World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 922
Li Baojun heard Shen Xiang saying that must seek for large-scale mineral lode, was somewhat surprised. This is not good to look, many big sect seek 1-2 years perhaps.” Li Baojun said: „The large-scale pills shop does not have the issue, large-scale does mineral lode have is so good to look?” Shen Xiang and he has said that that three territories discussed must start one year later, now has one year of preparation. Relax, for me is not difficult.” He has Emperor Crystal, naturally is not difficult, moreover now 10th-layer Heaven reorganization, bounteous, he has the confidence to seek in one year. I go to Pill City to make a pills shop now, should not have the issue depending on my strength.” Shen Xiang felt relieved to Li Baojun very much, did not fear that Li Baojun took Longevity Fruit to run, he and Li Baojun distinguished, ran in the earth core fire territory direction. area that earth core fire territory covers is broad, the earth year to year was being burnt down by the raging fire, is the earth core eruption causes, before he went to earth core, knows that the earth core stone is not simple, therefore he thought that can try one's luck near earth core fire territory. earth core fire territory is away from Pill City to be very near, if in night, so long as in the Pill City high place, can see the earth core fire territory flame. Has a big mountain scene forest near earth core fire territory, Shen Xiang previous time here massacres Wolf King five, after he arrived here, puts out Emperor Crystal, wanders about aimlessly in all directions, widens the Emperor Crystal exploration range. He must found sect only to not to participate now three territories discussed. Here is 10th-layer Heaven, perhaps later had the date of stand up, from stood erect newly above Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, if established the foundation here, will have many advantage to one day, let alone he with many ancient influence was the opposition, did not have the powerful influence, only depended on his to be hard to resist, only if he had Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that type to lift the hand to extinguish the day strength.

Shen Xiang has not entered in earth core fire territory to seek, in mineral lode that the earth core fire territory deep place seeks, must mine is not easy, if large-scale mineral lode, needs many people and many years can mine. He outside these not affected the mountain around earth core fire territory seeks for mineral lode, he thought that this always compares the item to seek to be better without the goal. Several days passed by, his harvest does not have, he also meets many to seek for the mineral lode family in these mountains specially, these families specialized seek for mineral lode, has very rich experience. Shen Xiang also finds that these families also really seek for several medium mineral lode, they do not want these middle-and-small mineral lode, handed over to sell to some middle-and-small sect, therefore these families were rich. It seems like nearby this earth core fire territory has rich mineral resource really!” Shen Xiang is taking Emperor Crystal, stands on a high summit, although has achieved nothing to the present, but he is still very calm, he knows that seeks for large-scale mineral lode is not the a day or two time, he does not have the rich knowledge of these prospecting families, but he has Emperor Crystal, so long as approaches mineral lode, he can realize to say. „Did some people come? Probably is the fellow of that crowd of prospecting.” Shen Xiang turns into a stone immediately, hides. This prospecting squad has ten people, five white hair must steadily the old man status is highest, these follow the middle age of coming should protect these old man, meanwhile studies the ability that they prospect. Uncle, Xia Family they found medium mineral lode, but we found several small mineral lode, cannot compare them by far! Now do we come this type of greatly dry place to do? Will not have mineral lode like this type of terrain.” A middle age said to old man that leads in a low voice. That old man sneers: What you understand, how many prospecting aristocratic families set out these old fellow, this to not seek for the ruler in mineral lode? Around this that many middle-and-small mineral lode are not the natural formations, but comes under the influence of external strength!” What? The emperor of mineral lode?” A middle age is very surprised, he looked at that several serious not to have, immediately understands why the family please come out these old fellow.

This is real, moreover where we determined that super big mineral lode, but there was place of bad risk, the emperor of this mineral lode comprehended nature Great Dao, uses strength that it grasped, outlined super large formation under the earth, went to have at death's door one visibly.” Therefore our these prospecting aristocratic families discover many middle-and-small mineral lode to destroy that large formation, but does not have the effect.” Shen Xiang has tarried, he listened secretly the talks of these prospecting aristocratic families for these days frequently, only knows nearby earth core fire territory many middle-and-small mineral lode to be discovered one after another, has not listened to these prospecting aristocratic families to mention the super mineral lode matter. That bad risk place...... Is earth core fire territory!” That middle age calls out in alarm. Shen Xiang also believes that among earth core fire territory is really greatly ominous place, he thought it is necessary to investigate. „It is not earth core fire territory, but we think , to enter the heart of that super mineral lode, must result in through the earth core fire territory center can enter.” Uncle, who is so fierce, can excavate earth core fire territory?” That middle-aged sucked in a cold breath. No matter, must die without doubt. Therefore this method is invalid, we only then chose to break the formation, but this was the hope is also uncertain.” Shen Xiang likes secretly, he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, could from earth core fire territory following passage, enters that super mineral lode to have a look. That super mineral lode where?” That middle age also asked that this was also Shen Xiang wants to ask. Great distance place east Pill City......”

In the Shen Xiang mind reappears immediately a Danger Zone name! Evil Dragon Burial Ground!” That middle age is startled to shout. Shen Xiang has not thought that super mineral lode unexpectedly in that damned place. That truly is a damned place, inside does not have what resources, outside has a broken bone of big piece of strange beast, surroundings death Qi heavy, inside year to year was being covered by the fog, overlooks the words that from the upper air, probably a black big dragon plate in the earth, the whole body is lending the grey aura. It is difficult to remind that is super mineral lode! A while ago several Immortal collaborated to throw several great mountains to go, but after moving that large formation, these great mountains vanish completely, the ash does not remain!” Their also in the air dragon head that collaborates the bang to hit to atomize black, finally enrages that large formation, these old fellow have not all come back! Before can fly Evil Dragon Burial Ground from the upper air, but cannot, fly now in the past was attacked completely, vanishes in puff of smoke.” fire territory and Evil Dragon Burial Ground are separated by three thousand li(500 km), but these people actually here look for the to break the formation method, this does not have the means in means. Can go to Evil Dragon Burial Ground from earth core? Does not know that what the heart of that super mineral lode can have? Is certain has a look.” After Shen Xiang and other groups of people walked, immediately goes to fire territory.