World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 923
Shen Xiang is treading Earth Shrinking Step, is only with three days, arrives at the white flame region, previous time he arrived here to use a lot of time. Before his here transcends tribulation, but also killed several important old fellow, let Dan King die, at that time drew on golden flame. Therefore he guessed that white fire territory next is golden fire territory, he cultivates Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment here, therefore he must enter golden fire territory is not very difficult matter. He currently depending on the fleshly body resistivity, has not used Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. Is stepping Earth Shrinking Step, more than time of double-hour, he passes through white fire territory, arrives at piece of Golden Fire fierce burning down the region, here temperature high hundred times has continued compared with beforehand white fire territory. Some people have done an occupying land area investigation of earth core fire territory, discovered earth core fire territory covers area to be very big, is equal is so big to more than two King Continent, this fire territory appears in King Continent luckily keeps to the side, otherwise entire King Continent will be destroyed completely. For all that the King Continent same loss is serious. This earth core fire territory is the circular, the different color flame revolve one after another, outside these low level flame occupy a land area many, but the central place occupies a land area few, but the temperature is highest. Shen Xiang arrived at the golden fire territory region, here Immortal can withstand, he had estimated the distance that walk, guessed the position that one are, discovered that he must go also to have very far distance to the center. Here golden flame so was terrorist, moreover he thought that behind also several, is the flame of that center what kind of? After golden sea of fire, Shen Xiang steps into piece of scarlet red sea of fire, that type of flame is similar to the black red blood like that his skin had been burnt to here burningly painful, he emits Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to resist immediately, if slow, he will possibly be fired the severe wound. Good terror black flame!” Su Meiyao exclaims. Shen Xiang continues to know that the flame of this region is the black, because before approached the golden fire territory area, therefore during some must the red, he place one piece to be jet black now!

„Is earth core the source of Emperor Heaven most formidable strength? This black flame, can burn these small Immortal with ease.” The Long Xueyi sound is having a fear, her Divine Sense does not dare to run all over the place, will exit to be burnt down. Although places a very burning hot place, but the Shen Xiang actually back sends coolly, in black fire territory puts out a hand not to see the five fingers, is much more peaceful, making him absolutely terrified. What color next is fire territory?” Shen Xiang thought that he has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, does not dare dull too to be here long, will otherwise be made the spirit break by that invisible pressure. The flame of this earth core fire territory deep place, unexpectedly can also the aggressiveness! Shen Xiang knows present earth core, before him has gone complete was different, present earth core is complete earth core, that is the heart of Emperor Heaven is at! Let Emperor Heaven reorganize the rebirth strength, may come from earth core very much. My present can unexpectedly feel hotly? From the soul, is on fleshly body? Isn't Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor able to resist this type of flame?” In the Shen Xiang heart is exclaiming in surprise. In the Hidden Jade Ring three female present does not dare to search Divine Sense, otherwise they will be attacked. Shen Xiang present Divine Soul is very strong, before still got rid of Illusion Formation in Lion Mountain to his influence, but unexpectedly was attacked here! Divine Soul golden light in his Sea of Consciousness puts greatly, resists flame Divine Power that attack is coming, this makes him feel better, can continue to go forward. Since came, cannot give up halfway, he wants early to occupy seizes that super mineral lode!

Shen Xiang knows that these prospecting aristocratic families work oneself to death for these super ancient influence, if were obtained by that big influence, after him is disadvantageous. If is really super big mineral lode, so long as I have this, can go against others ten, hundred!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, is stepping Earth Shrinking Step, is going forward fast. Difficult a day boiled, he passed through black fire territory finally, arrived at more terrorist fire territory. This is...... Five Elements Heavenly Fire!” Long Xueyi said with amazement: Although you can also cause the Five Elements flame, but your is only every fire, is entirely different from Heavenly Fire!” Shen Xiang stands now, in the azure, white, red, yellow and black these five types of flame interweave in together fire territory! Words that continues again, I guess that certainly is Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, behind Seven Colors Heavenly Fire certainly is Universe Sacred Fire, after Universe Sacred Fire, possibly is Primal Chaos Fire. Continues again, Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor cannot resist.” Now also only then Long Xueyi can with the Shen Xiang exchange, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's Divine Sense, so long as leaves Hidden Jade Ring, can be burnt down instantaneously. His paternal grandmother, I arrived here laboriously, unexpectedly has not arrived at the center!” The Shen Xiang's body is very hot, making him very uncomfortable. „According to you distance, perhaps Primal Chaos Fire is also not the end point!” Long Xueyi said the names of that many flame a moment ago all of a sudden, from the memory of inheritance, before she did not know these many. What then the end point is? What flame also has to be fiercer than Primal Chaos Fire that Primal Chaos inaugurates?” Shen Xiang takes step by step, now he does not dare to display Earth Shrinking Step, if suddenly flees to the front terrifying region, he died. Does not know that in brief also has that's it!” Long Xueyi said: It seems like you could not arrive there, Seven Colors Heavenly Fire was your limit.” Several days pass by, Shen Xiang arrives at next fire territory finally, here is really Seven Colors Heavenly Fire, the color interweaves together, seven colors light, is dazzled according to Shen Xiang, the whole body is burningly painful.

„Isn't Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor divine armor? So to be how frail!” The Shen Xiang sound was saying. Is divine armor right, but must look that any person uses is good, your present strength was unable to display.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looks at the tread, he discovered that ground is fiercest, unexpectedly can withstand this flame incinerator, before Long Xueyi, has said that these stiff grounds, had been melted, then has the variation under quenching of flame, coagulates, if dig out, definitely will let the entire ground disintegration. Walked after for quite a while, Shen Xiang suddenly thought own vertigo, front presented a lake unexpectedly, the lake water is seven colors, is sending out the gentle multi-colored sunlight. The Seven Colors Heavenly Fire territory does not have the flame, only then endless seven color light glow, but that is the most terrorist firepower. Really attractive, wants to jump to be cool really!” Shen Xiang stands by seven color lakes, although in the mouth said that but he actually knows that these water same things, spout from earth core, liquid flame! Quite is rich in Spirit Qi turns into water such. Perhaps from can sneak earth core from here, then goes to Evil Dragon Burial Ground, has possibility Evil Dragon Burial Ground that super mineral lode very much, absorbed the earth core energy to form, may have natural passage.” Long Xueyi said.