World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 919
In the small house in Pill City remote place, Shen Xiang is refining ten furnace Building Foundation Dan in the secret room with Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique. Now his in the mind is also carrying on ten furnace pill's refining simulation, this and Multiple Refining Simulation Technique is different, Multiple Refining Simulation Technique is refining simulation furnace pill's various changes, then many refining simulation results fusion together, obtains the correct result, the process is very complex. However this respectively is ten furnace pill carries on the refining simulation process not to be easy, Shen Xiang failed now six times, but is defeated after each time, from refines newly, he is progressing. In the secret room by dazzling azure light and golden light is flooding, Qi ball suddenly of ten groups of stable revolving trembles, Shen Xiang entered to the final congealing pill stage now, he must be divided into four each group of Qi mist, then congealed pill. This is a very difficult work, but Shen Xiang controls Divine Sense to have very big promotion now, ten groups of [gold/metal] azure Qi mist is splitting slowly, not long, in each transparent Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, four groups of azure stingy spins, in the entire secret room have 40 groups, float sparkles to shine in flake gold azure sea, is similar to 40 grains of flash goal stars. Now Shen Xiang arrived at the most essential time, concentrates pill! Although ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace are transparent, but that also with magic power condense, there is essence strength, now appears is unstable, simultaneously is shaking, making the entire small dwelling shiver. The Shen Xiang whole body is the sweat, is slightly painful, at this time his Divine Sense reached the limit that he has controlled, if continues to insist again, only then two results, either Divine Soul is injured, either breaks through successfully. The Divine Soul injured no small matter, he started hesitant, was persists in congealing pill, gave up! Now to has congealed finally pill's key, only misses step him to succeed, if gave up, he misses this breakthrough the opportunity. His to Divine Sense control, although enhanced, but is limited, he was unable to control oneself that formidable Divine Sense completely.

Ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace must disperse, 40 groups of cyclones start not to be unstable, Shen Xiang clenches teeth, sinks to roar, completely lets loose the hand to do, disregards all consequences releases oneself all Divine Sense and magic power, fuses together both, forms a naked eye obvious golden color multi-colored sunlight, covers these Qi ball. This is Divine Power, Divine Sense and magic power perfect fusion transforms, I also reluctantly can practice now! This does not conform to the common sense, his Divine Soul at least must arrive at Perfection Realm to practice Divine Power to come!” Long Xueyi is very depressed, she to practice Divine Power, is the fee completely mind, grasps to practice the Divine Power method under her inheritance memory and cause coincidence. Enters into Perfection is the cultivate Spirit minute of scenery lead(er), to enter into Perfection, needs to pass becoming aware to be good, especially humanity. „Has matter that on this little rascal has when conformed to the common sense?” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Said that little rascal did enter Perfection Realm?” Did not have, but he was half treadons into, I think before he at least must become Immortal can grasp principles this, really has not thought that he bumped into to cause Divine Power to come in alchemy.” Long Xueyi is not feeling well, low snort|hum said: Blind cat runs upon the dead mouse.” Regarding Long Xueyi this small lazy dragon, sensed anything wanted her life simply, but before , when she entered into Perfection this Realm, but also was self-satisfied, because she was satisfied to her practice speed, thinks that was fiercer than Imperial Dragon Clan inside Imperial Dragon, although she has had many pain. But how now Shen Xiang senses to the concise Divine Power means that this makes her very comfortable, envies very much! Shen Xiang does not know that what happened, in order to congealed in him a moment ago the pill success merit, reckless releases Divine Sense and magic power, in that instantaneous, he only thought one enter a very marvelous condition. He can feel Divine Soul in Sea of Consciousness to absorb Divine Sense in Sea of Consciousness clearly crazily, Divine Soul as if Sea of Consciousness fuses together, magic power and Divine Sense can very relaxed fusion together, turns into very formidable invisible strength, making him think to be able with this strength some mountains pulling out. light glow in secret room vanishes, 40 grains of Building Foundation Dan float, Shen Xiang Divine Power receives, these Building Foundation Dan gather together, floats toward him, then put in a jade box by him. Is the excellent qualities!” Shen Xiang said very happily, although had some strange matter a moment ago, but he does not know one such quickly practice Divine Power.

Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: little rascal, you cultivated Divine Power, didn't you know? Said that with me a moment ago what happened, I direct you.” Truly had some mutations, I felt that I can control these formidable magic power and Divine Sense now very much with ease.” Shen Xiang said. This is the affirmation, because these strength changed the become god strength, was controlled by you, but you did not have to transform Divine sea Sea of Consciousness completely.” Shen Xiang told Long Xueyi the change in Sea of Consciousness a moment ago. Long Xueyi exclaims: Small monster, your unexpectedly started to carry on Sea of Consciousness to transform, you had Divine sea not long, when the time comes magic power and Divine Sense will merge into one organic whole, later had Divine Power!” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile: Said that I can enter Perfection Realm quickly?” Also misses far, but can be doomed you to enter into Perfection Realm, your Sea of Consciousness is very big, must transform also requires the time, how long me wants not to be indefinite! Really is a small monster, Sea of Consciousness is more inborn than cultivate Spirit Imperial Dragon also to be bigger us.” Long Xueyi whispered: This is my this Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor has a good teaching method. Um, certainly is this.” On cultivating Divine Dao, Long Xueyi really has very big merit, therefore Shen Xiang also very much thanked her. Many thanks, Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, coming out has made me kneel down and thank quickly.” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile. Snort, exits to give you to pinch the face? I am not dry, the face of my Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor is no one can pinch!” Long Xueyi snort|hum said.

But I have pinched many times.” That is I am magnanimous, does not haggle over with you, later will not give you to pinch again randomly.” Shen Xiang smiled, he decided when later Long Xueyi comes out, must rub her to be possible well the cheek of person, if possible, rubs including her chest together...... Should have a look at our Dan King to find.” He flushes the clean body, changes clothes, transforms the appearance, walks toward Dan Tower. Li Baojun every day outside Dan Tower, although he does not know that Shen Xiang will find him with any way, but he other means that do not have every day here to squat now. Shen Xiang approaches Dan Tower, induction to very familiar aura, this makes him like very much, because Li Baojun came.