World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 918
Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique, simultaneously refines Wan Ludan, Su Meiyao thinks that scene, thinks to shock! Shen Xiang refines three furnaces, that light glow gave people very strong visual impact, let alone 10,000 furnaces, hundred furnaces can scare to death the person. Was right, on Heaven Refining Technique also has when alchemy increases some spirit pattern anything, but I have not seen that part!” Shen Xiang said that he only tried one time to refine Innate Nine Elemental Dan before, afterward when alchemy he also wants to increase some spirit pattern, strengthens the effect, but he discovered that many spirit pattern formation are not suitable to use on alchemy. He aspect to spirit pattern and accumulation in formation also calculated much, can only say that spirit pattern for alchemy aspect was really too few, if necessary, but also needed him to develop. Naturally, if he studies that divine book, perhaps will make very big breakthrough. Then, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens these Lion Mountain should not be he will use this technique to build up!” Long Xueyi suspects to say. In Shen Xiang heart one startled, is almost distracted, making that three groups of Qi mist almost diverge, in he handles under the rich experience of difficult problem, was steady. Is very likely, because of Heaven Refining Technique not only mountains and rivers earth refined into pill, can build up the mountains and rivers earth, can through absorbing between Heaven and Earth strength, replaces the world to build up the myriad things, increases some powerful formations when the refinement, can be these Lion Mountain.” Shen Xiang said. Was too fearful, it seems like Great Emperor of Ten Heavens studies well!” Bai Youyou this female devils are absolutely terrified, she thinks Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has used long time, consumes many manpower to construct these Lion Mountain, but if with that Heaven Refining Technique, a person can build up! Three furnace Building Foundation Dan have succeeded quickly, a four grains of furnace, here has 12 grains! This Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique starts to need to grasp does not depend upon pill furnace alchemy, then simultaneously controls many pill furnace, needs to control the fire and with the skill that Divine Sense controls, in Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique has the record. Refines the words of three furnaces, regarding Shen Xiang was too simple, because he had the foundation.

Ten furnaces! This should be very difficult.” Shen Xiang puts out ten Building Foundation Dan herbs, controls these herbs to flutter with magic power in the secret room, then releases ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, installs these herbs. Ten furnace Building Foundation Dan are good to build up, ten furnace Profound Beast Dan?” Long Xueyi imagines Shen Xiang to refine ten thousand furnace Profound Beast Dan scenes one time, when the time comes Profound Beast Dan can pile becomes a hill, she can sway back and forth above. Studies ** the Ten Thousand Refinements Technique also advantage, can make him be familiar uses Divine Sense, although he has formidable Divine Sense, but he, if did not understand that the skill uses, that is only the ornaments, is just like such as one to have a strength robust man, did not understand that uses martial skill to display strength, was only clearly blind his strength. Therefore Shen Xiang needs to carry on the practice in this aspect, letting him to have one's wish to control his powerful Divine Sense. The secret room is somewhat small, ten furnace Building Foundation Dan are divided into two rows to think very crowded, herbs had been melted refined into herbal Spirit Qi, Shen Xiang is controlling herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fuses together, forms Qi ball that ten groups of azure light explode dodges, is similar to ten azure small Sun is ordinary, the entire secret room was fulled floaded operation by azure light. Shen Xiang is sweating profusely at this time, brow tight wrinkle, the frown is also beating, he discovered that he has powerful Divine Sense spatially, but controls actually such being incapable. He has to suppress these cyclones with magic power, but the situation is also same, he has vast magic power, can display very formidable Heavenly Dragon Seal with magic power, but must make his cautious and solemn control refine ten furnace pill, actually that difficult, making him feel that is hard to achieve! Was defeated!” Shen Xiang or some first time this feelings, are not Divine Sense are insufficient, is not strength is insufficient, does not lack the experience, but cannot display own strength. Do not be discouraged, discovered that own shortcoming is always good, are least you to correct now, you can borrow Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique to practice now well.” Reason of Su Meiyao nature clear Shen Xiang failure. Junior Sister said right, you have done now very well!” Bai Youyou is also encouraging other people, in recent years, two females both are so, this also makes Shen Xiang always after the failure competitive.

If learns, you could change with Transformation Technique more patterns, you use this Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique to make you establish the foundation, after you build up ten furnace pill successfully, I teach you again.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang puts out ten Building Foundation Dan herbs, from starts newly, these herbal Spirit Qi diverged, only then minority vestiges in secret room. He starts to immerse in Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique now, although is very difficult to grasp, but he took now one step, when he can build up Building Foundation Dan, he will try other advanced pill. ----- In Pill City, starts to live it up, front several times because of Shen Xiang, but this time because of that Longevity Fruit, many people have the crooked thoughts, wants to rob it. That posts a reward to make also again, nobody has seen Li Baojun, especially these Dan King, they know the person who the issue posts a reward to make assigns to want Li Baojun Longevity Fruit refined into pill, explained that the Li Baojun alchemy level is very high, but such person nobody has actually seen. Make the people feel very much what is a pity, posts a reward to make above not to have the name, otherwise they can see anything according to the name. Longevity Fruit is regarded as this present age has presented other most advanced herbs, because this is Immortal Fruit, has this type of thing in this Mortal World, the people cannot help but suspected, is really Mortal World? Naturally, now many people know that this Mortal World once dominated above Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, was called Emperor Heaven, but declined now, therefore many people or the names are Mortal World. In Dan Tower is very lively, pushes is waiting for the Longevity Fruit master to appear in inside person, who they want to take a look at that person are.

A look ordinary middle age, puts on very simply, his appearance and many people have the striking contrast, person but who this Pill City the big city, mixes in this inside, majority are rich the fellow who flows the oil, even if in Xiaoer (waiter) of shop work, storage pouch inside crystal stones will not be few. This does little rascal, what matter draw out me arrives at the bottom for? I already ate up Beautiful Face Pill luckily, otherwise definitely will be tired to die now.” In this middle-aged heart was whispering, he was Li Baojun that Shen Xiang must look , was also many situations kicks with the person who large quantities of people looked. Li Baojun came, posted a reward to make the issue the third day he to arrive at Pill City very much long time ago, because of him in King Continent, he concealed identity, uses his Master Li Tianjun to leave his wealth, purchased many spirit herb, was used for alchemy, stepped up own level. Do not visit him to put on poor, his storage equipment inside pills can die Pill Association many Dan King greedily, perhaps also only then Shen Xiang cannot have a liking for his pills. Li Baojun naturally also comes for that Longevity Fruit, so long as is the alchemy master, does not have excited, although he had not found Shen Xiang, but he actually patient very waiting, he also rejoiced one know Shen Xiang, otherwise is hard to have the opportunity to approach that Longevity Fruit.