World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 916
White Tiger saw now Shen Xiang looks for him not because of the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens matter, but has other reasons, sees the Shen Xiang that somewhat sinister facial expression, he thought that he unknowingly plunges into the trap, but this dangerous situation is he digs. White Tiger Senior is a side is worthily supreme, makes up for anything does not use, that will only fold ghost brat I.” Shen Xiang smiled, shifting to a new subject, said: I need Senior to help me now slightly busy, regarding Senior, but is the slight effort.” White Tiger thought that has a deficit facing Shen Xiang on White Tiger Divine Weapon, because is he now is unable to make that other half White Tiger Divine Weapon, therefore he decides to let Shen Xiang pit one time now. What busy? So long as in my range in one's power, I will certainly help you.” White Tiger complied very much frankly. Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile: I want the discussion that participates in the Human, Devil and Demon three territories the strong presence to conduct, the words that but must participate, need some conditions, I need expert to assume personal command, if Senior is not convenient, can borrow me expert.” Did three territories that you said discuss this matter? I also know, since is the congress of Human, Devil and Demon peace negotiation, I also want to take a look, when the time comes I walk one with you.” White Tiger nodded, this for him is not the difficult matter. Shen Xiang expressed gratitude again and again, but in the heart actually liked, was almost happy that yelled. This...... brat has annoyed many people outside, will have when the time comes possibly many people to look for my trouble, therefore......” White Tiger waves: You could rest assured that when the time comes I help you solve that's it.” Shen Xiang respectful tunnel: Many thanks Senior, three territory discussions must start, I look for you again!”

Do not count on that I lead you to enter Emperor's Tomb, the Qi Shi this little rascal grave is not good.” White Tiger said. Qi Shi? This is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens name, Shen Xiang first time knew that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens name Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan do not know. Great Emperor of Ten Heavens is the White Tiger big disciple, White Tiger definitely knows about Great Emperor of Ten Heavens many, although Shen Xiang wants to know, but now is not good to ask. „Did Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die really? Does he die? Properly speaking such formidable existence, is impossible dead!” Shen Xiang has doubts very much, although he has not said that but White Tiger actually sees doubts on his face. Some things, should know you know! Regarding that phase of history, I do not want to discuss now, in brief when the next time approaches, that phase of history will surface once more.” That phase of history that White Tiger said that that has been Duan Family for many years unearthed, is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die, the Emperor Heaven disintegrated details. After Shen Xiang and White Tiger said goodbye, jumped down from that tree hole, mischievous Bai Zhenzhen controlled that big leaf to fly, caught Shen Xiang, moreover did not forget to look like Shen Xiang to beg for food. Shen Xiang likes this attractive little girl very much, although is somewhat mischievous, is somewhat gluttonous, but actually naive adorable, not like White Dragon that Hidden Jade Ring inside that attire acts like a spoiled brat tenderly. He and Bai Zhenzhen chatted a while, knows that this big tree is White Tiger makes, provides massive Life Force to entire White Tiger Mysterious Realm, is this Mysterious Realm lifeline, therefore here is also forbidden land, other White Tiger Fighting Clan cannot come at will, but Bai Zhenzhen is youngest White Tiger, was delivered to here to accept the guidance of White Tiger. The White Tiger Fighting Clan fertility is very weak, therefore Bai Zhenzhen this little brat is very precious, obtains the White Tiger Fighting Clan deep affection.

Bai Zhenzhen cannot leave the range that this big tree covers, therefore she cannot deliver Shen Xiang to be too far, distinction time, in little girl also cries to be thin crash-bang. Bai Zhan meets Shen Xiang, although the Shen Xiang's strength places in White Tiger Fighting Clan to be worst that but Bai Zhan fully realized that can obtain White Tiger Divine Weapon is how difficult, in White Tiger Fighting Clan fierce White Tiger tries to challenge White Tiger, but failed finally. White Tiger Fighting Clan respects expert, therefore Bai Zhan to Shen Xiang is very polite, but also lets Shen Xiang dull a period of time, waits for these to go out young White Tiger that to come back, then compares notes. „Does Uncle Patriarch, your prophets know outside matter? Does he exit frequently?” Shen Xiang asked that White Tiger knew about outside matter probably very much. This is mainly we sends for outside inquiring that then reports back to give him, but we do not do this, he also knows, will otherwise not call him for the prophet.” Bai Zhan said with a smile: Your this brat the matter that makes outside is really big, little rascal in our clan wants to look for your gesticulation gesture.” Shen Xiang said: Hehe, has opportunity words, I also want to fight with them. Right, asked your matter, if starry sky White Tiger must see your prophets, you will accept?” Wishes for earnestly! Starry sky White Tiger [lineage/vein] are lost fiercely, many years ago, the prophet sends expert in clan to go to the starry sky to seek, but for many years 1 : 00 news did not have! Have you seen starry sky White Tiger?” Bai Zhan asked very much earnestly. Has seen, in Sacred Dan World, named Bai Xing, the strength is very strong, he also helps me one summon stars.” Shen Xiang said. Really? I report to the prophet immediately, making him find the way to relate Sacred Dan World White Tiger.” Bai Zhan one excited, moved sideways.

Shen Xiang puts out Heaven's Crown Gate, opens together Space Gate, leaves White Tiger Mysterious Realm. ----- Prophet, properly speaking starry sky White Tiger must awaken to need to carry on a very complex ceremony, that ceremony only then you or are the elders and Patriarch of starry sky White Tiger clan can, does the starry sky White Tiger clan have Patriarch and elder exists? In the past the war of Emperor Heaven, the trim star territory had ruined, starry sky White Tiger clan unexpectedly also had the inheritance!” Bai Zhan said White Tiger knits the brows: This matter I also think very strange, for many years I despaired quickly, has not thought that unexpectedly in Sacred Dan World, as for the awakening ceremony, Imperial Dragon Clan Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] knows, it is estimated that is that small White Dragon tells that little rascal, making that little rascal help to awaken.” Immediately informs Sacred Dan World, making them investigate clearly, when the time comes I see her personally.” White Tiger looks at very importantly, for example present Bai Zhenzhen to the bloodlines inheritance, can obtain him to instruct personally, the White Tiger Fighting Clan young generation obtains his instruction adolescence to get up. After Shen Xiang leaves White Tiger Mysterious Realm, returns to Pill City fast, he must look for now Li Baojun, he does not know that now Li Baojun was transcend, otherwise he must seek reliable Dan King in addition. It seems like can only try to direct this old fellow with high level herbs to be good.” Shen Xiang goes to the place that the issue posts a reward, that is tall tower that Pill Association establishes. With Longevity Fruit, this thing I duplicates one with great difficulty.” Su Meiyao said that but Longevity Fruit Immortal Fruit, consumption Soul Creation Fluid.