World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 925
Duan Family in ancient influence is one person of shouted the family that hits, digs others ancestral tomb specially, they seek for ancestral tomb also to need many knowledge, with seeking for mineral lode is mostly the same except for minor differences, as Duan Family Patriarch, Duan Kong can certainly see the fearfulness of that mineral lode. Dragon Transformation crystal stones mineral lode!” Duan Sanchang startles greatly: On the record according to our Duan Family ancient book, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens also obtained this kind of mineral lode in the past! Wanted the history to repeat? Can the new earth be born?” The Duan Kong nod said: Right, that Dragon Transformation mineral lode that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens obtains in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, but has broken to pieces, was buried under ten Heavenly Saint mountains, nurturing these large formation.” „The Emperor Heaven rebirth, Dragon Vein reappears, three territories discussed that the rebel was rampant, new emperor where?” Duan Kong looks at that Black Dragon, muttered. „Can grand-uncle, how be able to obtain this Dragon Vein?” Duan Sanchang asked. Does not know, only then future Great Emperor of Ten Heavens can obtain, Dragon Vein lives for Great Emperor.” Duan Kong said here, eyes holds killing intent: These rebels are absolutely impossible to obtain, even if they have the opportunity to obtain, I must stop them!” Duan Sanchang suddenly thinks that black heart Shen Xiang, his suddenly thought the dragon that Shen Xiang and that black Qi turn into looks like very much, black to bone. Perhaps Brother Shen can obtain, this fellow has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, there is Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, moreover with the rebel is the enemy, but this fellow heart was too black, does not have the ruler, what a pity he was missing in ten Heavenly Saint mountains.” Duan Sanchang sighed. He does not have the emperor, but has emperor destiny and emperor prestige, if he can obtain this Dragon Vein, future Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, ** did not leave ten.” The lithe graceful sound conveys together. Duan Sanchang low snort|hum said: Madame Peach Blossom, you listens secretly us to talk, this not like your attitude?” The Yao Shumei surface obstructs the fine gauze, the attire Peach Blossom long skirt, treadons Lian saying that eyes has a smile, is leading and she somewhat similar daughter, soar into the clouds and mount the mists.

The Mu Jialan wear and dresses up, is just the same as her mother, just their respectively has the flavor, the makings are also entirely different, but looks like that harmonious, although they are obstructing that beautiful busy facial features, but still makes the person look pleasant, in the heart acclaimed unceasingly. Small Tomb Raider, your voice is so loud, is runs up to my ear! If when you tomb raider also said such loud voice, will be very definitely troublesome.” Yao Shumei beautiful smile, the character and style ten thousand types, making Duan Sanchang not dare to look straight ahead. Mu Jialan lightly snorted: Small Tomb Raider and that young devil collaborate to deceive in Pill City, planted including me.” Duan Sanchang curls the lip saying: Our where deceives? If not you are greedy, how to enter the wrap? You were too tender!” Peach Blossom Sacred Realm has been neutral, but this is also because has Yao Shumei to wield, perhaps otherwise Peach Blossom Sacred Realm also will have White Sea Sacred Realm like Feng Family, by the Shen Xiang inexhaustible retaliation. Peach Dean Hua should be very lively now, I said that you in the past were not the rebels, did you also blindly vigorously do with Feng Family that group of idiots? Even if after Shen Xiang this brat, could not become Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, played shady move to toss about you, can make you be in chaotic situation.” Duan Kong shakes the head to say. Is these old fellow they are instigated by Feng Family, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique who doesn't want to obtain? I do not believe your Duan Family not to think.” Yao Shumei Youyou sighed. We truly have thought that but you also know that these things did not belong to Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens occasionally. Although Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique Great Emperor creates, but also is his ultra reference that thing creates.” Duan Kong said. Duan Sanchang and Mu Jialan simultaneously one startled, they do not know that this matter, Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique unexpectedly is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens reference creates, but is such fierce! „Do you have the Shen Xiang's news?” Yao Shumei looks at Duan Sanchang, asked. Because she knows that Duan Sanchang and Shen Xiang's relationship is very good.

You asked us to be so long, to ask this?” Duan Kong smiled: Should not want to revenge for your Son of Heaven?” Naturally is not!” Yao Shumei said. Hehe, should not want to marry Brother Shen your daughter! If so, you do not need to look for him, goes to Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire to look for that empress, then found her apprentice Xue Xianxian that's alright, that is his wife.” Duan Sanchang happily said with a smile, making the Mu Jialan whole face shame the anger, beautiful eyes is staring him including the prestige. Small Tomb Raider, do not talk nonsense.” Mu Jialan tender sound track. Is your mother must marry, your mother and daughter......” Duan Sanchang just said here, his head maliciously had been smashed by Duan Kong, immediately swells up a bulk. Duan Kong compensates to say with a smile: This brat since childhood wild, anything has not educated, I go back to teach his, but also please two be broad-minded.” Yao Shumei jade face micro red, said with a smile lightly: „It is not in the way, I want to look for Shen Xiang to chat, I worried that can misunderstand my Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, although that Jing Xingliang is Peach Blossom Son of Heaven, the matter that but he handles does not represent entire Peach Blossom Sacred Realm.” Duan Sanchang covers the head of being swollen and painful, low mumble was saying: They shouted that I for small Tomb Raider, the grand-uncle you in them are old Tomb Raider, but they have not shouted that they have not educated.” Duan Kong long said with a smile: We are Tomb Raider, was such called by others might also as well.” Mu Jialan is staring Duan Sanchang with that pair of beautiful eyes maliciously: Small Tomb Raider, do not talk nonsense in front of Shen Xiang.”

What do I have to be good to speak irresponsibly before him? I certainly honestly will tell when the time comes him, peach Dean Hua mother and daughter the food does not think all day, is crushed with grief, seeks for him stalwartly, for......” Oh, the grand-uncle you do not hit me, I spoke had the education very much!” Duan Sanchang yelled. Duan Sanchang is always impolite in Duan Family, gradually also becomes accustomed, even if faces peach Dean Hua, he is also same. Yao Shumei smiles lightly, has not lost one's temper: How does he usually is contact with you?” Does not have what contact method, if I in Pill City, could run into him frequently! Do not forget, he is a very fierce alchemy master, the fellow of this black heart is thinking all day how to pull out these pills shops spatially, you must look for his words, pays attention Pill City to have any important matter much.” This Duan Sanchang replied very much honestly. Yao Shumei nodded: Pill City truly had had an important matter for serveral days, does not know that has relationship with Shen Xiang?” Duan Kong shakes the head: Should not have relationship, the way of that murder likely is not the Shen Xiang arm, the reversed image is very fierce Immortal, and has used the formidable flame.” On the same day Li Baojun used Qilin Fan, the fan dead several expert matters, spread in Pill City, however in the city gate guard narrated matter that at that time had, they only saw Fire Qilin that transformed, whose has not seen clearly is fight. In they talked, that Evil Dragon Burial Ground suddenly spread Heaven-shaking dragon roar, resounded through the vault of heaven, these mountains that Duan Kong their four people of institutes were is shattered immediately!