World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 924
Dives? Shen Xiang has had a shiver, stood soon is hot in the, if got down, perhaps wool must be burnt down. His present whole body was being wrapped by Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, that shining armor appears gloomy in this Seven Colors Heavenly Fire territory, but the defense capability is very strong. If the fiercest flame in inside, here is the Emperor Heaven center very much approaches here?” In the Shen Xiang heart has doubts, Legend that Immemorial Sacred Land approaches the center. Is uncertain, the center is very difficult to decide, moreover Emperor Heaven just reorganized, the change is very big.” Long Xueyi said: You jump, possibly starts somewhat painful, but you, if found passage below, can go to Evil Dragon Burial Ground fast.” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, shouted one randomly, plunged into that seven color lakes, that instantaneous, terrifying fire Qi that crashed into penetrated Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, was firing his flesh and blood, making him feel that one soon evaporated was the same. Instantaneous, his severe wound, body inside skeleton, meridians, flesh and blood and air/Qi dirty were burnt, the injury is very serious. However he restored also quickly, in an instant on well half, this must be lucky that he supported fierce Bone Spirit and Jade Dragon Bloodline. His body repeatedly had been so devastated near quite a while, that severe pain makes him almost faint several times, he cultivates is unable to carry on. Under this earth core, is the same with deep sea, he is struggling in the liquid that these heat turn into, the consciousness becomes fuzzy, let alone must seek for passage. I must come up quickly, otherwise died!” Shen Xiang hastily swims away upwardly, but speed is slow. Can play? Damn dragon brat, killed the father!” The Shen Xiang heart said. Quick...... Uses Primal Chaos Fire Token.” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted.

Shen Xiang exhausts the strength, calls two Primal Chaos Fire Token that he fuses, in the double palm, sees only Primal Chaos Fire Token to release the silver-white pure and holy flame immediately, wraps on his body, making his suddenly more comfortable, the present is only the body is burningly painful, this point he can endure. This thing was really fierce!” Shen Xiang long implored the one breath: My five Primal Chaos Fire Token have not fused, after does not know me to fuse, will be what kind of?” This Primal Chaos Fire Token is very mystical, needing dragon blood can fuse, on Shen Xiang has that a wee bit dragon blood, can fuse, he thought that Imperial Dragon Clan also has certainly very big secret. Under earth core, is similar to the deep place of boundless sea, Long Xueyi can distinguish the direction to come luckily, making him swim away in the Evil Dragon Burial Ground direction. The color of this following hot thick liquid above is also same, but the temperature is actually higher than many times, because swims backward, is far away from the center, therefore Shen Xiang will be getting more and more relaxed, he has not thought that this deeply under unexpectedly so is also broad. Shen Xiang is swimming, Long Xueyi while is calculating the distance, passed 78 days later, Long Xueyi shouted: Should be on this, you have a look to have any passage.” Here hot thick liquid is the most common red, but the temperature is still very high, he does not have the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor words, definitely will turn into the mist. Shen Xiang to the rise words, will hit very stiff stone now, to seek for passage in this below is very difficult matter. You looks, everybody while tries to find the solution.” Long Xueyi said: Hope has passage to lead to above.” Shen Xiang said: If no, I chop one to come!” Certainly has, to form super big mineral lode, definitely the hole revelation energy exits, innumerable year of after pasts, under the chance coincidence, making the above soil turn into the mineable ore.” Long Xueyi definitely said very much.

Must form mineral lode, must have the inherent advantage on the topography, for example a mountain range inside mountain can compose natural spirit pattern, constitutes formation, absorbs Sun, Moon and Stars strength, urges the round of large formation absorption deeply, or between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, making big lands crystallize, forms the crystal stones ore, either is other precious ores. These prospecting aristocratic families, are unify the stars set up formation in topography and sky seek for mineral lode, this need very profound knowledge, moreover must be skilled in the natural stars spirit pattern, needs to see the spirit rhyme from the mountain. Shen Xiang puts out Emperor Crystal, but Emperor Crystal same did not respond that this makes him somewhat have doubts, if above does not have mineral lode, his came in vain. The earth core space is solid, Shen Xiang is unable to open the space to come with Heaven's Crown Gate, moreover he places in the hot thick liquid. Calms the mind, induces with your Divine Power, having a look here to have the weak change.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang releases Divine Power to come to be very relaxed here, Divine Power that he releases is used to induce all around change, therefore cannot see, when used to attack, that will turn into the golden color. He tries is several days, he planned to give up, but his suddenly discovery has a place to have very weak change, he perceived that direction the hot thick liquid meets suddenly to weaken such faint trace strength, but there are quickly restores to come, because this earth core is the inexhaustible hot thick liquid. If were not he has attempted for several days, will not detect that he swam in that direction immediately in the past, but he knew the direction, did not represent the accurate place. He goes forward very slowly, he must pay attention to these subtle changes at the same time, with the aim of finding that place. ------ Shen Xiang entered fire territory to have one month, but nearby fire territory was lively, arrived here prospecting aristocratic family to be getting more and more, that several prospecting aristocratic families that because just started discovered that more and more middle-and-small mineral lode, this news disclosed that caused not the small stir.

Many people come to this nearby to try one's luck, can look dig to some rare and precious ore. Only then these ancient big influences know that genuine inside story, these prospecting aristocratic families are are not seeking for mineral lode, but in solve natural divine formation, but hopes very uncertainly. Just started these prospecting aristocratic families to think part that these middle-and-small mineral lode divine formation composed, but these mineral lode are broken after now, Evil Dragon Burial Ground was still impregnable, looks like in ten Heavenly Saint mountains compared with that Savage Chaotic Mysterious Land is fierce. In ten Heavenly Saint mountains Lion Mountain of these innumerable terrors, at least can enter a point, but Evil Dragon Burial Ground, so long as approaches will have danger(ous). The however ten Heavenly Saint mountains are not the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens genuine graves, if buries the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens place truly, perhaps and that Evil Dragon Burial Ground is equally fearful. Outside in a Evil Dragon Burial Ground piece of mountain, an old minor stop on the summit, looks black dragon head that distant place that raises high. Father, is Evil Dragon Burial Ground really a Evil Dragon grave?” Duan Sanchang inquired Duan Kong. Duan Kong is the Duan Sanchang grand-uncle, is the Duan Family grand-uncle, Duan Sanchang grandfather long ago missing, Duan Sanchang is only the small time has seen his grandfather, originally his grandfather, when Patriarch, currently has the Duan Kong substitution. But Duan Kong also very likes Duan Sanchang, brings Duan Sanchang to be widely traveled frequently. Duan Kong looks Black Dragon that black Qi turns into, shook the head: That is not the Evil Dragon grave, but underground has Dragon Transformation crystal stones mineral lode, moreover very large-scale!”