World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 921
Li Baojun and Shen Xiang do not walk, here the person who waits for these to track them to go out of town. Shen Xiang is very curious, why these people will stare at them! After plant Heaven Dan that he obtains, can integrate in the nature, Ji Meixian spirit awareness cannot induce him, Zhao Yixuan looking for missing persons immortal tool that takes from Heaven World also expires. Person who strength comes is very strong, making Shen Xiang somewhat restless, moreover from these aura, should Immortal from ancient influence, crossed the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation person. Elder Li, do you go against cannot withstand?” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice. Does not have the issue, as an elder, having a strength to be how good?” Li Baojun is very self-confident, obtains Longevity Fruit him, was happy that wants to hit the person, now some people deliver to call him, he does not hit does not hit in vain. Person who comes has five, Shen Xiang sees several forms to fly to leap up from the city gate, then surrounded them. These five people are crane send old man of young face, although white-haired, but on the face does not have the wrinkle, maintains extremely good. Five old man encircle Shen Xiang and Li Baojun in the middle, are very massive with the unfriendly look Shen Xiang and Li Baojun. Li Baojun looks at grey robe old man, said with a sneer: actually is you, has not thought that my unexpectedly has misread the person!” Shen Xiang understands immediately that actually is not he is recognized, but was Li Baojun is betrayed by his friend. Longevity Fruit in your hand?” Although that grey robe old man betrayed Li Baojun, but does not have any guilty color, watches intently Li Baojun, loud voice is asking. Right, Longevity Fruit in my hand, there are to plant to snatch!” Although on Li Baojun face few tranquil, but in the heart is angry, he does not have to think own unexpectedly will be blind, has become friends with this fellow.

Portrait that Shen Xiang that posts a reward to make, Li Baojun is old man, now turns into a middle age, explained that he takes massive Beautiful Face Pill, this makes that five old man envy, because they also want to restore the young appearance, but does not have enough Beautiful Face Pill. Elder Li, except for this fellow, other four Old Turtle is Feng Family!” The Shen Xiang's sound is very loud, enrages these people intentionally. Li Baojun said with a sneer: Early hears, these ancient influence are the robber rebel family backgrounds, has not thought really so, Ha Ha...... Has not thought that today will snatch my this Li persons head to come up.” Li Baojun, hands over Longevity Fruit, cuts again this brat persons head, we ask you to leave.” Feng Family old man indifferently said, that facial expression, resembles is day Old Wang is the same. Shen Xiang can feel the Li Baojun anger, Divine Soul formidable he, at this time thinks the sleep to see the Li Baojun strength, therefore he now is also secure, because the Li Baojun strength imagines compared with him also strong, what is more important, Li Baojun within the body has strange flame strength, feels including him somewhat frightened. Old Turtle, kneels to kowtow to admit mistakes to father, I can forgive your life.” Li Baojun angrily said. Snort, do not think that can refine two furnace Heaven Level pill on the unmatched in the world, since your to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, that do not blame me.” Feng Family that old man sneers, five fingers, turns into a dense wolf claw, stresses the space to shiver, toward Li Baojun flexure in the past. The might that this stresses is fearful, the earth is shaking. Snatches the person thing, but also rational inadequate? Feng Family, you remember to me, my Li Baojun sooner or later a day must trample flat your Feng Family Mysterious Realm.” Li Baojun sees Feng Family expert to get rid very ruthless, the angry sound is sincere, the sound spreads over Pill City, but in his hand left a fan, this fan is not simple, the place that grips seems like fiery red crystal, but the fan blade is the red scale of distribution very rule, although these red phosphori are very small, but is actually passing very terrifying pressure. Old Turtle, gets down Hell to go.” Li Baojun understands that now Shen Xiang will always annoy why these ancient big influences, because these ancient influence go too far.

A Li Baojun fierce leaf, between Heaven and Earth temperature suddenly rises dramatically, surrounding area dozens li (0.5km) cover in terrifying burning hot, making people think that approaches that terror fire territory to be the same. After the Li Baojun fan a leaf, has seen only the flame to explode to dodge from the fan, unexpectedly is one is similar to bull big Fire Qilin, this Fire Qilin appearance, the wolf claw of that Feng Family expert searched into Fire Qilin. „......” The Feng Family expert pain shouted one, saw only his entire arm to be burnt down, but Fire Qilin flew, turned into together red light, submerged that Feng Family old man. Instantaneous, Feng Family expert that is insufferably arrogant turns into the ashes, Shen Xiang stands in the Li Baojun side, can feel the fearfulness of that fan. Li Baojun looks that other four whole faces are panic-stricken, greedy old man, said with a sneer: „Do you want to rob my this fan? Ha Ha, you did not have the opportunity, accompanied a moment ago that Old Turtle!” The fanning fan that Li Baojun brushes, that several old man immediately run away, Fire Qilin that but runs from that fan is fierce, locks these four old man, pursues with the quickest speed, is only several suddenly, that four old man were submerged by Fire Qilin, turns into white ash. Every time kills a person, Fire Qilin that transforms will vanish, Shen Xiang can perceive Fire Qilin that these terrifying flame condense become returns to that fan. In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing this fellow, before he added that he is only alchemy, will not fight, but he kills people now, the eye does not wink. This is Qilin Fan, is famous in Heaven World, has not thought to be able in his hands! This is Sacred Level spiritual tool.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang guessed that this is Li Tianjun leaves certainly his, he is dragging Li Baojun, is treading Earth Shrinking Step, several sub- have been far away from Pill City. „Is this Earth Shrinking Step in Legend? How your does brat learn?” Li Baojun was frightened by Shen Xiang's movement technique.

Under cause coincidence learns! Right, you and Qilin Fan?” Shen Xiang asked that they arrived by a great river. Li Baojun receives hastily Qilin Fan, said with a smile: „When this broken fan is only my alchemy is used for the fan stove, has no way to compare with your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” If that old fellow of several dying knows a moment ago you called this thing are the broken fan, does not know that what feelings they did have?” Shen Xiang curls the lip to say. Deceased person does not have the feelings. No wonder your this brat not awfully and these fellows do right, is really one crowd lets the person fire big bastard! You have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique this thing, it can be imagined!” Li Baojun sighed. Shen Xiang shrugs: I was used.” Initially Shen Xiang in Pill City, overnight killed hundred expert, now his Li Renshan status has exposed, many ancient influence had the reason to chase down him. Elder Li, knew that your person aren't many?” Shen Xiang asked. Are not many, I return to Pill City now, will not have the issue.” Li Tianjun is not worried about this issue. Good, your best idea to get so far as a large-scale pills shop in Pill City, I look for some large-scale mineral lode now, we handle affairs separately.” Shen Xiang said that he wants a bit faster to handle the matter appropriately, then please come out White Tiger.