World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 917
Shen Xiang in the hall issued that looks for missing persons to post a reward the command, here also many people issued such thing, highest also has many hundreds of millions crystal stones rewards. He does not certainly make the reward with Longevity Fruit, he planned that directs Li Baojun with Longevity Fruit, but the reward is not low, is grain of Profound Elemental Temper Body Dan, Earth Level High-Grade Body Quenching Pill, in some urgently needed person eyes, is more precious than Life Returning Pill. Shen Xiang emits looked for missing persons to post a reward the command saying that must seek for a old man appraisal to help alchemy, posted a reward to make above to have the old man portrait, the Longevity Fruit image, the meaning was to let that old man Longevity Fruit refined into pill. If can find the person, Shen Xiang complies to give Pill Association grain of Profound Elemental Temper Body Dan to take the reward, therefore Pill Association passes on quickly the news. Li Baojun nobody knew, but some Longevity Fruit actually many old alchemy masters recognize, especially these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm inside Dan King, passes and out several times Dan Tower every day, wants to meet with Shen Xiang, wants to have a look at that Longevity Fruit appearance with own eyes. Longevity Fruit eats directly can increase ten thousand years of life, regarding person who many cannot break through, this is heaven defying changes the life the thing, if to Dan Immortal refined into Immortal Dan, builds up two grains, that will increase 20,000 years of life, even if a mortal lives for 20,000 years to become a ghost, let alone is the person of spiritual cultivation? In Human Territory has many Immortal, gets down from Heaven World, let alone these Immortal, are on Heaven World Big Shot of these big influences, perhaps will snatch insanely. practice can let the person longevity, but is not Eternal Life, afterward especially when arrives cannot break through own cultivation base, so long as stagnates is too long, rapidly will pass away, if can increase life essence, will have a slim chance of survival, but Longevity Fruit, can let this kind of person rebirth, this kind of person generally is strength very strong old fellow. This is response that Shen Xiang needs, he knows that now many people will help to give this message, will link when the time comes perhaps Heaven World to pass. Longevity Fruit is more significant regarding the significance of alchemy master, in Heaven World, Immortal Level herbs is scarce, now has the opportunity to refine Immortal Level herbs, even if will be Dan Immortal will unable to bear. Shen Xiang estimated that Li Baojun is only Dan King, even if cannot refine Immortal Dan, will post a reward the command to compel by this. In he also in that posted a reward to make to leave behind some ciphers, so long as Li Baojun saw, certainly will recognize is he.

In order to seek for Li Baojun, Shen Xiang must continue to keep in Pill City, he planned starts to study to refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan, but he has attempted with dual Refining Simulation Technique in the mind, directly has been repulsed, the difficulty was too big. You just grasped good 2nd level Refining Simulation Technique now, when you use 2nd level refining simulation has one's wish, again studies 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique.” Su Meiyao said. high level pill is herbs is not only formidabe, but also the unknown variable are many, Shen Xiang thought one grasp 3rd level Refining Simulation Technique, cannot perfect refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan, he only will be when the time comes same as other alchemy masters, can only have a grain of pill! He thought that if he wants to use good herbs to come alchemy completely, at least must grasp 4th level Refining Simulation Technique, can make Earth Level High-Grade Dan have pill to be many, can very waste uses herbs. Many alchemy masters are eager for quick success and immediate gain, Earth Level High-Grade Dan only pursues pill, does not pursue the quality, therefore excellent quality pill, the price compared with the Low-Grade quality is higher than more than one time. Can study study Heaven Refining Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique while these days!” Shen Xiang rents a small house, starts to study thoroughly Heaven Refining Technique, immerses consecutively for several days, forgot that Pill Association has a look to have the news. Was too fierce, no wonder only learned including Great Emperor of Ten Heavens little, this Heaven Refining Technique was really too formidable.” Shen Xiang looked continuously for several days, the exclamation again and again. Fierce?” Su Meiyao, over the two days she called Shen Xiang curiously, Shen Xiang has not responded her. Heavenly Thunder refined into pill, mountains and rivers refined into pill, formidable beasts refined into pill, absorbs alchemy various between Heaven and Earth energies, Sun, Moon and Stars refined into pill......” Shen Xiang murmured, if not he has this Heaven Refining Technique, he will not believe this absurd idea.

This...... Is this matter that the person can handle?” Su Meiyao is also unbelievable, but this Heaven Refining Technique but before Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, has practiced, moreover cannot study entire. Does not know that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens could achieve a small part!” Shen Xiang long sighed that this Heaven Refining Technique is extremely abstruse, moreover needs very formidable strength to try to find out that depends on him now, has a look to introduce anything's good line. Weak of this Heaven Refining Technique to present you? Has alchemy technique that the suitable person to study?” These that Su Meiyao tenderly snorted and said, Shen Xiang said before, she thought that only then the god can achieve. Has, is a small skill, simultaneously refines many herbs, can build up many pill one time! Moreover does not depend upon alchemic furnace to refine, I can improve, increases Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, this will be easier.” Shen Xiang said. This is actually good, can pick up the alchemy master alchemy speed, especially regarding you!” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also thought that this method is good, because his herbs are many, must support sect or is a pills shop, only then his alchemy will have enough to do. Anything else? Su Meiyao also asked. Shen Xiang shook the head: Following has not gone to read, before I looked is narrated that refines that pill, I first try one time to refine many pill now.” He makes Su Meiyao process three Building Foundation Dan herbs, if he must found sect, massive Building Foundation Dan are essential. Building Foundation Dan is Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, but refines words of furnace, is simplest regarding Shen Xiang, but now he must simultaneously refine three furnaces.

In the secret room has three herbs float, before Shen Xiang has tried also refines with Illusionary Brilliant Furnace and alchemic furnace, but now he must refine three furnace pill with three Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, this has very high request regarding Divine Sense. That Heaven Refining Technique needed the Divine Sense very strong person to study, will otherwise not put together with Spirit Slaughtering Technique. Float three herbs, place in three transparent alchemic furnace separately, Shen Xiang puts the produce fire flame, starts to smelt herbs. When Shen Xiang crosses peerless great tribulation, integrated the type of that Tribulation Fire, making Universe Fire Spirit more formidable, Universe Fire that he releases under his exquisite control, making Building Foundation Dan herbs melt instantaneously, herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder were separated. This is the Fire Spirit advantage, the flame can smelt herbs instantaneously, but will not make herbs be affected. Three groups are sparkling azure light Qi ball is revolving in the secret room, revolves each time, azure light violently is dodging, is very dazzling, is similar to stars in three nighttime sky. What alchemy technique did this call? If Illusionary Brilliant Furnace can't study?” Su Meiyao looks at ten to divert attention itchy in Hidden Jade Ring, wishes one could to start to study now. This called Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique, most can simultaneously refine 10,000, Hehe, very scary right! However according to Heaven Refining Technique, this is not used to refine pills, but these things that before is refines me, to say......”