World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 920
Dan Tower hall many people, Shen Xiang looked at a Dan Tower inside hall, then diverts the attention to outside crowd, is seeking for the source of that familiar aura. Quick, he noticed that puts on the simple middle-aged man, although Li Baojun was then younger, but Shen Xiang can the outline from his face recognize. Li Baojun sees a small child of undistinguished appearance to walk toward him, immediately frowned, because the present person likely is not Shen Xiang, moreover does not have any change appearance trace, from the True Qi aura, is only Peak Realm martial artist, such person grasps in Pill City big. Is I!” Shen Xiang smiled to Li Baojun. Li Baojun stares, why he still approaches him in a strange such person is, has not thought that this is really Shen Xiang. Senior, goes to other place to discuss.” Shen Xiang gives Li Baojun sound transmission. Li Baojun hastily nods, he started to be excited now, because he can see that Longevity Fruit quickly, Dan Tower inside has many old Dan King to appear and other Longevity Fruit, but actually does not know person who has Longevity Fruit, is that Shen Xiang unknown whereabouts. Hehe, walks.” Li Baojun is building the Shen Xiang's shoulder, wants a bit faster to go to a convenience speech place, then has a look at that Longevity Fruit. Shen Xiang brings Li Baojun to return to that small house, enters in the secret room, then changes own appearance, this looks at Li Baojun for the first time one startled one. What did you eat to change the appearance pills? This was too fierce, what pill is? It is said this type changes Rong pill belongs to Heaven Level low-grade, not only can the fluctuation appearance, but can also change illusory body,...... Sex.” Li Baojun said. Is the change appearance powder, can only change turns hostile, I by luck obtain one.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. The Li Baojun nod said: actually is the change appearance powder, this is Earth Level High-Grade pills. The efficacy can survive for three years, in three years can urge a round of efficacy, making the muscle on face have the change, achieve the change appearance the effect.”

This Li Baojun really obtained the inheritance of Li Tianjun, so knew about pills that these pills are many alchemy masters has not listened. Senior, should you eat Beautiful Face Pill?” This is natural, I do not want to eat, but does not have the means that your brat made my portrait paste then all over the sky under.” Li Baojun said with a smile reluctantly. Was good, what matter had to speak frankly?” Li Baojun just said that also asked: „Do you have that Longevity Fruit really?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I have, I asked Senior to help, so long as the matter completed, I can give you Longevity Fruit!” Li Baojun hurriedly said: What busy? Let alone one, ten hundred are not the issues.” Shen Xiang suddenly wants to make Li Baojun help ten hundred busy very much, but he thought that this is not good, he only planned to let the Li Baojun sufficient facade, but he actually wants to make Li Baojun stay in his Subduing Dragon Sect now. This matter will possibly delay the Senior 1-2 years......” Li Baojun waves, said: Let alone 1-2 years, 1,000-2,000 years are not the issues, have Longevity Fruit this thing, do you also haggle over the time with me?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Also right, I want to make Senior make my sect's Dan King temporarily, because I must participate in that three territories to discuss. If my sect has two strengths to surmount Nirvana Realm expert and Dan King, I can find the person to recommend. So long as three territories discussed that we cooperated.” Senior, should you cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation?”

Li Baojun wants not to think that said: I crossed certainly Nirvana Ninth Tribulation. You on this minor matter that wants me to do? Then did you give me Longevity Fruit? This was also too simple!” Um, but helps me support the gathering place temporarily.” Let alone temporarily, how long supports not to have the issue? Right, after you were expelled Extreme Martial Sect, what sect have you joined? unexpectedly has sect to dare to receive you, this sect is certainly extraordinary! How to lack Dan King?” Li Baojun starts to have doubts now, Shen Xiang has handled these matters can he not know? Shen Xiang has coughed, said: Is called Subduing Dragon Sect!” Subduing Dragon Sect? Why doesn't this plan and dragon to? Really a little sect, who is Dean? Leads me to see him!” Li Baojun nodded. Dean...... Dean is I, this Subduing Dragon Sect is I founds, the present is every insufficient, the entrance is undecided, the industry does not have temporarily, but later will be good.” Shen Xiang is somewhat awkward said. The Li Baojun corner of the eye has twitched: What sect does this calculate? However, what I also want to try to visit one's parents handle sect to establish am!” Your can brat participate in three territories to discuss? Should not be will disturb?” Shen Xiang hee happily said with a smile: Naturally is not, I have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, I thought that I cannot absent.” He puts out a black fruit, gives Li Baojun, making Li Baojun look at both eyes to straighten, although this fruit is gray, but he recognizes this is Longevity Fruit. Li Baojun is not silly, he joins Shen Xiang also to consider. Before Shen Xiang with Li Renshan this name pretended to be the Li Tianjun successor, his very life Qi/angry, but afterward knew is Shen Xiang, moreover there is precious Heaven Level spirit herb, he guessed that Shen Xiang had certainly any fortuitous encounter, obtains medicine garden that a great person kept.

Currently Shen Xiang also has Longevity Fruit, this type of thing is unusual in Heaven World, if he can practice Longevity Dan with Longevity Fruit, he perhaps is young Dan Immortal, thinks of that moment, he is excited. I reach an agreement first, I am only alchemy, will not fight, is not the goon! But I can guarantee that your goon has enough pills! Therefore when you and my together, do not stir up trouble anything.” Li Baojun was saying, receives Longevity Fruit, Shen Xiang such straightforward gives him Longevity Fruit, showing is the absolute trust he. Shen Xiang nods again and again: Relax, Dan King is very important regarding sect, I will not do this foolish matter. Right, Elder Li, do you currently have a better place to make us find a place to live temporarily?” In a hill outside city, comes with me.” Li Baojun said that he obtains Immortal Fruit, now Shen Xiang makes him act as the goon he to be glad. Shen Xiang has not thought that Longevity Fruit can win over to strength very powerful Dan King, he is also very happy, Longevity Fruit he also has, so long as later has the time, he can also cause several. Li Baojun guides, bringing Shen Xiang to go out of Pill City from the north gate, just went out of town in them, Shen Xiang discovered that is having several strength suitable expert to catch up, these expert are in Pill City. Li Baojun has also discovered that he looked at Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang hastily let go, said: I did very much covertly, this and my No problem!” Dean, if these fellows must kill a person and take his possessions, how I here did butcher them?” Li Baojun asked. On the Shen Xiang face has shown the smiling face, said: Elder Li, should not be impolite with me, optional that's alright.”