World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 915
Shen Xiang arrives at one with Bai Zhan such as under the mountain generally thick great tree, this great tree has some tree hole, he guessed that in should be occupied by the person. When did these big white cats turn into monkey? Unexpectedly lives on the tree.” Long Xueyi is very puzzled. Shen Xiang carefully looks at present that bough like heavenly pillar, the great tree that the crown can obstruct the day, he can feel this big tree formidable vitality at this time clearly, moreover he is also absorbing the massive plant essence. White Tiger Fighting Clan changes really in a big way!” Shen Xiang and sits the bench under big tree, waits for Bai Zhan to call Bai Zhenzhen. Before long, Shen Xiang sees airborne to fall gently a very giant leaf, this leaf and a bed is big, falls gently gently. The big leaf above spoken parts shade throws, this unexpectedly is a 4 or 5-year-old big little girl, on her small hands takes to have many small bite marks fruits, she is holding Shen Xiang, with that immature adorable sound, tender dī dī shouted: Master, Zhenzhen thinks you very much!” Shen Xiang puts this adorable little girl, carefully visits her. Bai Zhenzhen turned into the human form, but was also too small, unexpectedly was one about four -year-old little girl, wore a fine white clothing, the round small face was very adorable, that juicy small eye was bright and intelligent, the mouth also held to some fruit juice. Shen Xiang feels her small face, said with a smile: You want to eat my fruit!” Bai Zhenzhen spits the tongue, happily said with a smile: Where has, I think you, with your together, I can eat the good thing all day, that is the 1st Stage happy day.” Said that you are really greedy, was infected by that small greedy dragon.” Shen Xiang smiles, puts out some spirit fruit, some Profound Beast Dan, making this little girl dance with joy. Do not call my master, I and you have relieved the master and servant contract, you such called me again, your parents will punch my.” Shen Xiang was worried very much that this little girl parents may be fierce. Bai Zhenzhen is transferring the small eyeball, has dug the small mouth, said with a smile mischievously: You give me to eat again, I did not call your master! You later is a my brother.” Good, for does not suffer your parents to punch, to become your this little girl elder brother, takes away.” Shen Xiang has pinched her cheek, puts out some spirit fruit, these do not calculate too high level, but is not bad, at least Bai Zhenzhen very much likes, Shen Xiang never lacks these things.

Elder brother, can you look for the prophet? I lead you to go, come up!” Bai Zhenzhen jumps up the big leaf that piece can fly. Some such adorable little girl shouted one are an elder brother, lets Shen Xiang is very happy, in the heart whispered: Is little girl, why initially some dragon and others were apart from these many compared with the incoming messenger. Gluttonous, does not have the politeness, every day takes boasting as happily, but also very color!” You said should not be I?” Long Xueyi suddenly is not feeling well very much. Has not thought that you such had self-knowledge, I said was you, dragon brat!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Snort! My solemn Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, disdains to compare with this small white cat.” Long Xueyi coldly snorted. Was right, Elder Sister Long? I think her very much!” Bai Zhenzhen controls that big leaf, bringing Shen Xiang to glide around the big tree, making Shen Xiang feel here beautiful scenery clearly, is absorbing richer plant essence. Small Zhenzhen, the elder sister also very much thinks you!” Long Xueyi suddenly ran, lets that big leaf fierce landing, after Bai Zhenzhen the leaf stands firm, throws to Long Xueyi's on, is rubbing gently Long Xueyi that chest proudly. Chief criminal!” Shen Xiang shot a look at a Long Xueyi's chest, low mumble, he thought that is this thing makes big tree Ye Fei probably be very slow. Small Zhenzhen, do you want to drink the paternal grandmother?” Long Xueyi sees Bai Zhenzhen to bury on her chest, giggle smiles tenderly Other teaching people bad things child!” A Shen Xiang face said severely. You envy small Zhenzhen!” On Long Xueyi that exquisite attractive oval face full is the color of haughty. I only eat the fruits, did not drink the milk, but some Elder Sister Long words, I also want to taste Dragon Nai!” Bai Zhenzhen said with a smile smart-alecky. Long Xueyi unexpectedly unties the front piece tenderly with a smile, has revealed most such as the milk-white bosom of jade, then hastily covers up the clothes, making in the Shen Xiang heart keep criticizing.

Elder sister does not want to see that big white cat, I walked first, next time will drink my milk to you again.” Long Xueyi feels the small cheek of Bai Zhenzhen, has given her some fruits, then enters Hidden Jade Ring. little pervy dragon, knows teaching people bad things person!” Shen Xiang low snort|hum said. The big leaf flutters to big tree hole of great tree high place, Bai Zhenzhen put to walk Shen Xiang, she does not dare arbitrarily to enter the White Tiger residence, but Shen Xiang actually, because Shen Xiang obtained the approval of White Tiger. You came finally!” White Tiger walked from the tree hole deep place. Shen Xiang sees this look ordinary young people once more, he looks like very ordinary, an imposing manner does not have, but he is actually reincarnated the rebirth White Tiger. Senior...... did you wait for me to be very long?” Shen Xiang asked. Um, outside matter I know something, I thought that you should come early.” White Tiger said with a smile. He leads into Shen Xiang a small living room, gives back to Shen Xiang to pour water, making Shen Xiang feel extremely flattered. Shen Xiang suddenly wants to exit White Tiger at this time, bringing White Tiger to participate in three territories to discuss, that is how a eye-catching matter. Senior why in I? Why thinks that I will come?” Shen Xiang thinks very strange. You obtained Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, should be Earth Slaughtering Technique!” White Tiger said: You have also gone to Lion Mountain!” Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is a lion, this White Tiger perhaps really and Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has any relationship! Shen Xiang nodded: My first time steps Lion Mountain time, God Slaughtering Hand makes me release very strong murderous aura.”

This was right. Actually, God Slaughtering Hand is not complete White Tiger Divine Weapon, is only half.” The White Tiger words made Shen Xiang stare. This God Slaughtering Hand unexpectedly is only White Tiger Divine Weapon half, moreover so was strong, when he does not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, this White Tiger Divine Weapon has given him very formidable strength, making his both hands stronger, empty-handed meets naked sword anything is very simple. Shen Xiang suddenly thinks that not good matter, his took a deep breath, said: Moreover should half not in Great Emperor of Ten Heavens there?” White Tiger he he smiles: You have guessed right, you step into Lion Mountain time, has produced the resonance with that other half, will therefore present the change.” How in Great Emperor of Ten Heavens there?” Since Shen Xiang knows that has other half, must go to find that other half is good, otherwise he will be very uncomfortable. I lend this bastard, this was a pity that he has not given back to me, but also has led into the grave, that damned place I must go in have very big difficulty.” White Tiger said with a sigh. What? This Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is really a bastard.” Shen Xiang looks at the White Tiger gauntlet (glove) on both hands, whispered: How can you lend others this type of thing casually?” He is not others, he is my White Tiger Fighting Clan one, is my big disciple.” White Tiger said. Shen Xiang has almost not held on to your hat, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens unexpectedly in Legend is the White Tiger big disciple, this White Tiger is really old antique! Actually this matter I am somewhat guilty, because you won me, should obtain complete White Tiger Divine Weapon, therefore I was considering how to make up for you.” White Tiger said. Makes up for me? In the Shen Xiang heart has smiled secretly, he later no matter how must go to Emperor's Tomb, can definitely retrieve the White Tiger Divine Weapon other half, as for making up, him thinks now. Sees the Shen Xiang stern-faced smiling face, White Tiger to have not the good premonition!