killed their Son of Heaven, but that Son of Heaven background is not small. Was Pill Association Association Master, Shen Xiang cuts to kill that Association Master apprentice. In addition, is these dies in Teleportation Formation inside Immortal, or because was at that time Teleportation Formation was ruined the injured that group of people by Shen Xiang, their respective influences must grasp with Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, itself uses precious Heaven Level spirit herb, depends on these, has made the person keep thinking on, but he looks like is very natural. I want to inquire time and that venue the matter that next three territories discussed that started.” Shen Xiang asked that Zuo Zhenxuan took Devil Subduing School's Dean, learned tenth layer Devil Subduing Energy, the strength was intrepid, was entire Devil Subduing School's most expert, three territories discussed must have him. Zuo Zhenxuan immediately in great surprise: Your does brat want to do matter?” „, I did not think when the time comes these fellows will join up to plan me.” Shen Xiang said. Right, the specific content that three territories discussed I also knew, threat of Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to Demon Territory and Devil Territory was too big, if wants to be peaceful, they will like Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appearing at the scene, or was the three parties jointly arrests you, snatched the seal Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.” The Zuo Zhenxuan nod said. „Didn't I die? Are they thinking how still the matter of this blade?” Shen Xiang curled the lip. „The influence that three territories discussed was ancient influence are many, they used some ancient means to calculate, they know that you have not died.” Zuo Zhenxuan said.

A Shen Xiang face is not feeling well: „Can they like this? My Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade has not threatened them. They threaten me actually frequently, persecutes me, oneself hit toward the cutting edge on, closes my trifling thing.” This who does not know, but you must know that these big influences the attitudes, they said anything is right, makes anything to have the justifiable reason, even if handles the matter that the natural justice is not accommodating, they will also talk into that enforce justice on behalf of Heaven.” Zuo Zhenxuan also has to eat such owing. This group of bastards!” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist. They will start the matter that arranges three territories to discuss in six months, now starts the comprehensive truce, called Demon and Devil! Starts three territories to discuss truly, at least needs one year, on the one hand they must hold you, found Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” If they couldn't find Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade?” Shen Xiang affirmed that group of people could not find. As scheduled holds, but they will sign an agreement, the three parties collaborate to catch you.” Zuo Zhenxuan said. Shen Xiang has nipped a fruit greatly, has chewed several, said: What three territories then they also do carry on to discuss? Now everybody knows the discussion content.” Knows that the discussion the content, the non- delegates'conference agrees with these agreements, at least I do not countersign! Let my Devil Subduing School's student catch you, that is makes them bring death simply, annoyed the wool you, perhaps Devil Subduing School will be torn down by you, you were not one time have tossed about Devil Subduing School twice.” Zuo Zhenxuan said with a smile. Content of discussion is not only this, the resource cooperation, exchanges cultivation technique anything, will have when the time comes also a grand meeting, when the time comes you can raise a disturbance actually, but do not despise the people in three territories to be outstanding, fierce is not only these Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven, the successors of many big influences are very strong.”

Shen Xiang knits the brows to think something, asked: What rank generally wants influence to participate in three territories to discuss?” Must have Dan King, immortal tool, trillion crystal stones, ten large-scale mineral lode, large-scale pills spreads one, but also wanted two to cross the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation strong person to assume......” Zuo Zhenxuan to think, said: Also must have famous Dean.” Under Shen Xiang feels is longing , if his Subduing Dragon Sect, does not know that he is qualified to participate. immortal tool he has, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was OK. trillion crystal stones is not for him difficult to gather, on him has many. Ten large-scale mineral lode were not difficult to find, he had Emperor Crystal. Large-scale pills spreads him to be also considered as to have one. Dan King...... Hua Xiangyue is Dan King that he knows, but she is Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, cannot draw. Two crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation expert, this also a little difficulty. As for famous Dean, he is very famous. On the fame, he is second, nobody dares to say first. Then can participate in three territories to discuss?” Shen Xiang asked that his suddenly wants to participate in three territories to discuss by a Dean status. Also wants some people to recommend, for example I was invited, I can recommend.” Zuo Zhenxuan sees Shen Xiang to think deeply about anything, asked: „Should you not want to make me recommend some people to participate?” Shen Xiang lets go saying: Naturally is not, I and Extreme Martial Sect any relationship, I have not been one not send the public figure now. However after I perhaps, will join sect, if desired, Old Zuo must help me recommend our Dean to participate in that anything three territories to discuss.” This does not have the issue.” Zuo Zhenxuan complies with straightforward, Shen Xiang to cause trouble very he not to stop, he very much likes looking at this liveliness.